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News for 2019

Come to this year's hottest Blekinge Outdoor Festival which takes place the first weekend in June right next to the sea in Järnavik, Ronneby. Friday starts with exhibitors, lectures, test-on activities lots of  adventures. On Saturday, Blekingeleden is re-opened with pomp and circumstance, and in the evening a troubadour plays in the pub around the campfire. Tent on the campsite in Järnavik, on nearby Tjärö or book a room at Pension Järnavik. Besides accommodation and food, everything is free.


Blekinge Outdoor Festival i Järnavik

The festivalarea is right nearby Pension Järnavik.

On Sunday, ARK56 inaugurates a hiking trail, cycle path, kayak trail and boat route on Eriksberg Vilt & Natur, just a short boat trip from Järnavik. Perhaps Blekinge Outdoor Festival will be Sweden's "hottest". So make sure your will be there from the start.

See the entire program here - Blekinge Outdoor Festival


ARK 56

Few places in the world can offer such great experiences on such a small area as little Blekinge, Also, in a beautiful untouched nature which is also a biosphere reserve. Here you will find winding roads, quiet coves, deserted islands and the open sea. ARK56 takes you through the Blekinge archipelago, along and on its water. You choose whether you want to experience nature and culture on foot, by bike, in a kayak or by boat. 13 hub links the joints and offers food, accommodation and experiences.

ARK56 is a network of joints for kayaking, boating, cycling and hiking. Enclosed coastal routes in a UNESCO biosphere reserve.


Bicycle in Blekinge

Do you like action, speed and joy or do you want to exercise while beeing in the nature? There are many fun exercise races, bike trails and islands to which you can bring the bike. Ryssberget in Sölvesborg is a popular place for mountain bike cyclists who are looking for speed, bumps and winding challenges. With its 160 meters above sea level, Ryssberget has a perfect fall height when you roll through the beech forest.

3 bike tips

1. Bikesafari at Eriksberg

Take the chance to get close to the wild animals on the svannah of Blekinge. Stop by the beautiful viewpoint and enjoy a coffee break. Look out over the expanses and Eriksberg's mighty nature reserve. Sometimes you have to pinch your arm. "Why go to Africa" when you have Eriksberg Wild & Nature?

2. Cruise between the islands with your bike.

Above all, Aspö is a really exciting island to discover on the bike. Take the yellow Aspö ferry which is free and cycle around the island before it is time to stay overnight or take the ferry home again.

3. Bräknetrampen

An annual cycling festival for everyone through the valleys of the Bräkne district along the Mörrum river.


Bicycle packages

Do you want ready-made bicycle packages with really good content when you discover Blekinge? Then you should contact 3 trappsteg that have bicycle packages for all tastes. How about the Costal tour, World Heritage tour and Kulturkick in the Garden of Sweden? Book, you will be happy!



Hike in Blekinge

An excellent way to experience Blekinge is by foot. The distances are short and the nature experiences many. Blekingeleden offers a total of 258 kilometers long walk through the landscape's diverse nature, from Sölvesborg in the west to Bröms in the east. Walk through deep deciduous forests and open cultivated landscapes with grazing animals. Rest your legs at any peaceful lake or at any of the rest areas that are located along the trail. You choose yourself if you have the ability enough to cope with all 12 stages of the orange-marked trails or if you are content with just some of them.


Vandra i Blekinge

Decidous forests and calm water.

Get more tips and inspiration in the article - Hikefulness i Blekinge

There are two nice guides to download - Nature Reserves in Blekinge & Blekinge Excursion guide that give you tips on destinations when you want to do day trips.




Blekinge's nature is varied. The climate is favorable with mild winters, warm summers and autumn. If there are strong winds, then you will find the best places for kite surfing here. Sometimes in some secret places but we can also recommend between the islands in the archipelago, Sandviken outside Sölvesborg and Torhamns Udde in Karlskrona. The places are kit-friendly in all directions and there are good opportunities for flat water.


Rock climbing

- a real challenge!

Are you tired of the comfortable life and want something really challenging? Then climbing at Ursula's Adventure (Ursulas Äventyr) may be something for you. The owner Emese Orsolya Bàlint grew up in one of Europe's most rock and cave-rich areas. She has climbed since she was 14 and has climbed several high peaks in the Himalayas. Ursulas Äventyr holds courses in rock climbing and also arranges guided tours where you choose the difficulty level on your climbing.

If you want to try cave research, cave climbing and cave crawling, Emese also arranges it. Unique experiences that both challenge power and courage.



Paddle over a quiet lake, go ashore for a break and experience Olofströms untouched wilderness. At Kanotcentralen in Olofström there is everything to rent, accessories, stand-up boards and fishing kayaks. If you want to go on adventures in the archipelago, it is Paddelkompaniet in Järnavik that serves you with everything you need. From the guest harbor it is only a few minutes and then you are in the archipelago. Stay close to Pensionat Järnavik, or why not stay overnight on idyllic Tjärö? It will surely be an experience you want to do over and over again.

Do you want a guided tour and try paddling in Blekinge's lakes, perhaps streams, in the archipelago or the sea. Then you can book at Karlskrona Kajak. Explore nature and find your new favorite places in Blekinge and live the outdoors fully.



Riding trails

Gather some friends and your horses. There are different trails to choose from and the last one is called Halens ridleder (Halens ridingtrails). Start and finish is marked with a star on the map. Here it´s possible for you to park your car with a trailer. You can also tie the horse while preparing the ride. Halens Ridingtrails consists of 3 different coloredmarked trails and extends over 15 km. The red-marked, which also is the longest trail, 7.7 km – makes it possible for you and your horse to take a dip or cool of at the bathing place you are passing by. You can also stop by and let the horses rest in a field while you are having a ”swedish fika” (coffee break)! There is also a barbecue place with firewood and nice seating. The trails are well marked and enjoy the nice ground.

Download a map of Halen's riding trails Halens ridleder.



Snorkel and learn more about plants and animals along the Blekinge coastline. There is an underwater path with information signs (under the surface!) along Sweden's first snorkeling trail outside Karlshamn. An exciting activity with the children. 



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