Skulptur i mossa hos Susanne Demåne

Tasty art breaks

Ronneby Brunnspark

There is something particular about stepping into a well-kept park. With greenery and floral splendour that is tame with great love and respect. Ronneby Wellness Park is one of the most beautiful in the country - an active and vibrant place with plenty of memories from the spa series - the beautiful villas, the pavilion with flea ice every summer Sunday and Naturum that gives you knowledge of Blekinge's flora and fauna. Relax, recharge and learn something new in one place.


Café Mandeltårtan 

When your body shouts "coffee day" or grunts something about lunch, you should listen, because in one of the park's wells there is a sheep and bakery whose pastries, food and charm you will not soon forget. Café Mandeltårtan is a must on a tour of the Ronneby district. End of discussion.


Bussresa till Blekinge - Smakfulla pauser



- in Gärestad village

Farm shop, restaurant and B&B - The Egg Shop has a lot to offer in a truly idyllic setting. In the shop, you will find eggs (of course), big chicken and game meat, meat from outdoor pigs and archipelago grazing beef, salmon, herring and other food crafts and local specialities. You will also find the authentic and local on the menu in the restaurant. Thanks to the lovely atmosphere and a friendly attitude, you are both happy and satisfied.

Are you fond of game meat? There is even more of that item in the farm shop at Johannishu's estate. From the Lord's own fields, of course.


Susanne Demåne

– Edestad school

If you go east to Edestad, you will find another world - one that Susanne Demåne has created in the old school. What a planet then and what a woman! She can create art with a chainsaw and can get 600 kg horse to do exactly as she wants. Here you can spend many hours, strolling in the magical garden full of sculptures - often by other strong women, see more of Susanne's work inside the art hall and experience world-class peace tourism. You can also get a coffee if the spirit falls on. We can almost promise that this is a visit that you will tell many - for a long time.


Bargains & Favorites

– shopping

Do you love beautiful things, or do you care most about being practical? You do not have to choose. The design shop Minta, a little outside Ronneby has a carefully selected range of products that make your home more comfortable. And in Ronneby Bruks Fabriksshop you can find cast iron pans and other quality products for kitchens and tables.


Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

Between Ronneby and Karlshamn there is something extraordinary… a piece of Africa in Blekinge. Eriksberg is in several ways in a class for himself; The largest safari park in the Nordic region, exclusive hotel and first-class restaurant. The animals are in the centre of Eriksberg where crown and pigeon game, vines, wild boar and moufflon sheep go free throughout the area. Go on a guided safari tour, eat fantastic food, shop wild meat and delicacies in the shop inside the yard. Outdoor Eriksberg is a new building, designed by Thomas Sandell and located outside the fence. There is an exhibition on vices and a shop that sells clothes and game products. Must be experienced, too!

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