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Horse & riding trails

Discover Sweden's longest riding trails located in Olofström. Ride through the beautiful forest, the sunny glades and the lakes. If you want to meet more on horseback, there are riding clubs, stables and Bed & Box Karlskrona and Skåne) for you and your horse. Stay, stay overnight and experience the wilderness from the horseback. Welcome to beautiful Olofström!

Häst- och ridleder i Olofström
Resting places for both you and your horse.



Riding trails

- & the best experiences from horseback

Take your horse friends and ride along Halens riding trails. The start and finish are marked with a star on Halen's riding map, and here you can also park the car and the horse trailer. There is also a place where you can tie your horse to prepare for your ride in peace and quiet.

Häst och ridleder i Olofström, Blekinge
Take a break at a lake in Halen's nature reserve, where the riding trails are located.


Three distances together are 1.5 km long. The red-marked trail is the longest with its 7.7 km and goes past a swimming area where you can take the horse for a refreshing dip. Along the equestrian trail, there are also resting places with a pasture where you can let the horse go free while you are enjoying yourself. We also have a barbecue area with proper seating and firewood.

All riding trails are well marked with an excellent surface for the horses.

Häst och ridleder i Olofström
Well marked riding trails.


Häst och ridleder i Olofström
An informative start and stop with parking for both car and horse trailers.



Riding club

Adjacent to the riding trails is Olofström's Riding club, which is a riding facility and equestrian centre with a riding school, riding courses and riding competitions. There is also dressage training, Pay & Ride and Pay & Jump.


Outdoor & fresh air

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