Lyxigt sovrum på Eriksberg i Blekinge
Bo i husbil, vid vattnet i Blekinge


How do you want to stay overnight when you are in Blekinge? There is accommodation for all needs. Combine as you like. Stay in the middle of town, next to the quayside or exclusively in the wilderness. Most often, all types of accommodations are seaside or sea, wherever you are.

Boende på Eriksberg i Blekinge

Exclusive accommodation in the wilderness at Eriksberg


A short distance

If you want to discover more places in Blekinge, it's easy to change the location. Forests, seas, and cities are close to each other? Did you know that it's only half an hour's journey between each city? Book your accommodation already now, so you can start your trip more comfortable. There is much accommodation where families with children enjoy their stay. Kids can play and relax. It can range from all-inclusive with kids club to water park, fishing, canoeing, sailing school and free WiFi. What is essential to your family?

Ronneby Brunn Hotell i Blekinge

Ronneby Brunn Hotell with all-inclusive and a kids club



- and bathing areas

Camping in Blekinge means beautiful sea beaches, a cozy lake with proximity to both swimming and enchanting forest. It can also be 4-star modern camping on its island in the heart of Blekinge Archipelago. Which campsite would you like to try?

Camping i Blekinge

Hälleviks campsite outside the city of Sölvesborg