About VisitBlekinge AB sv


Why do we exist?

We exist to create increased attractiveness for Blekinge in the hospitality industry, moving in and business establishment.

To succeed in this, we work with marketing, competence development, the creation of collaborative platforms, expert acting and influence.


Visit Blekinge is owned by Region Blekinge and the county's five municipalities. This is what the owner's directive looks like:

The company's mission is to increase awareness of Blekinge and contribute to Blekinge by attracting more talent and supporting employers' skills supply, getting more visitors and helping to increase the number of establishments and investments. All in all, this marketing mission should contribute to increased immigration to Blekinge and economic growth.

The company will work with marketing toward the following target groups:

  • Visitors
  • Founder/Company
  • Immigrants

Environmental analysis and destination development (additional tasks) are also with us.


Good to know

Our broadened mission, to no longer only market Blekinge's hospitality industry to the target group of tourists, is relatively new. In the long term, we will establish senders for communication with immigrants and business founders, but the Visit Blekinge is the umbrella under which everything rests.

We are part of several different collaborations and have several additional assignments. Visit South Sweden, Business Blekinge, Blekinge Archipelago and Sydostleden are some examples.


Composition of the board

  • Elin Petersson (President)
  • Marie Sällström (deputy president)
  • Christina Mattisson
  • Per Ivar Johansson
  • Magnus Johansson
  • Robert Lindén
  • Håkan Eriksson
  • Roger Fredriksson
  • Patrik Sjöstedt
  • Louise Erixon
  • Robin Åkerman
  • Johan Dalén
  • Annica Paulsson-Lövstedt


Styrelsens sammansättning

  • Rickard Pelle (ordf.)
  • Billy Åkerström
  • Kevin Ny
  • André Nord
  • Lennarth Förberg
  • Christopher Larsson
  • Magnus Gärdebring
  • Roger Fredriksson
  • Kith Mårtensson
  • Annika Sjöstedt
  • Robin Åkerman
  • Annica Paulsson Lövstedt
  • Malin Eriksson