Blåbär som plockats i Blekinges skog och mark Foto av Jens Lennartsson

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Discover our amazing artists and buy an excellent Blekinge memory. Something beautiful, maybe practical or something that's just lovely to feel or watch. The artist Susanne Demåne creates fantastic sculptures with her chainsaw. Dreamy oil paintings with their brush and captivating enamel using their oven. Susanne also has a viewing garden, art gallery, and café. Check out her website here - Susanne Demåne
Susanne Demåne, Blekinge

Susanne Demåne is a must visit.


A unique

- archipelago and beautiful waters wherever yo go.

Blekinge archipelago is the southernmost of the country. It has 800 islands, thousands of islands and islets. The best thing about Blekinge archipelago is that it is not overcrowded. Here you can find your little cove, make a beach shovel on an island or stay in a natural harbor where you can be entirely for yourself.

The distances are short, and there are several well-equipped guest harbors with all possible service for modern boating. Enjoy the Listerland's beautiful fishing villages, a visit to the famous Hanö, excellent dinner at Tjärö or a seal safari at Utklippan.

Archipelago Traffic 

Do you want to discover the archipelago easily? Then there are excellent boat connections throughout Blekinge. Check out the Archipelago traffic that has all the information need. Great travel tips, best price, and timetable.



Little Blekinge

- with great experiences

Blekinge is the second smallest landscape in the country. Nevertheless, it encapsulates an archipelago, with open views, over 1000 lakes, 12 paved streams, and Sweden's southernmost wilderness. There are many hiking trails in the woods, you can cycle, and there is plenty of mushrooms and berries to pick.

Stay at a canoeing center and paddle over calm waters. Wherever you are, there are nice places to stay overnight, and at the campsites, you can look up your tent if you have not found your own place to find peace.

Skärva Herrgård i Blekinge


Culture and events

Blekinge is also famous for its vibrant range of events and cultural experiences. Best known is the Sweden Rock Festival with all the world's best rock bands in place in the small town Norje outside Sölvesborg. Blekinge also offers city festivals, chamber music, jazz and wisdom nights.

There are beautiful buildings designed by the famous architect Gunnar Asplund, which attracts visitors and architectural students from around the world. Would you like to learn more about this, there are city apps to download to make a digital city walk.


Taste Blekinge 

How about local-produced goat cheese, beer, wine and game on the menu? Blekinge is an authentic culinary landscape with round trips to cozy farm shops, locally sourced delights and classic Blekinge dishes. When you start to get hungry, you can go out on a treasure hunt to find your favorite among small cozy neighborhood pubs, cafes, restaurants, and inns that have a mention in the White Guide.

Aspö, i Blekinge


Just enjoy & be yourself.

Blekinge, at least you never have to be idle unless you choose to calm down. Here you can try one of the best fish in the world on Mörrum's Kronolax fishing. You can see a real submarine at the Naval Museum and the terrifying Galician figure Gribshunden at Blekinge Museum. Or how about meeting exotic animals in Karlshamn, see visors in the wild at Eriksberg? Enjoy jazz tunes in Hällevik, be part of the Swedish Rock Festival or book in the classic Ronneby Brunn Hotel for Spa. It's just your imagination that sets the limits, and we're ready to receive you.

We ❤ Blekinge!

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Höstsmaker i Blekinge! Här ingår såklart svampen, som en viktig ingrediens när @niklas.kampargard är ute i naturen. Läs gärna vårt lite längre reportage finns på
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Järnnatt på Ebbamåla Bruk! Magisk stämning där alla 4 elementen samspelar och Guldeken statyetten gjuts med traditionella metoder och äkta hantverkskunnande. Visst är hösten härlig... #ebbamålabruk #visitolofström #kulturarv #industrimuseum #Sverigessydligastevildmark
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Karlshamns kulturkvarter har ett eget punchmuseum! Begreppet Carlshamns punsch är gammalt. Redan på 1850-talet fanns två fabriker i staden som tillverkade punsch - J N von Bergen & Sons och C G Bergs. Den senare köpte brännvinskungen L O Smith, som överförde tillverkningen till sin stora spritfabrik i staden. Kör en heldag i L O Smiths fotspår med ett nedslag i nya spännande Absolute home Experience i Åhus och sedan Punchmuseet i Karlshamn. Foto @niklas.kampargard #visitblekinge #visitskåne #Karlshamnsmusum