Hiking trails in southern Sweden

Hiking trails

in Blekinge

The Blekinge Trail takes you through the landscape on a varied surface, along paths and gravel roads, pastures, lakes and fields. The entire Blekinge Trail consists of 15 stages and is a total of 27 km long, clearly marked with orange signs and posts. You have access to water and toilets, exciting sights and overnight accommodation along all the stages. Who would you like to bring on a hike through Blekinge?

Blekinges vandringsleder är märkta med oranga stolpar coh skyltar


The 15th stage, starting or ending in Bröms, offers a beautiful stretch in the forest, just a few kilometers from the sea and coast line. The strategically located border bracket "The peace stone" in Brömsebäck, which used to mark Denmarks Northern border towards Sweden.

Would you like a complete guide of Blekingeldenen's stages? Buy the book - Vandra Blekingeleden

Vandring i Blekinge, över sanddynor med tallar som dämpar blåsten
The sand dunes of Högasand.

Did you know that there are 300-year-old pines growing on the sand dunes of Högasand, a 95-hectare nature reserve right next to the sea? The pine trees were planted to prevent erosion, but also provide a spectacular and unique surrounding. And a lovely scent!


A network of

Hiking Trails

ARK56 is a network of routes leading through the Blekinge Archipelago. An exciting alternative with 16 hubs where you will find beautiful surroundings, exciting adventures, toilets, grill sites, gourmet restaurants, spas and different types of accommodation. A convenient and safe way to explore the Blekinge Archipelago, which is also a Unesco biosphere reserve. Here you will hike through nature with a vibrant cultural arena where meadows and forest meet the sea. If you want to plan your hiking trips, the ARK56 app provides suggestions and tips on places to eat and stay. Go to - Nature map for ARK56

Vandringsleder med tydligt utmärkta grillplatser och rastplatser



Open local traffic

Would you prefer to get to the starting point of your hike by public transportation? Are there no stops close by? Blekinge has a great solution for that. As there are not bus connections to every lovely spot in the county, our public transport company Blekingetrafiken offers a smart and convenient travel option called "Open local traffic". It allows you to travel to and from addresses and locations on the countryside that either lack or are far from a stop. Brilliant idea! Check it out!​Öppen närtrafik när du behöver transport i Blekinge

Want to know how it works? Read all about it - Open local traffic

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