Sturkö kvart, Kvarnmagasinet i Blekinge
Sturkö i Blekinge

Sturkö - The Largest Island in Blekinge

The island of Sturkö, nestled in the heart of the Blekinge archipelago, stands as not only the region's largest island but also a bastion of rich history and natural beauty. Its name, believed to be derived from the storks that once nested here, invites explorations through its quaint roads, serene swimming coves, and fishing waters, along with breathtaking views from the Kvarnmagasinet.

Sturkö kvarn, numera Kvarnmagasinet, i Blekinge
Sturkö kvarn, numera Kvarnmagasinet, i Blekinge




- A Global Spotlight

The 1980s brought Sturkö into the global spotlight when the Russian submarine U-137 ran aground near Torhamnaskär, marking a significant event in the island's contemporary history. Beyond its intriguing historical tales, Sturkö offers a peaceful retreat with beautiful vistas, especially from the legendary Sturkö mill, now known as Kvarnmagasinet.

Charmiga gästhamnar i Blekinges skärgård.Bild: Linda Åkerberg
Besök Blekinges charmiga gästhamnar och fiskelägen.




Explore Sturkö's Nature

Embark on a journey through the Uttorp nature reserve, where vast coastal heaths unveil a magnificent view of Utklippan – Sweden's southeasternmost island – on clear-horizon days. This spectacular sight is just the beginning of what Sturkö has to offer.

Continue your adventure to Västra Skällö, where a nature reserve protects a historic runestone, a testament to the area's rich ancient history and a prompt for reflection on the island's life before our era.



Biking on Sturkö

The island is a haven for cycling, with numerous well-marked bike trails leading through the majestic archipelago environment. Sturkö is a pivotal point in ARK56 - a network of trails for kayaking, cycling, hiking, and sailing that connects the Blekinge Archipelago. This unique environment, shaped by nature, wildlife, and humans over thousands of years, offers unforgettable experiences at every turn

Cykla på Sturkö, ladda ned appen ark56 för tips om leder
Ladda ned appen ark56 för interaktiva tips på leder, boende, mat, besöksmål och sevärdheter längs vägen.


Welcome to Sturkö – an island where the whispers of history meet the scenic idyll of the Blekinge archipelago!


Ekenabben World Heritage Site

Time travel under the surface - Stepping into history and the secrets of the sea

Ekenabben, a historic harbor on Sturkö, has been transformed into a fascinating portal to the past with its outdoor exhibition "World Heritage Wrecks". This exhibit, located between Ekenabben's pier and the island of Tjurkö, showcases the wrecks of six intentionally sunk ships from the 17th and 18th centuries in the depths of Djupasund.


Utställningen på Ekenabbens pir

Discover Sturkö

Your guide to the island's attractions, historic sites and charming accommodation



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