Tjärö i Blekinge

About Blekinge

Blekinge is Sweden's smallest landscape on the mainland with everything from the archipelago to wilderness. The northern part has mostly forest and stone, which makes the land difficult to cultivate but cool to experience. The middle section is lush with deciduous forest and many lakes, perfect for outdoor. The southern part has a warm winter climate with deciduous trees such as beech, chestnut, walnut and fruit trees that thrive well. 

In Blekinge, you can experience a perfect Swedish summer life. Stay next to the sea, enjoy excellent swimming, beautiful days on the beach and in the archipelago, enjoy good food and cosy evening life.

Kastellet i Karlshamn, Blekinge
Just five minutes from Karlshamn's city is the fortification island Kastellet, exciting to visit!


Short distances

Blekinge in one day. Is it doable? Yes, because here everything is close. In fact, Blekinge is so well-packed that when you're in a city - the next one is only half an hour away. Follow the family that wakes up in the west and takes the evening east, and fills the day with a pearl band of cosy experiences. The article can be found here - A day in Blekinge

Karlshamn, Blekinge
Coastal city of Karlshamn.



Five routes

- to Blekinge

  1. From Copenhagen, you take over the Öresund Bridge and 2 hours later you dip your toes in wonderful water.
  2. With DFDS Seaways you can easily take the ferry directly from Lithuania to Karlshamn.
  3. Take the flight from Stockholm. After 50 minutes you land at Ronneby Airport - in the middle of Blekinge.
  4. Hop on Stena Line's ferry in Poland after a night's sleep you wake up rested in Karlskrona.
  5. Take the motorway in Germany and a short boat ride. You are in Blekinge in less than 6 hours.