Secret Blekinge attracts visitors from all over the world for its unique archipelago and the many lakes that you find in Sweden's southernmost wilderness. You will find world-class fishing, the opportunity to paddle in lakes and a unique archipelago, excellent hiking, and cycling trails through a varied nature. Visit the world heritage site; the naval city of Karlskrona, Marinmuseum with a real submarine. Book a guided tour with taste experiences in focus. Discover the cultural history, arts, and crafts. We hope you will be inspired and want to discover more of Blekinge.

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Summer playlist includes the sun, dance, music and joy in abundance. The light, the warmth and all the happy people give a hearty love boost to everyday life, a kind of stardust that spreads its shine and infects with smiles and laughter. It does so much to be together, hang out, laugh and relax. Now we upload Blekinge's playlist and embrace all the music, theatre and entertainment that is played during the festival-tight summer. Welcome!

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