Tjärö gästhamn

Guest harbours in Blekinge

Moor at the guest harbor next to a quiet fishing harbor, in the middle of a city or perhaps next to a festival - spice up life on board with both service and wonderful experiences ashore. 800 islands and thousands of islets and islets - it provides some options when docking with the boat. But if you are looking for convenience, there are a number of well-maintained and pleasant guest harbors both along the coast and out on the islands. Here you will find water, electricity, shower, toilet, restaurants and small shops and other services such as wireless internet, boat washing and more.


Eight hundred islands and thousands of islets and skerries...

If the guest harbor has a "Blue Flag", it means that it is well maintained, clean, environmentally conscious and has a high level of service. In addition, the port is informative and has a high security mindset.

Next to our guest harbors there is so much to discover: beautiful nature, fun festivals, music-filled evenings, charming shops, historic environments and perhaps the best tastes of the summer.

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