Kanotpaddling i Halen, Blekinge
halen kanot

Canoeing in Halen

Blekinge's largest lake

Olofströms Kanotcentral is located in the leisure area Halen and the nature reserve Halen. Here you can rent both canoe and kayak and paddle in the connections between the lakes Raslången, Gillesjö, Filkesjön and Immeln. The entire area is suitable for children, beginners and for those who are really experienced. If you choose to paddle between the lakes, it can be useful to prepare yourself for the carry-ons. Rent a canoe cart and save your energy for the peaceful paddling.



Safe & easy

The canoe centre in Olofström uses stable aluminium canoes, the Inkas 525, of the Linder brand. It is both a stable family canoe and an adventure canoe. It can withstand harsh conditions such as rapids, seas and is unsinkable. This makes it convenient to pack equipment in. If you still want to stabilize the canoe, there are pontoons to borrow. It can be helpful to have if you're going to get up and fish or have some disability. If you want to fish it is free to catch in Halen for you as a guest at the canoe centre. If you're going to fish throughout the sea system, you need a fishing license.



Rest Areas

- & overnight stay

There are 13 related rest areas and overnight stays. All are marked on the detailed map you get when renting a canoe or kayak. At all resting places, there is a fireplace, toilet, garbage cans and most also have wind protection. Firewood is available on the breeding grounds, so you do not need to bring it in the canoe or kayak.

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