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Take Your Dog to the Best Place

Of course, your furry friend should join you on vacation in Blekinge!

Whether you want to be active with your dog or just chill, we offer delightful environments and nature experiences: beautiful trails for all paws, intriguing scents for sensitive noses, and refreshing dips in lakes and seas, of course. Here, you'll find tips and information to maximize the well-being of dogs, owners, and caregivers.

Welcome to the best place for man's best friend!


Dogbathing at My Camping - Tredenborg in Sölvesborg.

Dog Bathing in Blekinge

The Right of Public Access is fantastic in many ways. It allows you to be almost anywhere along Blekinge's coast, lakes, and rivers. However, during the summer, we must stay away from municipal bathing areas and other places where there are signs prohibiting dogs. That's why it's great that there are plenty of dog bathing areas in Blekinge's municipalities.


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Explore and Enjoy

You're probably aware that your dog can join you on most adventures you plan. In Blekinge, where the possibilities for delightful experiences are numerous, a dog vacation is a perfect idea. Experience relaxing boat trips and beautiful archipelago cliffs to quiet forests, lakes, and meadows. There's something for every taste.

segelvan hund

The numerous nature reserves, Blekingeleden trail, and charming parks are perfect for both you and your dog. Our cities have a pleasant size with quieter traffic and less congestion, making city visits more dog-friendly compared to larger cities. In addition, there are dog parks like Sölvesborgsbron, Halenområdet in Olofström, Vägga and Sternö in Karlshamn, Listershuvud and Hanö in Sölvesborg, and Tjärö south of Ronneby, Aspö and Skärva in Karlskrona – just a few examples of scenic places to explore and enjoy with your loyal companion.

You probably already know that your dog can join you on almost everything you want to do. And almost all the wonderful experiences that Blekinge has to offer – from boat trips and archipelago cliffs to forests, lakes, and meadows – are perfect for a dog vacation.




Stay with Your Dog

Most accommodations welcome dogs, but there's usually a limited number of rooms or cottages for guests with furry friends. To secure a spot for you and your dog, it's wise to book in advance. Fortunately, places like Scandic and Clarion in Karlskrona, Best Western and Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark in Karlshamn, and First Hotel in Olofström warmly welcome both you and your furry companion, and some hotel chains even pamper your four-legged friend with small treats.


If you prefer to camp or stay in your own caravan or motorhome, it's, of course, open for your dog. But if you choose to stay at a campsite, please be kind and show consideration by keeping your dog on a leash or in an enclosure. Despite our wonderful furry companions, not everyone shares our love for them.







Dog-Friendly Dining in Blekinge

It's delightful to dine outdoors. A particularly wonderful thing about outdoor dining is that almost all places are great for dogs. Buying takeout and enjoying food and coffee in a place where the whole family feels comfortable and can relax is also a very good alternative for fine weather.


Throughout the county, there are places that make dogs feel a little extra welcome. This is the case, for example, at Restaurant Nybrygget at Tredenborgs Camping in Sölvesborg, where there's always fresh water in the bowl and ice-cold dog ice cream in the freezer. Also, at Café Mandeltårtan in the animal- and human-friendly Ronneby Brunnspark, Pensionat Järnavik, and Restaurant Vass in Karlskrona's guest harbor. If you visit Matvik outside Karlshamn, don't miss taking a break with ice cream for both you and your furry friend at Hamnpaviljongen.




Safe and Pleasant Vacation

Mostly, it's about common sense, but if you're planning your first vacation with your furry friend, or it's been a while since you traveled with a dog, it doesn't hurt to have a think-about-this list.

It gets hot. Dogs don't tolerate heat the same way humans do.


  • Never leave the dog in the car in the summer.
  • Opt-out of full days at the beach.
  • Try to be most active in the morning or evening when it's cooler.
  • Bring water as soon as you take the dog out for an extended period.
  • Beware of algae. Don't let your dog swim during algae bloom. The blue-green algae are cyanobacteria that can cause algae poisoning and make your dog seriously ill. Refrain from swimming yourself too! The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management's website provides current information on water quality.

For safety's sake. Once you know where in Blekinge you're vacationing, Google the nearest veterinary clinic and save the contact details. It reduces stress and saves you valuable minutes if something were to happen.


Here, the Dog is Always in the Center

Discover places where the tail wags extra happily! Explore our selection of dog-friendly places and activities where your four-legged family member is always welcome. From charming cafes to relaxing walks – here in Blekinge, dogs are more than just guests; they are part of the experience.

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