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Hike in Blekinge

Hiking in Blekinge is one of the best ways to get really close to nature. If you choose the Blekingeleden trail, you can guarantee nature experiences of varying characters in forest, valley and coastal areas. The path is about 25 km and starts at Boafall in Olofström municipality, or at Ynde picnic area in Sölvesborg if you wish. The end goal is at a Danish border bracket from the 1360s in Bröms at the other end of Blekinge. Through the trail, you hike in deep deciduous forests, open cultivated landscapes and pastures. Plan your rest at a serene lake or one of the screen protectors at the picnic areas.

Blekinge trail mark, visible and easy to follow.


The Blekinge trail has 12 stages and is orange. Challenge yourself to walk the whole or choose a single distance. The most valuable thing is to get out and hike.

Vandra i Blekinge
Stay awhile when you find a place that creates tranquility.



Hiking trails

- in Blekinge Archipelago

ARK56 is a network of trails through the Blekinge Archipelago Biosphere Reserve. The trails meet at 13 hubs where you will find service, ranging from toilets to barbecue places, gourmet restaurants and spas. You can safely discover, experience and explore the unique nature and rich culture of Blekinge Arkipelag were islands, meadows and forest meet the sea. You can walk along the trails for a while or a whole week.

    Hike to the next hub, challenge yourself or slow down and enjoy!


Wilderness genom Blekinge
ARK56 - ett nätverk av leder.


Want to plan your hiking trips in Blekinge Archipelago? Go to - Nature map for ARK56

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