Karön-Ekenäs i Ronneby.
Karön-Ekenäs i Ronneby.
Karön i Ronneby skärgård, Blekinge
Badplats på Karön i Ronneby skärgård, Blekinge

Discover the archipelago life on Karön

Karön's Cottage Village in Ronneby - your next dream vacation in the heart of the Blekinge archipelago

On the idyllic island of Karön, located just a short boat trip from Ekenäs and the center of Ronneby, you are offered an exclusive opportunity to experience archipelago life from the front row. Here lie 15 well-placed cottages, nestled in a lush oak slope with a view out over the sea, offering opportunities for both relaxation and adventure.

Karön i Ronneby skärgård, Blekinge

Stay in a cottage by the sea

Each cottage in Karön's Cottage Village comes equipped with a kitchenette and its own barbecue area, located no more than 20 meters from the shore. Wake up to the sound of lapping waves and enjoy your meals with an unbeatable view of the sunset in the west.

  • The cottages can accommodate up to 4 people and offer access to a service house with shower, toilet, laundry facilities, and a kitchen.
  • They're pet-friendly, close to nature,
  • They offer additional services like weekend breakfast on request.
Karön i Ronneby skärgård, Blekinge
Karöns popular beach.



The cottages are available for booking from May 3rd to August 31st every year, offering the possibility for week-long or shorter stays depending on availability. Now, it's easier than ever to book your stay at Karön Cottage Village! Our new booking system is live and ready for use, book here:


Karön Cottage Village

Please note that currently, bookings can only be made from Saturday to Saturday through the system. For shorter stays or longer bookings, do not hesitate to send an email to info@gardskocken.se, who looks forward to welcoming you!

Karön offers more than just a cottage stay; it's a complete experience. Explore the island on foot, savor local delicacies at Gårdskocken on Karön, or embark on a boat trip with M/F Astrid or Karöline to see more of Blekinge's magnificent archipelago.

Karön Restaurant by Gårdskocken

This summer, immerse yourself in the flavors of the Ronneby archipelago at Karön Restaurant by Gårdskocken. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday, extending its hours until 8:00 PM for guests with reservations. Whether you have your own boat or are staying on Karön, a memorable culinary adventure awaits.

For bookings and inquiries, contact gardskockenkaron@outlook.com


Karön i Ronneby skärgård, Blekinge

Restaurant Villa Vassen

Upon arriving at Ekenäs guest harbor, indulge in the culinary delights at Villa Vassen. This popular café and restaurant boasts stunning views of the harbor entrance and the lush archipelago, offering a delightful dining experience by the water.

Restaruang Villa Vassen i solnedgång. Ekenäs. Ronneby.

Read more and book here - Villa Vassen

Take the boat M/F Astrid to Karön

Take a scenic 5-minute boat trip from Ekenäs to the peaceful Karön in Ronneby's archipelago with M/F Astrid. This ferry operates on a regular schedule, ensuring a smooth journey to this serene destination. For more details on the timetable and to plan your trip in the Ronneby archipelago, consider checking with - Blekingetrafiken

Karön i Ronneby skärgård, Blekinge

Explore Karön

Your guide to archipelago life, adventure, cuisine, and dining for Karön and Ekenäs in Ronneby. This encompasses a broad array of experiences ranging from nature exploration to savoring local culinary delights, offering a comprehensive overview of what to expect and enjoy in these idyllic locations.


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Travel hubs near Karön

Including Blekingetrafiken for regional bus and train connections, and Ronneby Airport for air travel, facilitating access to Karön and the surrounding Ronneby archipelago. These provide convenient options for visitors traveling to the area, offering a gateway to explore the natural beauty and tranquility of Karön and its surroundings.

FAQ - Ronneby Archipelago

How does one travel in the Ronneby archipelago?

To reach the Ronneby archipelago, you can use ferries from the port in Ronneby or some of the nearby harbors.

Read more here - Travel Information


What are the most popular attractions in Ronneby?

Explore the charming sites like Ronneby Brunnspark, Hjortahammar's grave field, and the Holy Cross Church.

Find them all here - Attractions and Places to Visit in Ronneby