Blekinge Museum

Regional Museum in Blekinge - there are exhibitions about the county's history, Blekinge coastal culture and Blekinge roots.


Exhibitions at Blekinge museum:

Collected objects - In the exhibition Collected objects, you take a journey through 9000 years of objects in search of the story of Blekinge. Along the way, you'll encounter Stone Age food, thousand-year-old arts and crafts, pandemic signs, folk costumes, buried treasures, embroidered flowers and much more!

On a journey of discovery in the world heritage city of Karlskrona
The exhibition is aimed at children and adults and is a playful encounter with the world heritage city of Karlskrona. Through play, facts and historical voices, you will learn more about the city's unique historical environments and why the city, which was founded by Karl XI in 1680, was designated a world heritage site in 1998. We also want to attract you as a visitor to your own journeys of discovery in our beautiful city.

The popular Grevagrundet playground
Welcome to one of the city's most popular playgrounds, which is inspired by the archipelago. Here you can play in the boathouses, catch fish, play shop, try walking on stilts, jump obstacles with the stick horses or tinker with the wooden horse Hilla. Feel free to bring a coffee basket!

Blekinge museum is in charge of exhibitions and culture environments in Wämöparken and in the stone quarries area at Tjurkö. There is also an exciting "Object storage" that you can visit, outside Karlskrona by Rosenholm.
More information about opening hours and current exhibitions is available on the museum's website.

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