Tälta i Sveriges sydligaste vildmark


Welcome to Sweden's southernmost wilderness!

Halen is Blekinge's largest lake and together with its surroundings a significant centre for outdoor activities. Here you will find plenty of wandering areas, beautiful trails through woodland and lakes. The canoe centre offers a great variety of paddle options; kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards and fishing kayaks. Right next to it is a beautiful swimming area with a jumping tower. The children can eat ice cream, play freely, accomodation and a restaurant is in the area.

Sweden's Outdoor Recreation 2019 - Olofström!



- with outdoor activities for everyone

In Olofström there are over 200 lakes and a wide range of outdoor activities, whether you are looking for tranquillity or a challenge. If you want to go on a bigger adventure, there are both canoe trails and lake systems to explore. Professional outdoor recreation companies like Olofströms Kanotcentral can help you, which includes all service and equipment. Come and discover the tranquillity, the beautiful wilderness and gather memories to share.





- in the sea kingdom of Olofström

Do you want to have a winning start to your stay in Olofström? Start in the Halen Nature Reserve and hike down to the beach edge where Halens Kanotcentral is located. Here you can rent both canoe, Stand up paddleboards and kayak and then glide across the glittering lake. Enjoy a full day and paddle through the connections in the nearby lakes. It is a magical feeling to be on the water and look out over the ancient forest. Bring your fishing gear and try your fishing luck. Don't forget the lunch bag, step ashore or light a fire at one of the resting places. Read more here - Paddle in Halen

paddla i vacker miljö




By bicycle, you cover large parts of Olofström. It is the best way to combine cultural experiences with nature and at the same time, get fresh forest air in the lungs. Choose one of the bike paths that will take you past a museum where you can stretch your legs, or where you can pause at a snack or dinner. Wherever you cycle in Olofström, it is the cultural-historical environment, and you get the chance to marvel at the granite, ponds and mills. In hot weather, plan your bike ride so you can stop and swim along the way. Read more here - Cycling in Olofström

cykla vid Halen




If you prefer hiking, there are several hiking trails to choose from. For a short hike try our latest trail that takes you around Halen. If you want to hike a longer distance you can walk Laxaleden " Salmon Trail" The Salmon trail takes you a long the famous river Mörrumsån. This hike offers you both Beautiful scenery, nature and relaxation with the soothing water. There are plenty of places to enjoy a break and relax. A very different hiking trail is Blekingeleden, which passes past Halen, and i a beautiful beech forest before continuing as Skåneleden at the other side of the county border.

Map and more information about Blekingeleden 

Read more here - Hiking in Olofström.

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