Festivalstämning i Blekinge
Festivalstämning i Blekinge
Festivalstämning i Blekinge - Hasslöfestivalen

Events in Blekinge

Experience all of Blekinge's best festivals and events!

Blekinge also boasts a rich culture of festivals and events. From music, food, art, and culture to spectator sports, architecture, and harvest festivals, there's something for everyone to enjoy. In Blekinge, you can attend the international and world-famous Sweden Rock Festival, visit city festivals like Killebom, the Baltic Sea Festival, OneWkndOnly, and Karlskrona Archipelago Festival. Don't miss the Hasslö Festival on "Little Hawaii," Tosia Bonnadan, or top-tier football matches by the sea. The variety is vast and spans the entire summer.

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