Sport fishing camp - Camp Dragsö Sportfishing

Camp Dragsö Sport Fishing is a fishing camp specializes in fishing for pike and is located in the middle of The Pike Kingdoms capital Karlskrona in the Blekinge archipelago.


Camp Dragsö Sport Fishing offers high qualitative fishing with several classes of living as well as boats. The season starts when the ice goes in early spring and continues until the end of November.
The fleet of boats consists of three models, and total available here 19 rental boats. For the most part used Master Boats in sizes 500 and 410 cm equipped with modern and environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines of 25-50 hps.
Of course, it is imperative that guests enjoy their stay with us. It is equally important for us that our sport fishermen catch & release and thereby put back all catches. For those who wish, they allow any single fishing for the dining table in the evening.

Please also check out the film about Camp Dragsö Sportfishing! You will find it among the other links below.

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