Tjärö - En skärgårdspärla för hela familjen i Blekinge
Paddla tillsammans med familjen på Tjärö i Blekinge

Children's Blekinge

Discover all that Blekinge has to offer for the whole family, from exciting activities at the Barnens Gård to interactive experiences at Kreativum Science Park and in-depth stories and exhibitions at the Naval Museum. There's something here for every age and interest.

Are you ready for adventure? Explore the calm waters of Blekinge by canoe, walk along our scenic trails, or discover the archipelago's secret bays. Venture into nature and go island-hopping together in Blekinge, where every day offers new opportunities to learn and experience.

Avkopplande bad från bryggan på Tjärö i Blekinge.

Island hopping

Treat yourself to relaxing days and live the archipelago life!

Are you longing for relaxation and adventure together as a family? Then the archipelago islands of Blekinge are the perfect destinations for you. On the islands, you can enjoy wonderful days filled with archipelago life, discover the unique island life with tranquility, nature, and the fresh sea air. Want to know more about Blekinge's popular islands?


Surface Tension

Kayak, Canoe, and SUP

Do you want to experience Blekinge's beautiful waters in a really cool way? Then you should try sea kayaking or gliding on a SUP! You can go out seal spotting in the archipelago or paddle around a tranquil lake. Maybe you could even camp and pitch a tent on a small island? There are plenty of places in Blekinge where you can rent kayaks; here you can find all the places you can paddle and rent equipment:

Nature and Adventure

Experience the wild animals at Eriksberg Safari Park, or meet the moose at Räntemåla Farm. At the Children's Yard, you can pet tame animals and ride down the Tjurfallet slide.

At Naturum, located in the heart of Ronneby Brunnspark, you can learn all about Blekinge's nature and animals. It is a destination with interactive exhibitions, guided tours, and activities throughout the summer.

In the article "The Wild Blekinge," you get tips on destinations that provide a comprehensive experience on-site. You will also get tips on where you can go horse riding along the sea and beach with Fornhaga Icelandic horses.




Children's Farm

A summer paradise for play and adventure

At the Children's Yard, it's always a brilliant summer day filled with joy and exciting activities. Here is a play and water park with slides that take you on speedy adventures and vines you can bravely swing from into the water.

You can also cuddle with the farm's animals, jump in a giant bouncy castle, and climb climbing frames. Don't miss the hayride, toss rings at toilet seat covers, and much more.


Barnens Gård, Blekinge

There is always something new to discover at the Children's Yard. Come and let your imagination flow, the play take off, and enjoy a summer day full of adventure!

Children's Farm


Ball Sports Golf

Next to the Children's Yard, you can play Ball Sports Golf. An excellent opportunity to give your family or friends a real challenge. Here you can test your balance, precision shooting, and hopefully have luck on your side. Who do you think manages the balance best, has the best precision shooting, or extra luck with them?

The Ball Sports Golf courses await you with excitement and joy!


A Unique Naval Museum

World Heritage Site - The Naval City of Karlskrona

Explore the exhibitions at the Maritime Museum, which are both interactive and filled with historical artifacts.

Located in the historic setting of Stumholmen Island in Karlskrona, the Maritime Museum's renowned building extends out onto a pier in the water. Here, you can interactively experience Swedish naval history in the submarine hall, explore the wreck tunnel beneath the surface, board ships, and step onto a real submarine – HMS Neptun.

Utställningar på Marinmuseum, interaktiva och saker från dåtid.


The Naval Museum


Gallows Museum?

Yes, it exists! What other museums would you like to experience?


kamera museum

Camera and gallows museum in Olofström.


All Museums in Blekinge










Blekinge Museum

Historical experiences for the whole family

Visit Blekinge Museum, the place where history comes to life and exciting adventures await. Embark on a journey of discovery through the exhibitions, engage in crafts and creations in the workshop, or join a guided tour back to the 18th century. The interactive and engaging exhibits take you on a voyage where you can learn more about the people, culture, and events that have shaped Blekinge.

Blekinge Museum

Interactive exhibitions at Blekinge Museum. Have you been there?


Blekinge Museum






Baroque garden & playground


Don't forget to explore Grevagrundet at Blekinge Museum - a playground inspired by the archipelago.


Blekinge Museum in Karlskrona.





The Treasure Chamber at Rosenholm - A voyage of discovery for the whole family!

Rosenholm is Blekinge Museum's storage facility, where over 60,000 objects from ancient times to the present await to reveal their secrets. Within the storage, you'll find a world of unique artifacts, everyday items, and unexpected treasures from the past. It's like stepping into a fairy-tale treasure chamber filled with glittering sequins on old dresses from past stages to utilitarian objects that tell our history.

Visit Rosenholm and experience the treasures of history up close! The Treasure Chamber at Rosenholm is a place where children and families can learn, explore, and be inspired by our cultural heritage.

Dragsö Camping

A family-friendly campground and an idyllic island oasis in Karlskrona

Enjoy a wide range of exciting activities specially designed for children and families during your vacation. The scenic beach offers various options, from sandy shores to rocky and dock bathing spots. At the campground, you can play miniature golf, snorkel along an underwater trail, paddle kayaks, canoes, and SUP boards, go fishing, and island-hop with the archipelago boats from the campground's pier.

When you get hungry, you can indulge in delicious meals at Havsviken, the campground's own restaurant.


Minigolfspel i miniatyvärldsarvet på Dragsö camping
Did you know that Dragsö is one of Sweden's sunniest places? It's a true paradise for sun lovers!


Dragsö Camping & Cottages




Swedish classics

Among vehicles and porcelain

Step into the classic industrial building where Karlskrona porcelain was produced between 1918 and 1968. It stands firmly to this day.

Every summer, it attracts over 11,000 people who want to experience Swedish industrial history. Here, you'll be surrounded by period furniture and table settings that create a unique atmosphere. Admire treasures like the Volvo P1900, Olof Palme's Saab, and Gustav IV Adolf's Cadillac.
Visit Fabas Car Museum in Karlskrona, a museum filled with automotive treasures.


Besök Fabas bilmuseum i Karlskrona, ett museum fyllt av bilskatter.
An exciting destination in Karlskrona, close to the Maritime Museum.


Automotive and porcelain museum


- the city of a thousand roses

Kristianopel is a historic coastal village from the 17th century that still carries its Danish heritage. Stroll through the picturesque wooden houses and rose gardens, and let the wings of history sweep you away.

Take a break at one of the cozy cafes and enjoy a delicious meal. Climb up the impressive city walls and be amazed by the breathtaking views of the surroundings.

And to cool off in the clear waters, there are plenty of bathing spots to choose from. Bring the whole family and enjoy a day by the water. Experience Kristianopel with the children and your family, you won't regret it!

Ronneby Brunnspark

Ronneby Brunnspark

Pack your picnic basket and spend a day in the beautiful Ronneby Brunnspark. Explore the cultural buildings and enjoy the stunning Brunnsskogen forest. Visit Naturum, where you can discover fish and small creatures. Finish off the day with a visit to the Ronneby Brunnsbad adventure pool and try the water slides Magic-Hole and Aqua-Catch

Fika på Café Mandeltårtan i Ronneby, Blekinge

Coffee break at Café Mandeltårtan, in Ronneby, Blekinge




Cold Water Cure

Adventure and flavors for the whole family: Explore Ronneby's Brunnspark with exciting stories and memorable food! Visit the Cold Water Cure and learn more about the shipwreck Gribshunden and the Treasures from Vång.





Wildlife Safari at Eriksberg


Experience exciting adventures and amazing discoveries for the whole family!

Start your day with a delightful breakfast at the cozy café at the entrance of Eriksberg. While enjoying your refreshments, you can study a detailed map that will guide you through the thrilling wildlife safari. Drive through the park and get ready for a journey of over 10 kilometers filled with magical moments.


Eriksberg i Blekinge

Embark on a wildlife safari with your own car or book a group tour with an authentic African safari vehicle.


The nature at Eriksberg is truly exceptional and enchanting. As you pass through the gates, you'll feel like you've stepped into a whole new world where tranquility surrounds you.

There are many fantastic animals to see, and it's the wild boars with their adorable piglets that often fascinate the children the most. You'll be able to admire the animals up close and experience their presence.

Viltsafari på Eriksberg i Blekinge

During your tour, you'll also have the opportunity to stop at a nature playground, allowing the children to expend their energy. There's also a barbecue hut for a pleasant break and a lovely picnic.


Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve




Experience Nature´s Adventur at Långasjönäs!

Welcome to Långasjönäs Nature Reserve - a place filled with exciting opportunities for children and families. Here, you can enjoy camping, cottages, a beach, kiosk, boat rentals, and hiking trails, all just 10 kilometers north of Karlshamn city center, by Lake Långasjön.

Långasjönäs Camping i Blekinge


Långasjönäs Camping





Discover Kreativum Science Center

A place for adventure and learning!


Kreativum Science Center in Karlshamn is a unique science center that offers an interactive and exciting environment for children and families to explore science and technology. Here are some of the unique experiences that Kreativum Science Center offers:

Interactive exhibitions: Kreativum offers around 170 different stations where visitors can participate in experiments and explore various scientific concepts. There's plenty to see and do here.

  1. Try outdoor experiments
  2. Experience the Planetarium
  3. Enchanting Megadome cinema
  4. Enjoy refreshments at the café and picnic area
  5. Shop for souvenirs at the Kreaffären store

Kreativum Science Center i Karlshamn

Come and experience Kreativum Science Center - a place where adventure and learning come together!

Explore Listerlandet

Blekinge's Radiant Riviera

Listerlandet, a peninsula in Blekinge, offers an oasis of relaxation and scenic beauty, known as Blekinge's riviera. This is a destination you cannot miss. Enjoy peaceful walks through picturesque village centers, relax by the shoreline, or take a refreshing dip in the Baltic Sea.

This flat peninsula stretches into the Baltic Sea, marking the end of Hanö Bay. Lister's Head, the peninsula's outermost point, offers spectacular views, and just beyond lies the island of Hanö. Formerly part of Skåne but now a proud part of Blekinge, Hanö offers historical experiences and natural beauty easily accessible by ferry from Nogersund.

Take the opportunity to experience this unique part of Sweden. Plan your trip to Listerlandet and Hanö today and discover why so many visitors are drawn to this spectacular place each year.






Flowtrail on Ryssberget

A Cycling Experience for Everyone!

Set out on a bike ride along the Sölvesborg Flowtrail on Ryssberget – a dynamic and exciting bike trail that welcomes both children and adults for challenging and fun adventures. The 1.3 km long trail is designed to suit all cyclists, from happy amateurs to serious enthusiasts.

The Flowtrail is perfectly designed to provide an enjoyable experience with its playful challenges and beautiful surroundings. To reach the starting point, follow Svartakärrsvägen 1.2 km up from Ryssberget's parking lot – an easy warm-up before the actual tour.

Bring your family, a group of friends, or just your bike for an unforgettable day in nature. Regardless of your skill level, Ryssberget's Flowtrail promises a unique and exciting biking experience. Visit Ryssberget today and experience cycling at its best!


The Adventurer's Dream

Paddle and Overnight in Halen's Wilderness

Fulfill your dream as an adventurer by paddling through the mystical twilight and spending a night in a shelter. Explore the thrilling wilderness of Halen and embark on just-right adventure treks.

Experience the tranquility and beauty of nature as you glide across the water. As the sun sets and the sky fills with stars, it's time to set up camp in a shelter and fall asleep to the songs of nature.

Read more and book here -



A Haven for Play and Family Adventures!

Discover Storlekplatsen in Olofström, the perfect destination for families to have fun and relax together. Here, a world of playful adventures awaits where children can unleash their creativity while parents unwind in the shade. Storlekplatsen is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable day outdoors: a pavilion, tables, and benches ideal for a snack break, as well as accessibility features that make the playground suitable for everyone. There's plenty of grassy areas for ball games or simply lounging in the sun.

Storlekplatsen i Olotfström


Bring a ball, challenge your family to a game of soccer, or enjoy a relaxing moment on the grass. Storlekplatsen offers entertainment and relaxation for all ages.

Plan your visit to Storlekplatsen today and get ready for a day filled with joy and togetherness!



Visit Ättestupan Valhall

Visit the magnificent Ättestupan Valhall for breathtaking views over Lake Orlunden. Perfect for capturing splendid sunrises and sunsets, this location offers the ideal conditions for creating memorable photos. Come and experience the calming effect of nature's beauty.

Bring your camera, capture the magic, and share your experiences with us by using the hashtag #visitblekinge.

Ättestupan Valhall i Olofström, Blekinge
Valhall, Olofström.

Click for directions and tips for your visit to - Valhall


Activities for Children & Families in Blekinge

Explore the list of all the exciting activities! Click here to see what Blekinge has to offer for your family!

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