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Sweden's Golf Coast in Blekinge

Sweden's Golf Coast

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Blekinge may be small but it's full of golfing, attractions, and stunning waterside settings. Dotted along the coast are 8 golf courses within a 120 km radius, so calling this the Golf Coast is no exaggeration. The courses you can play on are either located in the middle of the archipelago or ways inland surrounded by forest. The perfect place to adapt your game to different challenges like wind, weather, and the various characteristics of the golf courses. The short distance means you can maximise your playing time, try out several courses, and still have time to return to your favourite course.

Campervan sites, cabin hamlets, and hotels are always nearby, with some right next to the courses. The same goes for cultural and historical sites, delicious food, and exciting attractions. Summer is high season, but in Blekinge you can golf both in the early spring and late autumn thanks to the mild winters. So perhaps the golfing holiday abroad can wait? Play golf along Sweden's Golf Coast instead!

A golf trip to Blekinge

- with exclusive accommodation in the largest wildlife park Eriksberg in northern Europe

Golf trip to Sweden's Golf Coast and accommodation at Eriksberg

The closest golf club from Eriksberg is Karlshamns Golf Club with 36 holes and 23 minutes transfer by car.

Utsikten från Karlshamns GK nya klubbhus

Relaxing view of the golf courses from the restaurant in the new modern clubhouse at Karlshams Golf Club.

8 golf courses

- with just minutes in between

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Ronneby Airport is located in the middle of Blekinge and serves as a perfect hub for getting to the golf courses. Book a rental car to move around freely, create a flow and maximize your playing time. Once on the golf courses, there is free parking. Navigate along the Golf Coast of Sweden and click through to the respective golf club here:

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