Fika, äta och dricka i Blekinge

Eat & drink

A Taste 

- of Blekinge

The taste of something good, new or exciting? Then you're in the right place. Blekinge has many taste experiences to offer. Try some beer, enjoyed in a cognac cup or mayonnaise that feels like a kiss.


Orranäs Gårdsmejeri

The farm lies on the beautiful coastal road between Kristianopel and Torhamn. Here you can taste and buy cheeses made from milk from the farm goats and the neighbour's cows. The cheese is handmade by hand, and in the range, there are stone-baked cheese, soft cheeses, and fresh cheese - several award-winning. Also, try bacon salmon made on home-farmed goat meat!

Orranäs Gårdsmejeri

Café Mandeltårtan

Adjacent to Brunnsparken and beautiful Ronnebyån is the Café Mandeltårtan. Here bread is baked daily, with an extra ingredient, the love of the craft. The sourdough nourished and every cake, baking, and cake made from scratch. The beautiful atmosphere from the kitchen reaches you wherever you are: in the glass porch, in the soft couch or the garden. Here you can enjoy the moment together with something freshly baked - maybe the speciality of almond cake.

Café Mandeltårtan i Blekinge


The farm shop Äggaboden located in Ronneby and Gärestad village, here you can drink a cup of coffee and eat a good sandwich or something sweet. And trade near-produced from growers and food producers in Blekinge. The egg comes from the farm and if you are lucky there is the special mayonnaise in stock - described as "a big summer kiss."

Äggaboden i Ronneby, Blekinge


Askunga Dovvilt

A cosy farm shop with a café and restaurant in a rural setting. Here you can buy spices, coffee, and other products with flavours from all over Sweden. Askunga Dovvilts speciality is deer meat, but you can also find beef from own farm animals, free-range eggs, moose, pheasant, and a variety of other delicacies in the farm shop.

Askunga Dovvilt i Blekinge
Vingården Stora Boråkra

A small seed was planted when Staffan Ottosson read that the warm climate in southern Europe was no longer optimal for wine growing. This seed has now become one of Sweden's largest vineyards with around 3,000 vines, vineyards, wine tasting and a restaurant. Since then, the product range at Vingården Stora Boråkra has expanded with Exelent, a brandy-like product distilled from the wine together with sparkling wine.
Vingården Stora Boråkra i Blekinge

Restaurang Landbron

At Restaurang Landbron you can feel at home or as if you have come home to a good friend. Cosy, inviting and welcoming with delicious food and good drinks. Here you can also enjoy brunch, and if you are a vegetarian, then you have a wide variety to choose from.

Restaurang Landbron i Blekinge