Upplev hösten i Blekinge  - Fiska i sjöar och skärgård
Paddla under hösten i Blekinge

Experience the Magic of Autumn in Blekinge

September offers a gentle transition from green to gold

Step into a month filled with sensations for all your senses. Feel the crisp autumn air caress your face as you explore the diverse nature of Blekinge. Wander along the vibrant paths through forests that are slowly transitioning from green to gold. The mild September shift provides a perfect reason to embark on a kayaking adventure along the coast, in the lush archipelago, or on the tranquil lake. Cast your fishing line and dream of the big catch.

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Harvest Festival Month

For those who cherish the delights of good food, a celebration of local flavors awaits. September marks the month of the Harvest Festival, and there's no better way to immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of Blekinge than by indulging in fresh produce sourced from local farms and markets. Sample authentic cheeses, newly harvested vegetables, and delicacies that will take you on a journey through the diverse taste palette of Blekinge.


Culture Flourishes in September

Immerse yourself in the upcoming events that will tickle your imagination. Explore art exhibitions, music concerts, and theatrical performances that mirror the creative soul of Blekinge. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply looking to bask in the autumn ambiance, you'll discover something that resonates with your soul.

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