Vandra i Halen, Olofström i Blekinge.
Vandra längs leder genom en orörd natur i Blekinge.
Välmarkerade outdoor leder i Blekinge.

Outdoor activities

Discover the best places and nature areas in Blekinge

Come to Blekinge and enjoy the best places to experience Blekinge's range of outdoor activities. Blekinge is a landscape located in southeastern Sweden and is well known for its beautiful archipelagos, its deep forests, the Blekinge Archipelago coastal scenery and its numerous lakes. We hope to provide some tips about the best outdoor activities in Blekinge that you cannot miss when you are here in Blekinge - the Garden of Sweden!


You set the pace

Whether you want to slow down and reflect, or feel your pulse racing, there are a wide range of outdoor activities to fit your needs. Glide across a sparkling lake or the wide expanse of the sea and let the tranquil surroundings envelop you. Breathe in the mesmerizing scents of the beautiful wilderness and let the birdsong serenade you into a state of peaceful happiness. Spend the night under the stars and feel the cooling breeze on your face as you drift into sleep.

There are many options in Blekinge for peace and quiet but also challenges with speed and adrenaline. Below you will find articles and listings with more outdoor experiences in Blekinge which we hope will inspire you.

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