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Blekinge Archipelago - A Paradise of Islands in Sweden

Along the entire southern coast of Blekinge, the archipelago islands lie like pearls in a row – each with its own special charm that makes them worth exploring. Fortunately, it is easy to get around, for example, by island hopping from one island to another – either with your own boat or with the many small ferries that operate regularly in the Blekinge archipelago.

You can use Karlskrona as a base and take the Hop-on Hop-off boats from here. Alternatively, you can take the Coastline route with the Archipelago Traffic and stop by in Karlshamn and other cities, from where you can easily continue out to the small islands.

Skärgårdstrafiken i Blekinge


Island Hopping in the Blekinge Archipelago

Are you ready to break free from the everyday and venture into a world of adventures on clear waters, secret beaches, and islands filled with stories waiting to be told? Discover the archipelago gems of Southern Sweden, where each island offers a unique experience. Read more and explore the islands that could be your next great adventure!

Ö-hoppa i Blekinges skärgård

Blekinge's intimate and lush archipelago is an experience for the whole family. Take part in your year-round guide to the islands' regular traffic and the additional summer tours here - Blekinge's archipelago traffic.


Mythical Island with Lighthouse and Dragons

If you want to venture further into the sea, the mythical island of Hanö is worth sailing to – perhaps via the ferry from the fishing village of Nogersund. On Hanö, you'll find both unique natural experiences and fantastic stories.

The Sækkestolen on the island's north side consists of millions of water-polished stones that constantly change position depending on the weather – just as the east coast is dramatic with cliffs and caves. And in the middle of the island, on its highest point, stands the lighthouse, said to have once caused a dragon's demise – a lighthouse where you can, incidentally, book an overnight stay.




As Swedish as It Gets

Tärnö is located in the outermost sea band and is the largest of the islands in the Hällaryd archipelago outside Karlshamn. From the island's highest point, Drakaberget, you can see more than half of Blekinge's coast. The name of the cliff? It comes from the hollows that people once believed were marks from the dragon said to live there.

The island is a nature reserve and is serviced by regular boat tours from Karlshamn and Matvik during the summer. The island offers great opportunities for hiking and swimming.


An Enchanting Island with Historical Echoes

Take a boat trip out to Karlshamn's Castle, an island fortress from the 17th century when Danish feuds were played out. The island is an exciting destination and can be reached daily during the summer through a boat trip from Karlshamn's archipelago terminal.

Experience the echoes of history within its walls. It's not hard to imagine the battles that took place here. Use your imagination and explore this historical gem that is occasionally used for outdoor theater.




Peace and Quiet Without Cars

On Tjärö, you can experience archipelagic tranquility in completely serene surroundings. There are no cars on the island, so when you arrive by boat or ferry, you must transport your luggage on a cart. This makes nature feel extra close, especially in the island's nature park or when taking a dip from the cliffs – or when, weather permitting, enjoying breakfast on the pier at Tjärö Restaurang. And if you're adventurous, you can explore Devil's Rock, a dramatic cliff on Tjärö's western side.


Explore the Archipelago Dream on Karön

Your next holiday paradise awaits on Karön, in the heart of Blekinge's archipelago, presented by Karön's Cottage Village in Ronneby. This gem, just a quick boat ride from Ekenäs and the city pulse of Ronneby, invites you to an unbeatable archipelago experience. With its 15 strategically placed cottages, embraced by the greenery of oaks and with panoramic views over the sparkling sea, Karön is the ultimate destination for both tranquility and exciting excursions.



Perfect for Cycling

If you love cycling, heading to Aspö is ideal, just a short boat ride from Karlskrona. The island's small roads are perfect for cycling, with the lilac bushes along the roads emitting a wonderful fragrance when they bloom in early spring.

Here, you can cycle past Drottningskärs Castle from the 17th century, with thick walls, moats, cannons, and a view of the water – an excellent place to explore. Or, visit galleries and take a trip to the island's fortress for even more historical experiences.


Stenshamn and Utlängan

Get Close to the Outer Archipelago

In the southeast, you'll find the islands of Stenshamn and Utlängan, connected by a small dam. These islands are perfect for a day trip, allowing you to experience nature up close. The small village of Stenshamn is one of the best-preserved fishing villages in the area, where you can learn about the past fishing life in the exhibition in the boathouse at the harbor.



Blekinge's Largest Island

You can explore Blekinge's largest island, Sturkö, by biking and visiting its cafés. The island boasts beautiful bathing bays and excellent fishing waters, as well as two nature reserves. At Västra Skällön, you'll find the Skällö Bridge and an impressive runestone from the late Viking Age.

The other nature reserve, located at Uttorp, is larger and more popular, featuring marked hiking trails, wind shelters, drying sheds, and barbecue areas. In late summer and autumn, you can admire the beautiful purple hues of the heath. On a sunny day, enjoy the fantastic view from the island.

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