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About Blekinge

Spend your vacant days in Blekinge and be as born again. Embark on the unexplored and outstandingly beautifully changing nature. Discover the sparkling lakes, archipelago and white sandy beaches. Get to know the cultural heritage that has changed the whole of Sweden's history. Just a few years ago, a shipwreck was found, a gold treasure was dug up, and now the stories have been revised in the past.



Blekinge is Sweden's second smallest province in southeast Sweden and has about 160,000 inhabitants. The landscape divided into three parts. The northern part has mostly wood and stone, which makes the soil hardy. The middle section has lush deciduous forest and many lakes. The southern region has a warm winter climate which makes deciduous trees like a book, chestnut, walnut and fruit trees are good. At Ryssberget is one of Sweden's largest beech forests. Several large salmon and sea trout attract anglers from all over the world. What is unique about Blekinge's rivers is that the rapids flow to the sea; otherwise, it would be the opposite. From Europe, you can come by ferry from Gdynia and Klaipeda.

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Tourism in Sweden - Visit Blekinge



Blekinge can be reached via Ronneby Airport, which is close to several cities such as Karlskrona, Ronneby, Karlshamn, Olofström, and Sölvesborg.

All cities are reached within an hour's journey by car. Distance to Ronneby Airport:

  • Ronneby: 8 km
  • Karlskrona: 33 km
  • Karlshamn: 32 km
  • Olofström: 60 km
  • Sölvesborg: 59 km

Ronneby Airport is Blekinge's International Airport and is easily reached by transfer bus, Trossö Buss eller Bergkvara buss, which stops at the airport.



Öresund traffic departs every day to Copenhagen / Malmö and Blekinge. The train stays in Sölvesborg, Mörrum, Karlshamn, Bräkne Hoby, Ronneby, and Karlskrona. To Sölvesborg it takes only two hours from Copenhagen. SJ and Kröstatågen take you to Blekinge from other parts of Sweden.


Public transport

Bleking traffic operates buses between all municipalities' central areas and state traffic in Karlskrona, Ronneby, Karlshamn, and Sölvesborg. The coastal bus is an express bus that takes you quickly between primary regions and Kalmar and Växjö. The coastal bus between Karlskrona and Olofström also serves as a complement to the Öresundståg traffic and creates half-hour traffic throughout Blekinge.


Two ferry lines take you to and from Blekinge. DFDS ferry line between Karlshamn and Klaipeda in Lithuania which takes 14 hours and Stena Line ferry between Karlskrona and Gdynia in Poland which takes 10.5 hours.

Archipelago traffic

Archipelago traffic is available with archipelago boats throughout the Blekinge archipelago and allows island-jumping.


Several of Blekinge's taxi companies offer fixed prices within Blekinge. Always ask about the price before you begin the journey!


Did you know that?

Karlskrona is the city in Sweden where the sun shines most. According to the competition that Swedish television does during the seven weeks after midsummer, Karlskrona is always among five in the top.
Sweden's sunniest city - Karlskrona!

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Vackra luciabilder kommer från hela Blekinge. Här är skönsång i Ronneby. Foto: @annatarfoto Plats: Kulturcentrum, Ronneby Blekinge. #juliblekinge
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Bagaren har tagit ut Lussekatterna ur ugnen och vi vill önskar alla en härlig lucia. Foto:@mandeltårtan plats: Ronneby Blekinge. #ekologiskt #juliblekinge
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Nu tändas tusen juleljus runt om stad och land. Ta en stund och njut av lucia. Dörren till julen står på glänt. Foto: @visitblekinge plats: Rådhuset, Karlshamn #juliblekinge #visitkarlshamn
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Jul jul strålande jul. Karlshamns gran är mäktig. Välkommen att uppleva stämningen. @hejkarlshamn
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Julförberedelserna är i full gång inför helgens stundande julbord med skärgårdstema. Gingravad lax, vinkokta musslor och ostar från Orranäs gårdsmejeri är några av läckerheterna som kocken Christopher Lai dukar upp. Skynda boka bord till den 14&15 dec. www.pensionatjä #pensionatjärnavik #blekinge #juliblekinge
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På andra sidan bron strålar julglansen klart.. Foto: @fiddekullatradgard Plats: Brunnsparken, Ronneby. #mandeltårtan #visitronneby