Hällristningar i Möckleryd

Rock carvings at Hästhallen

Visit Hästhallen, Blekinge's most prominent rock carving site with 140 figures, including 80 ship images of a distinct type for the site. It is an impressive sight! There are also cup marks and more miniature figurative representations of various kinds. These rock carvings were created during the Bronze Age (1,500 - 500 BC). Although rock carvings are difficult to interpret, their meaning suggests a fertility cult.

The location of Hästhallen is surrounded by other Bronze Age sites. This makes the area a fascinating destination for those who want to experience Sweden's rich history. In addition, other rock carving sites are located nearby, including Svanhalla to the northeast of the site and Fürtska Rock to the north.

Take a day visiting Hästhallen and its surroundings to experience the magic of history and the area's beautiful nature!

Hällristningar i Blekinge.

We hope you will have a fantastic experience at Hästhallen and feel a deeper connection to Sweden's remarkable past.

Rock carvings from the Bronze Age

What makes the rock carvings in Torhamn so unique and valuable?

It is the largest rock carving site in Blekinge, with 140 carvings from the Bronze Age that are beautiful and detailed and depict boats, horses, people, and moose.

Rock art is also the wealthiest material fromprehistoric Northern Europe, making the rock carvings unique and vital for our understanding of history. Previously, rock carvings were mainly seen as evidence of religious customs from the Nordic Bronze Age. Recent research shows that art not only portrays ritual practices but also provides information about the daily life of the people who created them. The rock carvings offer insight into people's lives during the Bronze Age in Torhamn.

Hällristningar i Möckleryd, Karlskrona.
Rock carvings in Möckleryd, Karlskrona.





They give us a glimpse into their culture, beliefs, and way of life. The rock carvings are also evidence of the creativity and artistic skill of the people who created them.

More about the Rock Carvings

Do you want more information about the rock carvings at Hästhallen, Horsahallen, and other rock carvings in Blekinge? Visit the Blekinge Museum and learn more about Blekinge's rich history and cultural heritage. Explore the exhibitions and discover the rock carvings by visiting the Blekinge Museum!

Experience Torhamn

The rock carvings in Torhamn provide an insight into people's lives during the Bronze Age. These carvings are impressive works of art and an important historical and cultural source. The Möckleryd rock art site in Torhamn is the largest in Blekinge. Here, you can see an overview map indicating the location of the rock carvings.

Bring binoculars to Torhamn, as it is also a popular birdwatching spot!

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