Cykelpaus under Sydostleden på en strand i Sölvesborg.

Biking in Blekinge

Coastal trails

Biking with a seaview

The cycle path Kustvägen Sydost allows you to enjoy tranquillity and silence as well as a varied selection of stops for coffee breaks and experiences along the way. Start the tour in rosy and cozy Kristianopel and bike towards the old fishing village Torhamn.

This bike ride has a true archipelago-meets-countryside feel to it. Beautiful oak groves, vast fields and small farms appear here and there. As do lovely coves overlooking the sea. Take a dip and sunbathe before you continue the journey towards your destination. Why not make a stop in Orranäs and buy award-winning goat cheese from the local farm shop Orranäs Gårdsmejeri?


More coastal cycling experiences are to be enjoyed a bit further to the west of Blekinge; on the four-mile-long section from Karlshamn, via Mörrum, to Sölvesborg.



Another lovely cycle route is Sydostleden (the southeast trail) which goes all the way from Växjö in Kronoberg to Simrishamn in Skåne. It's one of Sweden's best cycling routes that offers 274 kilometers of bike trail in total, of which 60 kilometers run through Blekinge. Cycle the entire way or focus on one or a couple of sections at a time. The routes passing through Blekinge are easy to moderate. The great thing about the Sydostleden trail is that you can start and wherever you want along the way, all routes are marked out and easily accessed.


Mickael Tannus


Bicycle guide

If you want a really good guide for your cycling holiday, Kornelia and Robin have cycled Southern Sweden Trails, in the south of Sweden, a total of 90 km through forests, coasts and cities. Get their best tips on accommodation, food and experiences along the trails, as well as their professional tips on how to prepare for a longer bike ride. Read the CYCLE GUIDE




Biking in the hills and the forests

Ryssberget i Sölvesborg is a valued destination all year round for anyone who enjoys mountain biking. During the summer months, there is a green roof of beech leaves over the paths. The beech forest in the area, one of Sweden's oldest, adds a unique beauty to this nature reserve. At 150 meters above sea level, Ryssberget is a contrast to the otherwise relatively flat landscape of Blekinge. If you are new to MTB, you can stick to the marked trails that cross the area.



Stay on track

The railway embarkment route

A more relaxed route is the old railway embankment between Olofström and Sölvesborg, which is now a perfect bike path, especially for families with children thanks to its paved surface and the fact that the 28 kilometers of this trail is entirely car-free. The route extends all the way to Listerlandet and offers lovely views and idyllic places for a short break to visit destinations such as Gudahagen just outside Näsum with mythical Iron Age tombs, or delightful nature experiences in the Ljungryda nature reserve close to the Skåne border.



Kicks and tricks - BMX and kickbike

For those of you who prefer a skate park to roads or trails, Karlshamn is the place to go. In addition to skateboarders, Karlshamn Skateplaza attracts both BMX and kickbike enthusiasts. Challenge yourself in the park's tight bends, triaxial stairs, rails and curbs. Catch your breath while watching the other riders for a moment. Stay cool!