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What happens in Blekinge? Here you will find current events all around Blekinge.

Wed - Wed 27 - 8 Jun - Aug

Guided tours at the Punch museum

Unique attraction in Karlshamn's Cultural Quarter.

Mon - Sat 28 - 2 May - Jun

Karlskrona Pride Festival 2018

The Karlskrona Pride Festival presents a program filled with lectures and festivities!

Sat - Sun 19 - 20 May - May

The Coast Road's Asparagus Weekend: Torhamn - Kristianopel

A lovely countryside event - the asparagus weekend along the beautiful coastal road between Torhamn and Kristianopel!

Sat - Sun 5 - 26 May - Aug

Weekends at Eriksberg Wildlife Park

Experience Northern Europe's largest wildlife reserves.

Wed 18 Jul

Friends & Flavors Beer & Wine Festival

Beer and wine festival in Karlshamn.

Mon - Sun 29 - 4 Oct - Nov

Autumn holiday at Blekinge Exotic World

Open every day during autumn holiday.

Sat 25 Aug

The Naval Day 2018

It's time for the annual Naval day! Welcome to the naval base and explore and board different ships in an unique historical environment!

Sat 19 May

Jubilee trip with steam locomotive.

100 year old steam locomotive runs through Blekinge.

Sat 14 Jul

Shipyard day on Hästholmen

Experience the genuine boat build at Hästholmen

Sat - Sun 5 - 6 May - May

Blekinge Garden - Food and Garden exhibition 2018

Inspiration fair for summer gardens and balconies in Wämöparken.

Fri 15 Jun

Tjuvjakt, Samir & Viktor

Concert in Bellevueparken.

Thu - Sat 19 - 21 Jul - Jul

The Baltic Festival - Festival of flavors

Food festival at Östra Piren.

Sat 4 Aug

Concert - Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson - comes to Karlskrona Archipelago Festival and performs on the big stage at Stortorget!

Wed 6 Jun

Forest crazy - A countryside event

An inspiration trip for the whole family in the northern parts of Karlskrona and Ronneby municipality.

Thu 21 Jun

Leaf Market 2018 (Lövmarknaden)

Enjoy the market which is a great tradition in Karlskrona - a kind of festival with stalls, food and music!

Wed 18 Jul

The Baltic Festival - Anastacia, John Lundvik & Kaliffa

Opening concert for the Baltic Festival at the square in Karlshamn.

Thu - Sat 12 - 14 Jul - Jul

Hasslöfestivalen 2018

Come and watch as the archipelago island Hasslö blooms into something extraordinary as the island becomes the center of attention in Karlskrona.

Sat 5 May

Children's obstacle course with the gladiators!

Obstacle course for children between 6 and 14 years where the children meet and challenge famous TV profiles in "Gatloppet" at the end.

Fri - Sat 3 - 4 Aug - Aug

Live Green Festival

One of Sweden's greenest festivals, LIVE GREEN held for the sixth year in a row - by young people, for everyone!

Wed 12 Sep

Karlshamn City Race

A race in the town center for both children and adults.

Wed - Wed 13 - 25 Jun - Jul

Guided tours at Karlshamns Museum

Feel the history of this charming neighborhood.

Fri - Sun 11 - 13 May - May

Art tour in Blekinge

Open houses among Blekinge's artists.

Wed - Sat 18 - 21 Jul - Jul

The Baltic Festival 2018

Baltic Festival - always Wednesday-Saturday week 29.

Happening this week

22 Apr
29 Apr

Season opening in Wämöparken

The park is now settled for the season to come, activities for the whole family.
Sun 22 Apr

Sundays at the Naval Museum - Aquarelle painting

Paint paintings together with the artist Irina Novokrescionova
Sun 22 Apr

Exhibition - Arne Andersson

Pictures at the Maritime Museum.
Sun - Fri 22 - 28 Apr - Dec
Sun - Sun 22 - 29 Apr - Apr

Tjärö - opening day for the season

Visit one of the most beautiful islands in Blekinge.
Fri 27 Apr

Opera - Cinderella

Opera shown live in Bio Laxen in Mörrum.
Sat 28 Apr