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Discover Blekinge During the Festive Season

Prepare for the ultimate holiday weekends here with us. Get into the right mood as early as November with delightful Christmas buffets and musical events. From the advent season all the way to Christmas Eve, charming Christmas markets and festive displays await - perfect occasions to find those carefully selected Christmas gifts.

Wintery forest walks, invigorating cold dips, and other coastal nature experiences are also waiting for you here. So are art and cultural history. Everything you and your family need to feel good and create beautiful memories is right nearby, or just a short distance away. What do you need to get that wonderful Christmas feeling? Here, we offer some inspiration.

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Here's the complete list of Christmas activities and events in Blekinge.



Traditional, gamey, and brimming with seaside flavors. Here in Blekinge, there is a wide array of opportunities to enjoy well-prepared Christmas food in delightful settings. Some focus on game, while others specialize in seafood. You can opt for vegetarian, modern fusion, or stick to the traditional fare. Here, we offer recommendations for some of our very best festive taste experiences. On our Christmas buffet page, you'll find even more inspiration for those wishing to explore the flavors of Blekinge and create memorable culinary experiences.

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Christmas music is built with joy! The songs and melodies truly ignite the holiday spirit, and the music warms us from the inside out. Gather friends and family to enjoy a concert, show, or event brimming with the utmost Christmas vibes. Here are some of the delightful offerings in Blekinge, the Christmas season of 2023.

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Visit Christmas Markets in Blekinge

Crafts, the scent of Christmas, and treats. Christmas markets offer a substantial festive dose for all the senses. There are scents and flavors, atmospheric music, spruce twigs, and sparkling lights. If you have a penchant for authenticity, you will find plenty of it at Blekinge's Christmas markets. Crafts, locally produced delicacies, plants, candles, and food. Welcome!

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Indulge in a festive package this Advent season. Why not warm up with an entire weekend filled with Christmas cheer à la Blekinge? Enjoy delectable cuisine and serene moments together along the coast or in the archipelago, in the city or in the wilderness. Explore our range of offers and hotel packages and stay at one of Blekinges  unique accommodations. They exude a Christmassy ambiance this time of year, offering you the best of Winter Blekinge. Here are a few of our top recommendations.


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Thoughtful, sustainable, and carefully chosen. There might be a little less money in many wallets this year, but that doesn't have to mean "worse" gifts - in fact, quite the opposite. It feels good to put more thought and care into the purchases of Christmas presents. This could mean shopping sustainably by handpicking a few select items from favorite stores, choosing local and second-hand products, or giving the gift of a shared experience. With us, you'll find both major retail chains and unique stores that have what you're looking for. And fantastic service as an added bonus!

Here is the complete list of stores in Blekinge.


Embrace Blekinge's Christmas Traditions

Here's a complete guide to all the delightful Christmas activities and festivities:

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Indulge in Even More Well-being

Here's some additional inspiration and tips for festive Christmas activities and events for the whole family.

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