Mural painting by Kim Demåne

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Explore Ronneby's colorful cultural life.

In Kulturkvarteren Bergslagen you will find the medieval church Holy Cross Church, whose walls are adorned with beautiful murals. Around the church is a museum that shows exhibitions and collections connecting to the town and the history of the area. In the beautiful area is the Kulturcentrum which has one of southern Sweden's largest art galleries.

Kulturcentrum i Ronneby

Both in the center along the old cobblestone streets and along the gravel roads outside Ronneby, you can enjoy historical objects, beautiful paintings and much more. More about Ronneby's galleries, museums and studios can be found below.

Heliga kors kyrka

In 2012, the Church of the Holy Cross received two stars in Michelin's tourist guide. It is the foremost medieval building in Blekinge whose oldest parts are from the 12th century. The church was completed in the 15th century and contains the county's largest collection of Renaissance art.

You can read more about the Church of the Holy Cross on the Church of Sweden's website.

Mor Oliviagården

Mor Oliviagården is located the waterfall in the Bergslagen area, surrounded by cultural buildings and narrow winding alleys. Exhibitions are offered here all year round.

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Massmanska kvarnen och Nya Mor Oliviagården


The oldest part of the dwelling house was built around 1760 and has been home to several different mill owners. Today, Möllebackagården is a local history museum and a culture house open to the public during the summer.

Risanäs school museum

The schoolhouse, which was built in 1854 in gray stone, houses a school hall and a teacher's residence with two rooms and a kitchen. In Risanässkolan there is now eternal summer vacation, but in the old school environment you get the feeling that the teacher can enter the room at any time to start a new lesson.

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Risanäs Skolmuseum

Kallinge Museum

In 2016, the association Kallinge's museum took over the Foundry and Enamel Museum with the ambition of having a living museum that reflects Kallinge's history. The basic exhibition with cast objects remains and the other areas have been filled with things that have been specific to Kallinge in terms of society, companies and associations.


Blekingepärlor is a network for artists and small businesses in the countryside in Ronneby municipality. Every year, various cultural events are organized where the artists open up their studios.