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Enjoyable thrills


There are many things to enjoy in Blekinge all year round. Right now the sounds and smells are different from those in summer, autumn and spring. The overall feeling is also different. And you need a few more layers of clothing, except for when you go for a swim that is.

The sea is always there for you, as is the wind that messes up your hairdo and brings color to your cheeks. The water is chilly but when you get up, your blood rushes hot. A squeal from deep within passes your lips - it just has to come out!

Nature is at least as beautiful now as when it's green. And at least as exciting. Who knows what wild beauties you'll see out there? Bring a thermos and light a fire - neither hot dogs, coffee nor hot chocolate ever taste better than on a crisp day outdoors. That's just how it is.

The steaming breath, the sounds and scents of the season, the adrenaline pumping … they all make you feel alive.


This is what the archipelago, the coast and the wilderness of Blekinge feel like right now.


Current events, things to explore and experience. What floats your boat?

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