Äventyr med vyer i Blekinge - Ta tåget längs kuststäderna
Bästa stället på bästa sättet - Sommarguide i Blekinge

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Discover Blekinge by bus, boat, and train. Blekinge is the best place for summer days filled with wonderful experiences, yet with the opportunity to relax. It offers beautiful surroundings and breathtaking views, making it an ideal destination to recharge your energy.

Have you considered traveling to Blekinge this summer? Are you curious about new experiences where activities, attractions, and sights are within close proximity? Do you want to travel sustainably, comfortably, and maximize your ability to be in the present moment? Then here's a guide with concrete tips on tours together with Blekingetrafiken, where you can travel affordably with the Summer Ticket.

Karlskrona stadskärna, en stad på en ö mitt i havet.
Discover Karlskrona City Center. Travel smart and smoothly with the Summer Ticket - Blekingetrafiken.

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Our guide is for those who love the idea of traveling collectively, for those who want to save the planet's resources. It's for those who have completely given up their cars or are taken aback by the price of gasoline. For life enthusiasts, active nature lovers, adventurous families, and everyone else who cherishes experiences and moments that stick in memory. For those who want their hands free to read, write, play Yatzy with their grandchildren, and be able to gaze deep into their loved one's eyes instead of keeping their eyes on the road. For those seeking inspiration and access to tips that show simple and convenient ways to experience the best of Blekinge and get a little further, a little faster than if you were to cycle or walk the entire way.

So here are our best tips and tours - the guide to the Best Place 2023 by bus, boat, and train


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