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What happens in Blekinge? Here you will find current events all around Blekinge.

Tue 7 Mar

European Championship qualifier table tennis Sweden- Belgium

Sweden's best women players in table tennis are coming to Karlskrona to secure a place in 2017 years Team Championship finals. The finals will be played on 13 -17 September 2017 in Luxembourg.

Sun 26 Feb

Musical Highlights 2017

The best of musicals made into one show!

Sat 8 Apr


After the super success in the series "Skam" so are now the Norwegian musician Gabrielle to Karlskrona konsthall.

Mon - Sun 20 - 5 Feb - Mar

Blekinge Exotic World

Open every day during week 7-9.

Fri 31 Mar

From Broadway to Duvemåla

Welcome to a concert with some of Sweden's most established musical artists.

Sat - Sun 6 - 7 May - May

Blekinge Garden - Food and Garden exhibition 2017

Garden exhibition 6th - 7th May 2017 in Wämöparken, Karlskrona, Blekinge.

Thu - Sat 25 - 27 May - May

South Swedish Rally Karlskrona

For the 42nd time in history South Swedish Rally arranges a race and this time Karlskrona is the starting point.

Thu 22 Jun

Traditional market in Karlskrona - Leaf Market 2017

Enjoy the market which is a great tradition in Karlskrona - a kind of festival with stalls, food and music!

Sat - Sun 15 - 27 Apr - Aug

Weekends at Eriksberg Wildlife Park

Experience Northern Europe's largest wildlife reserves.

Sat 1 Apr

Concert - Plura

He picks songs from all over his grande repertoire, this time around it will be with a whole new band.

Sat 25 Mar

Salmon fishing season starts in Mörrum

Salmon fishing season stars in Mörrum.

Tue - Sun 1 - 6 Aug - Aug

Karlskrona Archipelago Festival 2017

A festival in the middle of the beautiful archipelago of Karlskrona.

Sat - Sun 20 - 21 May - May

The Coast Road's Asparagus Weekend 2017

he Coast Road's Asparagus Weekend celebrates 10 year anniversary! A lovely countryside event - the asparagus weekend along the beautiful coastal road between Torhamn and Kristianopel!

Wed 26 Apr

The Simon and Garfunkel Story

One of europes biggest and most succesful shows with Simon and Garfunkel's Music and a full liveband.

Sat 22 Apr

Joe Labero - A Magic World

A magic show in Väggahallen.

Sat 1 Jul

Car exhibition

Exhibition at Bellevueparken in Karlshamn.

Sat - Sun 6 - 7 May - May

Art tour in Blekinge 2017

Open houses among Blekinge's artists.

Fri 23 Jun

Midsummer celebration at Tjärö

Midsummer celebration in the archipelago.

Fri 19 May

Gunhild Carling

Concert at Stadsteatern (the theatre) in Karlshamn.

Wed - Sat 31 - 3 May - Jun

Karlskrona Pride Festival 2017

The Karlskrona Pride Festival presents a program filled with lectures and festivities!

Fri 24 Mar

Concert - Queenie Forever

With hundreds of concerts throughout Europe and parts of Asia since 2006, Queenie received enthusiastic fans worldwide. In 2008 played Queenie as the main band of the world's greatest queen - Festival in Montreux, invited by Freddie Mercury's "personal assistant" Peter Freestone himself.

Wed - Sat 19 - 22 Jul - Jul

Baltic Festival

Baltic Festival - always Wednesday-Saturday week 29.

Sat - Sun 9 - 10 Dec - Dec

Christmas at Eriksberg

Enjoy a calm and pleasant weekend in lovely surroundings.

Mon - Sun 20 - 5 Feb - Mar


Rediscover humanity, nature and technology during the winter holiday.

Sun 20 Aug

Karlshamn City Race

A race in the town center for both children and adults.

Sat 7 Oct

The Culture Night

Music, theater and other experiences in Karlshamn.

Happening this week

20 Feb
27 Feb

Winter break activities 2017

During this break everyone who is free can take the chance to try on activities within both sports and culture.
Mon - Sun 20 - 26 Feb - Feb


Rediscover humanity, nature and technology during the winter holiday.
Mon - Sun 20 - 5 Feb - Mar

SHL-game Karlskrona HK - Malmö Redhawks

Karlskrona Hockey Klubb series 2016-2017.
Tue 21 Feb

SHL-game Karlskrona HK - Luleå Hockey

Karlskrona Hockey Klubb series 2016-2017.
Sat 25 Feb

Afternoon Tea

Enjoy a classic Afternoon Tea at Eriksberg.
Sat - Sat 25 - 25 Feb - Mar

Musical Highlights 2017

The best of musicals made into one show!
Sun 26 Feb