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fiske om vintern är perfekt upplevelse för hela familjen i Olofström

Ice fishing in Olofström

Welcome to the peaceful nature of Blekinge, where ice fishing on the glistening lakes and serene surroundings invite you to responsible fishing. Understanding the rules is the first step in fully appreciating ice fishing. Join the fishing clubs in Blekinge to stay updated on the latest guidelines, all to ensure a harmonious fishing adventure that also respects the ecosystem.

Isfiske i Blekinge
In Olofström, also known as Sweden's Southern Wilderness, you will find hundreds of lakes and several waterways, of which Mörrumsån is the mightiest river that never rests. In winter, the snow lies thick in the forest, and the ice builds faster than along the coast, primarily because it is usually a few degrees colder here during the winter months. Olofström is therefore a mecca for fishermen even in winter.


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Equipment for ice fishing:

A jigging rod with at least 50 meters of 0.20-0.30 mm nylon line or Fireline 0.12-0.20 mm. A standard perch jig weighing 3-7 grams works excellently. Some also use smaller char jigs, which work well too. Alternatively, you can use the traditional method of fishing with a float, sinker, hook, and bait. It works just fine. Sometimes, a small balance jig can be the triggering factor for catching fish, so it's worth trying that as well.

Feel free to bait your jig. Even though the fish might bite directly on the jig, it's much more effective with bait. Shrimp or maggots are two fantastic baits for rainbow trout. Worms and Powerbait also work.


Isfiske i Blekinge. Fiskeutrustning och bete.

Please use ice cleats when it's glare ice. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of ice picks, in case, against all odds, an accident should occur. It is a cheap life insurance.





Discover the Art of Ice Fishing

Beneath the serene icy surface lies a world of excitement and adventure - the art of ice fishing. While primarily an activity aimed at catching pike, the fishing grounds may surprise you with the intense tugs of rainbow trout or the elusive trout. And who knows, a substantial perch might also make an appearance!

Ice fishing is more than just a hobby; it is an immersive experience for those who enjoy the tranquility of nature along with the anticipation and excitement of the first pull.

The thrill of the catch and the satisfaction of a successful day on the ice are unparalleled.

For anyone looking to enhance their winter fishing, a visit to Harasjömåla Fishing Camp is a must. Immerse yourself in a community of experienced fishermen, share stories, and gather valuable insights and professional tips to elevate your ice fishing adventure.

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Ice fishing for perch in winter waters

There are few things better than settling down on a sheepskin on thick winter ice and jigging for delicious freshwater fish. All you need is warm clothing, a jigging rod, maggots, shrimp, or an honest earthworm. Additionally, an ice auger is essential, especially if the ice is thick. You can break thin ice with an axe or a spear, but it is significantly safer with an ice auger.

Remember that fishing is free in some fishing areas and subject to fees in others. Generally, the fishing waters are excellent in the northern parts of the county, where the ice forms early on shallow, beautiful lakes. Don't forget a lifeline, ice picks, and preferably a life jacket. Never go out on the ice alone.

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