Flugfiske efter lax och havsöring i Mörrumsån, på Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge.
Lax- och havsöringsfiske i lummigt gröna miljöer i strömmande å på Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge.

Fishing in Blekinge

A paradise for sport fishermen

Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge


Sea trout fishing

Open sea, along the coast, and shore

There are plenty of places to fish for salmon and sea trout in Blekinge. Like Pukaviksbukten near Listerlandet in Sölvesborg. In addition to the game fish, there are also snook, pike and perch here. Get help from a guide to reach the best fishing spots directly. You can book that in the same place as accommodation and boat rental. Here you'll find the best deals - Fishing in Blekinge

Fiska från kajak i Blekinge, mitt i skärgården


Mörrums Kronolaxfiske

Beautiful fishing stretches, sport fishermen from all over the world and spetacular catches

Mörrumsån is known for its wild stock of salmon and sea trout. Lined by a magical oak and beech forest, you´re guaranteed a nature experience beyond the ordinary. Sport fishermen from all over the world come here to fulfil their dreams of catching the first or perhaps the largest fish.

Do you want some good advice from an insider on how to fish in Mörrumsån over a season, from March to September? Book a fishing guide to get the best fishing strategies. Cause then you´ll get important knowledge about the hottest fishing spots – an investment for both beginners and pros. Mörrum is perfect as a destination. Here you will find hiking trails, guides, fishing packages and fishing courses.

Visit Laxens hus with exhibitions, aquariums, accommodations, and camping.

flugfiske i mörrumsån



What fishing strategies do you have to catch pike? What lures do you use?

Have you thought about which depth, environment, and catch spot to choose? Do you want guidance for your fishing? Book a guide who can give you current location tips to optimize your fishing experience. If you find the right spot, it can result in frequent encounters with 10-kilo pikes.

Challenge yourself in Blekinge and achieve your Blekinge Big Bite!


Fiska mört i Eriksbergs naturreservat i Blekinge, Sverige.
Customise your fishing package

Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark

Fishing in an unspoiled nature reserve


Fishing adventure among wild animals in a nature reserve. The wild and untouched nature is the best place to fish undisturbed. Eriksberg's guides will bring you on a fishing trip on a water with hidden treasures. Pike, perch and roach await beneath the surface. Wake up early in the morning when it's calm and quiet. Get ready for a real fishing adventure!

The wild animals roam freely on the Eriksberg nature reserve and water. It is an exciting environment for adventurers. You can stay in the middle of nature and spend the night in a sleeping tent stretched between trees. Do you want to spend the night outside but a little more luxurious? Book the glamping tent. When you get hungry, you can enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant and perhaps pick up some home-grown produce from the farm shop.

Contact Eriksberg for customised perch, pike and rainbow fishing packages. Book and join us on a fantastic fishing adventure in Northern Europe's most beautiful archipelago!


In Olofström lies both Sweden's southernmost wilderness and Sweden's lake-rich region. In the middle of this oasis, there are several professional fishing facilities with everything from flowing water for game fishing to the opportunity to rent your own lake for fishing. Here you'll find the facilities offering fantastic fishing in a magical environment.



Boka stuga och fiska i egen sjö på Brokamåla Gård i Blekinge, Sverige.
Presence & well-being

Brokamåla Gård

Book a cabin & fish Brokamåla's own lake

Brokamåla Gård offers a wide range of outdoor activities. Try fishing, outdoor cooking with accommodation in the middle of the wilderness. End the day with a three-course dinner and a wood-fired sauna next to a private lake.

Gather your friends and try clay pigeon shooting or the adventure course. Brokamåla Farm is a good choice if you want to enjoy the outdoors to the full. Read about the friends who like to relax at Brokamåla Gård here - Peace and quiet in the wilderness

Harasjömåla Fiskecamp i Olofström, Blekinge.
Book accommodation & fishing

Harasjömåla Fiskecamp

Fishing in streams & lakes

Harasjömåla Fishing Camp is a real fishing paradise in Sweden's southernmost and most seaworthy wilderness. Here you can fish in flowing water for rainbow trout, chill and barbecue, exchange experiences and follow the fishing catches. You can fish for rainbow trout and brown trout in the lakes from land, jetty or boat.

At Harsjömåla there are cottages to book along with pitches for motorhomes and caravans. The environment is lush and green, relaxing and enjoyable. There is also a fishing pool for the children.

Fiskevatten i Blekinge

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