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Welcome to Blekinge, where summer is filled with art, culture, music, and festivities that follow one after the other. Discover the atmospheric music festivals, colorful art exhibitions, historical landmarks, and attractions that take you on a journey through Blekinge's fascinating history.

During the summer months, Blekinge's live stages flourish with visitors from near and far. Enjoy the events that spread to city centers, along the coast, in the midst of the archipelago, and through the lush wilderness - places that will leave a lasting impression.


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A valuable reminder!
There is a ban on open fires in Blekinge since May 12th, in forests and countryside, to protect our unique nature.
Thank you for helping preserve our beautiful nature!


Only a few days left until the epic Sweden Rock Festival. Dont miss out on this unforgettable music experience in Norje. Sweden. Secure your accommodation if it is not yet resolved. Chek out the options here:

Plan your trip today so you don't miss out on the highlights. Book your trip now and discover all that Blekinge has to offer.

Summer Festivals

Find all the summer festivals in Blekinge and book your tickets today! Get ready to enjoy all the festivities. Welcome to Blekinge - home to the Sweden Rock Festival!


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Discover all of Blekinge

Welcome to discover Blekinge, one of Sweden's most unique and beautiful regions! With miles of coastline, lush nature, and an exciting history, Blekinge is a place that offers a wide range of experiences for all ages. Here you will find all the experiences you need to plan your trip to Blekinge.

Susanne Demåne

Don't miss visiting Demånes värld "Among princesses & she devils". Want more tips? Check out - Art & Culture.

Take a hike in beautiful forests, swim in picturesque beaches or explore exciting historical landmarks and attractions. Visit our charming small towns, cycle along winding trails, or attend one of our many cultural events.

Blekinge is a place that will surely fill all your senses!

Find all the attractions and sights here.


Summer's All Events

Blekinge is not just Sweden's Garden - it's also a region filled with events all year round. There is always something exciting to discover - whether you are interested in music, art, culture, or sports. Why not visit our beautiful world heritage city of Karlskrona and enjoy the city's music festival Karlskrona Skärgårdsfest, or experience the amazing music played at our famous jazz festival in Hällevik?

Check out all the events below and mark your favorite!

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