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Blekinge is the perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts, whether you are experienced or a beginner. But, where to hike? One tip is to try the popular Blekingeleden trail, which runs through the entire landscape, from Sölvesborg on the Skåne border to Bröms in northern Blekinge. You can also opt for ARK56, a network of interconnected trails with 13 hubs where you can change your mode of transport to cycling, canoeing or sailing, eat a good meal and find accommodation to stay overnight. In many places ARK56 runs parallel to Blekingeleden and you will see both signs along the way.

Vandring i Blekinge genom ett rikt kulturhistoriskt landskap.


A network of outdoor trails

ARK56 is a well thought-out network of connected trails through the coastal landscape of the Blekinge Archipelago. There are 13 hubs with access to services, toilets, grill areas, gourmet restaurants, spas and overnight accommodation. It's a convenient and safe way to hike in Blekinge, and a great option when you want to be in nature, enjoy the outdoors and be active. Read more about ARK56.



A trail throughout Blekinge

Blekingeleden has 15 stages from Sölvesborg to Bröms on trails, gravel roads, forest areas throughout Blekinge. The trail is 27 kilometres long in total, with distances between 9 and 30 kilometres. All stages are well documented on www.blekingeleden.com.

Fifteen stages

Hiking all in one go, or one phase at a time

Stage #1

At Stage 1 you will find the medieval town of Sölvesborg with Nikolai Church, built in the late 13th century. Inside the church are interesting paintings from the 15th century. At Sölvesborg there is also Ryssberget with a beautiful continuous beech forest, from here you are 150 metres above sea level and can look out over Lake Vesan and the Listerland. Grundsjön, a popular fishing spot for rainbow trout, pike, perch and roach, is also located along the route. Around the lake there are pontoons you can fish from and places where you can enjoy a barbecue or a packed lunch. Excitingly, each stage has its own story to tell, just graze one stage at a time and come back again and again. New experiences emerge on every tour in Blekinge!

Stage #15

The 15th stage, starting or finishing in Bröms, offers a delightful section along the seashore, just a few kilometres into the forest, from the bustling port of Kristianopel to the sand dunes of Högasand, passing the peace stone at Bröms and the ruins of the Danish border fortress of Brömsehus. A historically strategic border post in Brömsebäck, which was then the border with Sweden in the north.

Do you want a complete guide to all the stages? Buy the book - Hike Blekingeleden

Download maps

The ARK56 trails go through a biosphere reserve. You will hike through a unique nature with a rich culture where meadows and forests meet the sea. Do you want to manage your planning, calculate your time and visually describe where you are to your loved ones? Download the ARK56 app, which also includes maps so that you can navigate on your mobile phone even if the network is not available.

Take the time to plan your route in the app, which gives you suggestions and advice on where to eat and where to stay. If you want to check out the maps, click below:


Vandra längs ARK56:s nätverk tillsammans med familj och vänner i Blekinge.

Do you need transportation?

Looking to hike and be free to move around as you please without having to think about the car? Then there's a great solution for public transport in Blekinge. As there are not bus connections to all places in Blekinge, Blekingetrafiken offers the travel option Open Local Transport. This allows you to travel to and from addresses and places that are in the countryside, or far from a stop that has no public transport.

Do you want to know how it works? Read more here:


A bonus involving Blekinge

Blekinge is an undiscovered gem with sites that both amaze and surprise. All experiences are close to each other and easily accessible in an authentic and genuine landscape that is thriving with life. Blekinge gives you plenty of energy, which is a real bonus!

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