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What happens in Blekinge? Here you will find current events all around Blekinge.

Sun 18 Feb

Alice in wonderland on ice

An ice show based on Lewis Carrol's classic ALICE IN THE UNDERLAND.

Sat 17 Mar

Salmon fishing season starts in Mörrum

Salmon fishing season starts in Mörrum.

Sun 17 Dec

Christmas gospel

Music in Carl Gustafs church.

Sat 27 Jan

Pugh Rogefeldt

Concert at Karlshamn's Theater.

Fri 16 Feb

Do you remember me?

What happens when the children move away from home, and the apartment is fully renovated and the car actually goes really, really good?

Wed - Wed 27 - 8 Jun - Aug

Guided tours at the Punch museum

Unique attraction in Karlshamn's Cultural Quarter.

Wed - Wed 13 - 25 Jun - Jul

Guided tours at Karlshamns Museum

Feel the history of this charming neighborhood.

Fri 9 Feb

Jill Johnson - That’s Life

Jill with a capital J interprets her favorites from the traditional and modern American song treasure.

Fri 19 Jan

Musical Aladdin

A musical in swedish.

Sat - Sun 16 - 17 Dec - Dec

Christmas at Eriksberg

Enjoy a pleasant weekend in lovely surroundings.

Sat - Sat 6 - 6 Jan - Jan

Christmas concert

Christmas concert with Christer Sjögren, Magnus Johansson and Marcos Ubeda.

Tue - Fri 26 - 12 Dec - Jan

Revymix 2015

A wonderful revymix of Nöjeskompaniet.

Sat - Sun 16 - 17 Dec - Dec

Chrismas along the coastal road - Torhamn to Kristianopel

Several companies along the coastal road - between Torhamn and Kristianopel, opens up extra before Christmas, the christmas "safari" takes place on December 16th-17th.

Thu 12 Apr

From Broadway to Duvemåla

Welcome to a concert with some of Sweden's most established musical artists.

Happening this week

15 Dec
22 Dec

Exhibition - Arne Andersson

Pictures at the Maritime Museum.
Sat - Tue 7 - 19 Oct - Dec

Christmas market in Hantverksboden

Welcome to Blekinge Slöjds Handicraft.
Sun - Fri 3 - 15 Dec - Dec

Christmas table with Syd & Ekman

Christmas feeling in Bellevueparken
Fri - Sat 15 - 16 Dec - Dec

Exhibition - Nu så kommer julen (Here comes Christmas)

About christmas traditions in Blekinge from Advent to Hilarymas day.
Fri - Sat 15 - 13 Dec - Jan

Christmas at Riksdagsmannagården

Spirit of Chirstmas holidays at Riksdagsmannagården.
Fri - Fri 15 - 22 Dec - Dec

Christmas concert at Asarums church

Concert with Asarums Motett Choir, Rasmus Krogh Andersen & Marco Bonacci.
Fri 15 Dec