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OUTDOORSY, FINE DINING OR SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN? | Blekinge presents great tasting experiences for all flavours. Is fresh air your favourite spice? Visit our lovely farm shops to get a hold of locally grown ”goodies” to cook outdoors. Do you prefer fine dining surprises and linen napkins? Make a reservation and enjoy the gourmet-luxury. And if your favourite food-experience is somewhere in between the two, we’ve got plenty of those to offer as well.

We welcome you to savour the flavour of Blekinge in a way that suits your taste. Enjoy!


Top class tasting experiences

RESTAURANT VISENTEN | Experience the wild flavors and surroundings of Blekinge by booking Restaurant Visenten at Eriksberg Hotel & Nature reserve. A gourmet restaurant and the best Blekinge has to offer according to White Guide. The beauty and tranquility are striking, on the plate, indoors and outdoors, in the safari park. An outstanding nature reserve where you enjoy the fascinating wildlife on the savannah, while letting yourself get spoiled by the attentive staff. When in Blekinge, Eriksberg is a must-visit!

Mat med ett högt rennomé på Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark
Eriksberg Hotel & Nature reserve.

KAI | The word Kai, has several meanings in Japanese. Ocean and innovation are two of them. The restaurant named Kai create flavors with the whole of Asia as a source of inspiration, especially Japan. Tokyo-trained chef, Robert and his team, develop a Nordic Japanese kitchen with mainly Scandinavian ingredients of the highest class. Thus, even if the cooking methods are not the ones you’re used to, you’ll recognize most of the ingredients on the plate.

Kai krog in Karlskrona


ASTENSMÅLA FOOD & VINEYARD | Fill your lungs with country air and your glass with Italian red wine”. That is how the Berg Family presents Astensmåla Mat & Vingård and its concept of carefully selected dishes, inspired by the forest and land surrounding the family farm from 1770. Astensmåla is a Blekinge-style "agriturismo" that offers exciting flavors in a soothing environment. Natural and small-scale, yet ambitious – indeed a tasty and tasteful experience..

Astensmåla Mat & Vingård



Swedish fika! Blekinge style

CAFÉ MANDELTÅRTAN | In the middle of Blekinge next to Brunnsparken and beautiful Ronnebyån you find Café Mandeltårtan. Freshly baked buns, cookies, cakes and pastries. Lunch and brunch on the weekends, always with an extra special ingredient - the love of the craft. The sourdough is tenderly cared for, and every cake and pastry is made from scratch. The cosy atmosphere from the kitchen spreads into every part of the lovely old house - the glass veranda, the comfy sofa, and all the way to the garden. Enjoy the moment and make it last for a while. Just treat yourself with another piece of the signature almond cake and refill your coffee cup.

Cafe Mandeltårtan a cafe next to the park in Ronneby
Café Mandeltårtan in Ronneby offers "fika" lunch & afternoon tea in the garden.

RITZ CONDITORI | Ritz Conditori prize winning bakery that would not dream of using anything but proper butter, vanilla and premium chocolate in their mouth-watering beauties. Everything is delicious - from the grand blanc bread to the pralines.

CAFÉ SÖTT & SALT | Café Sött & Salts most appreciated dish is their shrimp sandwich and berries. The service is excellent, as is the view overlooking the sea and the guest harbour. 

SYSTRARNA LINDQVIST CAFÉ & SOURDOUGH BAKERY Systrarna Lindqvist is a must go for if you feel like having the ultimate experience of "Swedish fika". All ingredients are ecological and locally produced that are refined with love and craftsmanship. 



Farm shops

ÄGGABODEN | Äggaboden is a farm outside Ronneby in a rural setting surrounded by red wooden buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. The restaurant offers locally produced dishes. If you want to re-cook what you have tasted at home, you can simply buy the ingredients in the inspiring farm shop.

ASKUNGA DOVVILT | At Askunga Dovvilt, a farm in Fridlevstad, chances to get a glimpse of the animals in the deer fence are great. The farm shop sells game meat and sausages from deer, elk, wild boar and pheasant. The restaurant serves lunch and coffee. 

BJÖRKETORPS GÅRD | When you crave home-made ice cream, head to Björketorp's farm. Here you can also buy fresh milk in the "dairy automat". The ice cream is made from milk from the farm's organic cows, eggs from the neighbour's chicken and honey from the beehives on the farm. Now, that's local for you!

Äggaboden i Ronneby, Blekinge
Äggaboden, Ronneby.




BRYGGHUS19 | Brewery19 was born when two friends brewed beer in the kitchen at home. Another friend, who is a beer expert, came to get a taste of their brew and urged the founders to "get seriuous".They listened and now, Brewery 19 is a well established business. You can go there for guided tours "brewery views" and beer tastings, even with a meal included. Tickets are available for purchase here - Brewery view at Brygghus19

JOHANNISHUS GODS | At Johannishus Gods you can feel the wings of history. The estate has been used by the Wachtmeister family for 11 generations, since 1684, shortly after Blekinge became part of Sweden. Now it is run by Hans and Maria. Their passionate about sustainable management and offer locally produced food and beverages. The Johannishus estate is undergoing a conversion to organic farming, and one of the products that are made from the barley is Johannishus "Farmhouse Ale". You can also buy their popular boxes of meat from the game that roam free on the grounds of the estate.  

Johannishus Gods
Johannishus Estate, the Farm shop.

KARLSKRONA MICROBRYGGERI | The owners of Arkipelag Hotel also operates a microbrewery focusing on a continually revolving limited edition assortment. It is the joy of exploring new things and constant development that encourages the brewery to never stop trying new flavors. Here, you can get a package deal containing beer tasting and accommodation, three-course dinner, beer tasting and a brewery viewing. A comfortable and relaxing way to hang out with friends and loved ones. Book your weekend/package deal here - Karlskrona Microbrewing

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