Karlskrona World Heritage Site

Come and explore the beautiful World Heritage Site and the modern coastal town of Karlskrona and explore its rich naval history.

The city of Karlskrona is a unique and beautiful city on an island. The city is full of a world of experiences and sights in many ways. The naval city has also been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998 and is a real gem among world heritage sites such as the Great Wall of China, Venice and the Taj Mahal. Isn't it cool!

Världsarvat Örlogsstaden Karlskrona är en cykelvänlig stad i Blekinge.
Discover the World Heritage City of Karlskrona by bike. The city is highly accessible with pedestrian and biking trails in inspiring surroundings.

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The city of Karlskrona, situated on an island, is connected to the mainland in the Karlskrona archipelago. From the city centre, you can island-hop with regular archipelago services to discover more of the World Heritage Site with sights located on the surrounding islands. A popular destination is Aspö with Drottningskärs castle and the museum of mobile coastal artillery.

Visit the Naval Museum and learn more about the Karlskrona World Heritage Site. Download the free Karlskrona World Heritage app and be guided through the city's history on your own. There are plenty of interesting sights to experience. Which ones do you want to start with?

Örlogsstaden Karlskrona i Blekinge.

Next to the Naval Museum is the Sloop and Boat Shed. The building has a fascinating ceiling construction with its ten intersecting gable roofs. Where the roofs intersect, there are channels of rainwater that are collected and directed into barrels. In the past, this rainwater was used for fires and other purposes. Inside the shed there are many historical objects. Don't miss this historical treasure!

Världsarvet - Amiralitetskyrkan och Gubben Rosenbom

The beautiful Admiralty Church, Ulrica Pia and Rosenbom are Karlskrona's most popular tourist sites. The statue of Rosenbom has become famous, among other things, through Selma Lagerlöf's book "Nils Holgersson's Wonderful Journeys through Sweden" where he is said to be the high boatman on the liner "Dristigheten".

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The residence by the sea

The County Governor's residence at Kungsbron in Karlskrona is the country's youngest residence.
The residence is a rose-plastered building with white pilasters, dormer windows and a stone portal crowned by the Blekinge coat of arms. An English inspired patrician villa.

The current residence is famous for having housed Sweden's first female governor, Camilla Odhnoff.

The building has two floors with a basement and the ground floor has an entrance from Vallgatan. Some changes have been made to the residence over the years, but it has retained its original character from the early 20th century. The most recent interior restoration was undertaken with the aim of restoring as far as possible the original colour scheme of the reception area floor.

Read about the residence here - State Real Estate Office


The city that became a World Heritage Site

How did it all happen?

It all started over 300 years ago. The great nation of Sweden needed a powerful navy and sought a sheltered location for a new naval base to defend the Swedish land areas. And a group of islands in the Blekinge archipelago was the perfect fit. The best engineers, shipbuilders and architects were hired to do the will of Charles XI. Since knowledge and manpower are largely drawn from across the Baltic Sea, this is a place where many languages are spoken. Soon an impressive shipyard and city emerge. A city worthy of a king; Carl's crown. More than 300 years later, the naval base is still in Karlskrona. Want to learn more? Visit the Naval Museum and Blekinge Museum.

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