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Blekinge is like one big fishing centre. Famous for its fishing waters, the giant fish number and the breadth of fish species. Everywhere you will find professionally managed fishing camps with accommodation, boat rentals and fishing guides. Here you can catch the world's most abundant salmon in flowing water and fish for big pike in the archipelago. Slide forward with the kayak and wading along the coast. Did you know that trolling for rough salmon is the best in the world? 

In Blekinge you can also angle for whitefish up to 4-5 kilos, fish herring and beak in the spring, land the bream that can beat Swedish records. A bonus is an untouched nature with the feeling that you are the only one fishing on the spot. That feeling is priceless!

Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge

Mörrums Kronolaxfiske.



Blekinge top 5

  1. There are a fantastic salmon and sea trout fishing in rivers and coastal fishing for coarse salmon.
  2. There is splendid fishing for Sweden's roughest pike.
  3. Rainbow trout fishing in flowing water is one of the best in the country.
  4. The pike fishing is relatively unexploited with a rich pike number.
  5. Here are some of the most well-managed sport fishing facilities in Sweden

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Fishing waters

Do you want high-quality fishing experiences within an hour's radius by car? Then you should book your fishing trip to Blekinge! There are many opportunities to get the best fishing experience at some of Blekinge's fishing waters. In the great nature, filled with a mix of streams that awaits most tastes. Here is the coast with its high-quality pike fishing, calm lakes and streams with different fishing and of course Mörrumsån's world-famous trout and salmon fishing. Blekinge holds northern Europe's nearest archipelago with an 80 km stretch of coast. In Olofström you will find Sweden's southernmost wilderness - the district with most lakes in Sweden. It guarantees a wide range of fishing experiences and makes Blekinge Sweden's best sports fishing destination.

Fiskevatten i Blekinge

Harasjömåla Fiskecamp.

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Mörrum river

Mörrum river is an international super celebrity for sports fishing with the hope to catch salmon and sea trout. Since 1941, Mörrum Kronolax fishing has been run as a sports fishing destination and the premiere weekend is the most anticipated weekend of spring among fishermen enthusiasts at a reasonable distance. At Kungsforsen lies Laxen´s house with, among other things, sports fishing office, restaurant and an exhibition that tells about the fishing in Mörrum river through the ages. Here you will also find out more about how it is to be salmon and see some of the fish species in the river in the 13-meter long aquarium. There is also a fish shop on the premises with a big assortment.

Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge

Mörrum Kronolax fishing - Sweden´s most beautiful waters.

During the fishing season, Laxen's house is the heart of the fishing community. This is where you hear the most incredible big-fish stories and have excellent opportunities to see the battle between fish and humans close up. If you want, you can get help finding the best places to catch by going on a guided tour with one of Kronolax's experienced fishing guides.

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Fishing guides

Curious beginners or inveterate veterans do not matter. If you need a helping hand, useful tips on equipment, technology or where and when to fish there is a wealth of experienced instructors who offer guided tours. A perfect way to develop your fishing and increase the chance of catching. Maybe you want to try the fly fishing's noble art or experience the kayak fishing's excitement for the first time. The latter is a problematic form of fishing where you sneak right into the centre of events, often armed with a 

Fishing guide with Pikestrike Sweden i Karlskrona archipelago.

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Pike fishing in the archipelago

Karlskrona archipelago is a bit of a mecca for the pike enthusiast. If you sometimes have caught a "Blekingealigator" that has passed the magic 10-kilo limit, you will surely understand why. The pike population is ample, and from spring to autumn, anglers are gathered in the middle and outer archipelago, islands and deep edges. The season ends with the well-attended Blekinge Pike festival in October when some of the country's sharpest fishing teams make up for the desirable trophy. Blekinge's all fishing actors offer many different affordable fishing packages. Combine fishing with good accommodation, top-class dining experiences and activities as desired. Welcome to "Blekinge Big Bite"!

Gäddfiske i Karlskrona, Blekinge

Fishing packages in top class  - cabins, boats and kayaks. Book Pikestrike Sweden

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Trolling fishing for salmon

In the spring, migratory fishing is the ultimate world class. Seasonal fishing for salmon that comes into the Hanö Bay to eat fat on the herring that come in to play at night, on shallower water closer to land. When the salmons are enough fat, the bigger salmon begin to physically change their looks. The male salmon get crouching on the lower jaw, and the scales are harder to better protect themselves before the rise in the shallow rapids to the playgrounds. The muscles are ready to migrate, sometimes all the way to Torneå River, to reach the prompts. It's no wonder that the salmon in this way becomes a massive opponent in speed and power if you manage to get it on the hook during a trolling ride. Getting the chance to tease such a fish can be the peak of a fisherman's career.

Sandhamn Marine med trollingfiske efter lax i Blekinge

Sandhamn Marine with boat, equipment and guide. 

These migratory salmons are called the king among Swedish anglers as they are not only big but also incredibly strong.

During the spring, salmon grows as fastest as their comfort temperature is about 8-12 degrees, which means that it can then be fished both deeply and shallowly. In the autumn, however, almost all trolling is carried on with deep rigs as the salmon avoids the warmer surface water and goes deeper where it is cooler and more pleasant to stay.