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Do you want to stay for longer than just a day? Well, we thought you might, Blekinge often has that effect on people. All that remains is to choose how you prefer to spend the night and perhaps how many days you can stay with us. Do you want to go to a campsite or campervan park by sea, a cabin in the woods, or a luxury hotel? Would you like to "go glamping", stay at a charming B&B, try a guest house or book a truly unique living experience? You would love the spectacular SynVillan overlooking the wild animals in the safari park at Eriksberg, the former prison cells on Kronohäktet, Aspö coastal pilot tower, and the lighthouse keeper's place on Hanö.

In Blekinge, there is accommodation for parties and wallets of all sizes and everything is within reach no matter where you spend the night. We hope to inspire you by providing a few nice suggestions. If you are looking for accommodation in a certain category, you will find it in the link list to the right.

Welcome to Blekinge - get rested and sleep well!



Eriksberg Hotell &

Safari park

"Like an African lodge in the middle of Blekinge" - the White Guide-description of Eriksberg is a telling portrait of how you experience it. Enter the gates and unwind with the savannah as your nearest neighbor. The wild animals are just outside the window and your comfortable room adds more of the safari look and feel. At Eriksberg Hotel & Nature reserve you can stay at the luxurious Säteriet or Safarivillan overlooking the savannah. Mahravillan, Dammvillan, Jägarvillan, and SynVillan are other options, just as luxury Glamping or staying at the traditional Kyrkestatorpet.

Eriksberg Hotell och Safaripark i södra Sverige
Stay at Eriksberg overlooking the savannah.


Stay on an island

3 must-visit-islands

Where Ronneby's and Karlshamn's archipelago meet, you find Tjärö. An idyllic island with charming red farmhouses surrounded by nature and the sea. If you know Astrid Lindgren's children's book "Barnen I Bullerbyn", you get the picture. Enjoy a great meal at the restaurant, swim, relax on the sauna raft, jump from high cliffs and take a plunge in child-friendly bays. During high season, the jetty is filled with sailboats of all sizes. This is a given summer destination if you long for a genuine archipelago experience, Blekinge style.

Stay at Tjärö, a real archipelago idyll in Blekinge.
Stay at Tjärö, a real archipelago idyll in Blekinge.


Go to Aspö by car ferry or one of the regular public transport boats from Karlskrona. Here you can stay at Aspö Lotstorn, which offers both hotel rooms with amazing outlook and cottages. Borrow a bike and go explore the island, swim, and visit Drottningskär's fortress to enjoy life in the archipelago to the fullest. 

Lotstornet at Aspö

Rent a bike and get the archipelago feeling


Tärnö is the largest of the islands in the Hällaryd archipelago outside Karlshamn. From the highest point of the island, Drakaberget, you can see more than half of Blekinge's coast. The origin of the name of the hill? It refers to the burrows that people thought were marks after the dragon that was said to live up there. The island is a nature reserve, in summer it is served by regular boat trips from Karlshamn and Matvik. Tärnö offers great opportunities for hiking and swimming and has a wooden lighthouse which is the oldest o fits kind still in operation in Sweden. Try glamping or stay in one of the cabins. Eat at Frank's Kabyss and walk along ARK56. Book your accommodation at Destination Tärnö.

Book Tärnö, a holiday idyll in the archipelago


Spend a night at a

Hostel and B&B

in the middle of the breathtaking Brunnsparken

In the heart of Brunnsparken, you will find Ronneby Hostel and B&B in what used to be Ronneby's hospital, next to two turn-of-the-century villas. The charming town center is close by as well as the possibility to get on the archipelago boat, M/F Astrid. The boat sets out from Ronnebyån and takes you to Karön. Should Ronneby Hostel and B&B be fully booked when you want to travel to Blekinge, you can stay at the resort Ronneby Brunn Hotell or Villa Flora Viola, which is also located in the lush and lovely Brunnsparken.

Ronneby Brunnspark Vandrarhem och B&B
Ronneby Brunnspark Vandrarhem and B&B.



simply beautiful 

Make a stop at one of the fantastic campsites in Blekinge. We dare say that we offer camping for every possible taste and party. Do you want to stay near the sea and the beach or close to the city center? On an island in the archipelago or next to a cozy lake in the enchanting forest? Modern and comfortable or simple and adventurous? Tent, caravan, motorhome, or cottage? Or perhaps glamping is your kind of camping? Read more and find your campsite here: Campsites in Blekinge

Dragsö RV camper

RV camping and playground

Dragsö camping utanför Karlskrona i Blekinge
Dragsö Campsite, in the middle of Karlskrona archipelago.


What view would you like to wake up to?

Wherever you choose to stay, we hope you will sleep well!

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