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Olofström was voted the best outdoor municipal in Sweden 2019. They won for the hard work and longterm plan for outdoor activities and trails that has included the habitants of Olofström. Here you can experience everything from excitement and adventure to silence. Swim and jump from the jump tower down into the mirror-shaded lake. Get out to pick mushrooms and berries. Discover the famous fishing paradise Harasjömåla or try the fishing luck in one of the over 200 lakes. Paddle canoe or on a stand-up board. Take the canoe trails, land on an island and carry out your expedition. Take the bike or hike, head out on horseback along the riding trails. By the way, do you want to hunt? Or try outdoor cooking? Maybe carry out a pentathlon? There is a lot to choose from, whether you are looking for challenge or relaxation. Welcome to Olofström!

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