Fiska efter lax och havsöring i Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge, Sverige.

Fishing in Blekinge

It's the perfect spot for fishing!

Blekinge is a top-class fishing destination. Here, you will find options for all tastes and seasons. From world-famous salmon fishing in the Mörrumsån to a private lake in the middle of the wilderness, there are plenty of package deals and expert guiding to choose from, and if fantastic fishing doesn't make you bite on the idea of coming here, maybe stunning nature and an overall sense of well-being will. Blekinge is small enough to fit close to everything that makes you feel comfortable.

Here are some great tips for world-class fishing experiences!


Salmon  & sea trout fishing

Fishing for salmon and sea trout in Blekinge can be challenging but is a truly rewarding experience. Don't hesitate to book a professional guide who can help you find the most optimum fishing spots and perhaps help you refine your fishing technique. Choose fishing spots where the water is deep and moving quickly. Estuaries or submerged structures such as boulders or caves Consider making a few extra casts in each fishing area before moving on to the next. There are plenty of anglers in Blekinge to share the fishing experience with. Get advice on the most popular flies, patterns, and colors. The Blekinge fishing destination offers some fantastic fishing while you're here.

Mörrum's Kronolax fishing

A place for your fishing dreams!

Mörrums Kronolaxfiske is a destination in the Mörrum River known for its wild salmon population. This is what makes fishing so unique! Anglers from all over the world come here to fulfil their dream of catching a really big salmon. From March to September, you can enjoy the ultimate fishing experience with exciting water flows ranging from 100 m3/s to 7 m3/s in temperatures between 0 and 25 degrees. You will have a unique challenge every time you cast your fishing line.


Insider and expert tips

Get Mörrum Kronolaxfiskes' guide to catching your biggest salmon or sea trout ever. You can also book a fishing guide to discover fishing strategies, get recommendations on what works at any given time, and find out where the most popular fishing spots are. It's a wise investment, whether you're a beginner or a pro.

Fly fishing in Mörrumiver for wild salmon Book at the Mörrums Konolaxfiske in Blekinge, Sweden. Wild salmon fishing is about to begin in the Mörrum River. Are you ready? Mörrum's Kronolaxfiske is where you can get a fishing permit.


Mörrum is a popular destination.

There are hiking trails, guides, fishing classes, the Salmon House with exhibitions and an aquarium, and accommodation. It is also the place for researchers to learn more about salmon and sea trout.


Pike fishing in Blekinge

What are your fishing strategies for catching pike? What lures do you use? Have you thought about which depth, habitat, and fishing location to choose? Would you like some advice for your fishing? Book a guide who can give you up-to-the-minute recommendations to optimise your fishing experience. If you find the right spot, you could have a frequent hit on a 10-pound pike. In Blekinge, challenge yourself to capture yours: Blekinge Big Bite uld have a frequent hit on 10-pound pike. Challenge yourself in Blekinge to capture yours - Blekinge Big Bite

Maximize your pike fishing in Blekinge. Fishing with Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. This includes boat, accommodation and all equipment. Engines up to 50 horsepower. Book a guide to guide you to the top fishing spots. Fish from a kayak with an experienced team.

Once ashore you can eat well at the campsite restaurant and then take it slow. Stream the day's fishing experiences in your booked cabin and recharge for another day of fishing in Karlskrona.

Experience a pike fishing adventure with Svalemåla Pike Fishing, known for its clear water and rich pike population. It is a fishermen's paradise. Book a customised fishing package designed for the most memorable possible pike fishing experience.

Fishing packages include fishing equipment, experienced guides and convenient accommodation with access to the most desirable fishing locations. Take the opportunity to fish in places with the biggest pike you've ever seen.

At Garnanäs Fishing Camp you can fish for everything from pike, sea trout, salmon, cod, perch and herring in the Ronneby archipelago. In Blekinge, pike fishing is among the finest in Sweden and with the proper equipment you can catch your 10-kilo pike.

Accommodation is available for rent. You can choose between a self-catering apartment or a cottage with garden furniture and a barbecue. The accommodation is 200 metres from the sea with a jetty and a launch ramp. You will find the pikes waiting for you!

Welcome to fish with Pikestrike Sweden - your next destination for pike fishing in the Blekinge archipelago. Pikestrike Sweden is an expert in pike fishing and offers the highest quality fishing packages and experiences for anglers of all levels.

Fishing packages include comfortable accommodation in state-of-the-art cabins. In the Karlskrona archipelago, you can enjoy pike fishing from the most comfortable boats, fishing kayaks, and with experienced guides.

The Blekinge archipelago is home to the largest pike population along the Swedish Baltic coast. It's the perfect destination if you want to reel in the biggest fish catch of your life ever. With Pikestrike's fishing package, you can stay overnight and fish a large population of pikes. Book your fishing trip and take part in an affordable fishing experience you'll never forget.

Fishing for pike from land, by boat along the coast and in the bays of the archipelago. Try salmon trolling or cod fishing on the open sea. And if you want to spend time with the family, fish for perch with the kids from the harbour jetty.

At Sandhamn Marine you can stay in a cottage right next to the water with the boat moored on the jetty in front of the cottage. When you get hungry, you can eat at the marina's Sail Inn restaurant where you can also pre-order a food package to take with you on your fishing trip.

Want to book a fishing guide? Through a partnership with Mörrums Kronolaxfiske, Sandhamn Marine offers guides with solid expertise. If you need to rent or buy equipment, there are products for jerk fishing, pike fishing, coarse rods and reels for cod fishing, all adapted to the specific environment.

Laxtrolling med Abel's Laxtrolling & Charter
An experience you can't miss

Abel's Laxtrolling & Charter

Book trolling for large trout

Join Abel's Laxtrolling & Charter on a trolling trip for coarse salmon. It's exciting fishing and a fun challenge in open waters with fellowship and tactics talk. Work out your fishing strategy with your guide. Find the right bait and load up for the deep rig or surface options? Salmon or trout? Preparation is part of the overall experience and the anticipation of a potential catch provides adrenaline. Trolling requires both equipment and knowledge and with a guide it becomes extra fun.


Fishing in lake

What a fishing fortune! Olofström is home to both Sweden's southernmost wilderness and Sweden's most lakeside region. In the middle of this oasis are several professional fishing facilities with everything from running water for game fishing to the possibility of renting your own lake to fish in. The facilities here offer fantastic fishing in a magical setting.

Harasjömåla Fiskecamp i Olofström, Blekinge.
Flowing water in the middle of wilderness

Harasjömåla Fiskecamp

Fishing in streams & lakes

Sweden's most lakeside region is home to the Harasjömåla Fishing camp, a true fishing paradise. There are plenty of fishing experiences in the middle of the wilderness, and within a short distance. This means that you have time to fish in more than one lake if you wish. You can also fly-fish for rainbow trout in flowing water. The route is both beautiful and peaceful. Here you can chill and barbecue, exchange experiences and watch the catch with excitement. In the lakes you can fish for both rainbow trout and brown trout, from land, jetty and boat.

At the fishing campsite there are cabins for rent, pitches for motorhomes and caravans. The environment is relaxing, enjoyable and for children there is also their own fishing pool.


Boka stuga och fiska i egen sjö på Brokamåla Gård i Blekinge, Sverige.
With a focus on well-being

Brokamåla Gård

Book a cabin & fish Brokamåla's own lake

Brokamåla Gård offers high quality outdoor activities, fishing, outdoor cooking and accommodation in the middle of Sweden's southernmost wilderness. With its unique offerings and stunning location, Brokamåla Gård is the obvious choice if you want to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Here you can bring your loved ones for an unforgettable experience and then end the day with a three-course dinner and a wood-fired sauna bath.

You can also take the hunting exam with both theory and practice in an intensive training course. Or, why not get your friends together and try clay pigeon shooting or the adventure course when you book your fishing trip here?


Southern Sweden Holidays i Gränum, Blekinge. Fiskepaket med boende.
Wide variety of fishing experiences

Southern Sweden Holidays

Tailor-made fishing packages by type of fishing

Experience the ultimate fishing holiday in South East Sweden with Southern Sweden Holidays' tailor-made fishing packages. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a first timer, packages for all types of fishing are catered for. Freshwater, saltwater, fly fishing and ice fishing.

Enjoy the natural beauty of Blekinge as you fish in pristine lakes, rivers and coastal waters. All packages include top equipment, experienced guides and comfortable accommodation to ensure a memorable and successful fishing trip.

Book now and discover the excitement of reeling in your next big catch in southern Sweden!

Fiska mört i Eriksbergs naturreservat i Blekinge, Sverige.
Customise your fishing package

Eriksberg Hotell & Safaripark

Fishing in an unspoiled nature reserve


Fishing adventure among wild animals in a nature reserve. The most conducive place to fish undisturbed is in wild and untouched nature. Eriksberg's guides will take you on a fishing trip to a waterhole with hidden treasures. Pike, perch and roach await beneath the surface. Wake up early in the morning when it's calm and quiet. Get ready for a real fishing adventure!

In the Eriksberg nature reserve and nearby waterwetlands,s, wild animals are free to roam. Adventurers will enjoy this exciting environment. Here you can stay in the middle of nature and spend the night in a sleeping tent stretched between trees. Want to spend the night outside but a bit more luxurious? Book the Glamping tent. When you get hungry, you can enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant and perhaps pick up some home-grown produce from the farm shop.

Join us on a fantastic fishing adventure in Northern Europe's most picturesque archipelago!

Have you tried fishing for roach in the southern Bräken River? Give yourself a memorable fishing experience at Mörtströmmens Fishing Area. Here you can fish for roach, but also for id, sea trout, pike and perch. Fishing is an exciting and fun activity for all ages.


Join experienced pike fishermen and fish for pike in the Blekinge archipelago during the autumn holidays! You start in Karlskrona and fish from a boat. Pike fishing with knowledgeable guides for the large pike in the Blekinge archipelago. The camp record is a pike of 11.5 kg.

Olofström contains Sweden's seawardmost region with a focus on fishing. Flowing waters, lakes and a wilderness that provides peace and quiet and the opportunity to focus on the fishing experience. Barbecues, windbreaks and restrooms make it easy to spend time by the lakes. At Ebbamåla Bruk you can go salmon fishing in Mörrumsån. Take the chance to try it all when you are in Olofström.


Fiskevatten i Blekinge

Här hittar du fiskeaktörer som erbjuder fiskepaket, boende & guider.


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