Hälleviks brygga med sandstrand och nära till fiskeläge, boende, restauranger och avkoppling


Sunshine holiday in Blekinge instead. We also have beaches and sun. Here the eye wanders over kilometres after kilometres of sand lined with reeds. Along the Blekinge coast, the archipelago turns into sandy beaches as you reach the western corner of the county.

Sandviken, en sandstrand i Sölvesborg, Blekinge




Sand between the toes. Hällevik is the most famous and one of Blekinge's true gems. Strolling along the promenade's white sandy beach, feeling the scent of seaweed that soon becomes the smell of smoked fish from Henning's smokehouse tickles the nostrils. Enjoy wave surf, sandy beaches, fishing villages and cosy little restaurants. It is Listerlandet in all its glory.

Tips på badplatser i Blekinge, vilken badtyp är du?
It is close to the sea, wherever you are in Blekinge.


Take the bridge to the beach

You can easily navigate between the beautiful beaches of Listerland and the centre of Sölvesborg via the Sölvesborg Bridge - one of Blekinge's new landmarks. The bridge is illuminated during the dark hours of the day, are Europe's longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge and a very popular photo object. Take the opportunity to experience, stay and have some food at Hamnkrogen or coffee at the bridge, when you are on the way to the beach bath!


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