Vandra på öarna, nå lederna med kollektivtrafiken.
Vandra på öarna i Blekinge. Nå lederna med kollektivtrafiken.
Vandring på Tjärö i Blekinge. Foto av Niklas Kämpargård.

Reach the trails collectively

Are you longing to lace up your hiking boots and discover Blekinge's beautiful trails? We want to inspire more people to take the bus to the adventure and guide you to activities, bus routes and bus stops to keep an eye on. Here are more tips for great hiking in Blekinge. Trails that you can reach just with Blekingetrafikens buses but also with their archipelago boats.

Reach the trails by boat

Three favourites that you can easily reach by archipelago transport. Going out on a boat and hiking is a great way to appreciate the closeness of the sea with hiking boots on your feet. Here are some tips on three favourites that you can easily reach by archipelago boat.


Ta Tjäröbåten till lederna på ön.
TakeTjäröbåten from Järnavik in Ronneby.


Magical and mythical natural gem

The stillness is instantaneous and the wind moistens without warning, as if nature is trying to make us lift our eyes and look out over the mighty natural area where Bönsäcken stretches towards Listershuvud on the other side of the water. If all works out as the County Administrative Board wants, Hanö and Listershuvud will become Blekinge's first and Sweden's 31st national park in just a few years, protected for its coastal coniferous forests, whose magnificent hornbeam forests are among the two largest in the country (both Hanö and Listershuvud).

How far? The white trail is 4.3 km long.

Getting there: by boat from Nogersund (25 minutes). You can get there and back to Nogersund by bus number 2 from Sölvesborg travel centre.

Stay: Hanö Hostel



Hanö blommar


Furthest out in the Hällaryd archipelago

Lovely Tärnö is not only one of Blekinge's most picturesque islands but also a landmark for those who want to experience the varied nature of the outer archipelago. Enjoy the view from Drakaberget and visit the old wooden lighthouse from 1910, said to be Sweden's oldest wooden lighthouse still in operation, albeit insignificant.

How far? 5.4 km around the whole island.

Getting there: easiest by M/F Vindskär from Karlshamn (40 minutes). You can also go by boat from Matvik (M/F Anemon) or from Tjärö with M/F Vindskär.

Accommodation: glamping tent or cottage rented from Malin Eriksson at Destination Tärnö.


Ta båten Tärnö och vandra runt ön. Blekinge.


Blekinge's Bullerbyn, a fairy tale by Astrid Lindgren

It is no exaggeration to say that Tjärö is Blekinge's most beautiful island, protected for its wholeness and for its unique farming landscape. Tjärö was probably populated as early as the Bronze Age, 3700-2500 years ago, and when the population was at its highest in the 18th century, there were six different farms on the island. Apart from fishing and farming, Tjärö's inhabitants also made a living from stone carving and boat building.

How far? There is a yellow trail in the south (3km) and a blue trail in the north (1.5km).

Getting there: by archipelago transport from Karlshamn (M/F Vindskär), from Ronneby or from Järnavik with Tjärö's own M/F Tjärö.

Accommodation: on Tjärö you can stay in a hostel or hotel with private shower and toilet in the room. There is also the possibility to camp. Book via Tjärö.com



Ta båten till Tjärö i vandra runt ön. Blekinge.

Reach the trails by bus

Three good examples of hiking trails that you can reach by bus.

Blekinge is full of lovely hiking trails that stretch along the water, around a lake or straight through the forest from one beautiful spot to another. Here are three favourites that you can easily reach by bus.


Stage 2 & 3 between Östafors and Halens Camping

Stunning Östafors on the eastern bank of Holjeån offers great nature experiences, whether you're just passing by or choose to stay overnight. There is a lovely shelter here, which blends in with nature in a pleasant way and is close to both water and beautiful natural areas. From Östafors you can continue along Blekingeleden stage 3 to Olofström or along stage 2 south towards Grundsjön and then on towards Sölvesborg.

How far? Stage three between Östafors - Halens camping is 16 km and stage two between Östafors - Grundsjön is the same length (16 km).
Getting there: by bus 561 from Sölvesborg travel centre towards Olofström (41 minutes). The bus stops in Östafors just southeast of the shelter and the start of the stage.
Accommodation: tent or shelter. You will find Pensionat Strömbacken three hundred metres from the shelter.


Follow the river between Svängsta and Mörrum

Walking along the well-known Mörrumsån is like a relief for the soul. Especially in the early and late season, when Mörrumsån and Laxaleden offer unique nature experiences without much crowding for space. In several places, there are clear traces of human presence, such as old industries, fishing grounds, ponds and power stations. In Marieberg, just south of Svängsta, you can see how the restored watercourse has changed since the power station and dam were demolished. Magical deciduous forest canyons and impressive suspension bridges over Mörrumsån.

How far? The salmon trail between Svängsta and Mörrum is about 12 km.

How to get there: line 1 from the centre of Karlshamn to Svängsta centre (30 minutes).

Where to stay: in Mörrum you can stay at Hotell Walhalla


Beautiful and cosy near the coast

The Svalemålaleden trail starts in Järnavik and follows the sea almost all the way to Gyö. You pass through beautiful coniferous forests, up onto polished rocky hills with magical views of the coastal landscape and down again into beautiful glens, lovely bays and mighty picnic spots along the sea. If you don't want to hike very far, you can take the crossroads from Sandvik over to Svalemåla cottage village and back to Järnavik again. Bring some charcoal and something to grill as there are several barbecue areas along the trail.

How far? The Svalemålaleden trail is 6.3 km long. If you take the short route, the trail is about 2 km shorter.

How to get there: take the public bus line 251 (you have to call 0455-165 00) between Bräkne-Hoby and Järnavik which takes 8 minutes.

Stay: Pensionat Järnavik or Svalemåla Stugby