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Explore the unique countryside of Ronneby! From hardwood forest to the steep cliffs by the sea, to wide expanses of meadow, hundreds of lakes and hectares of mysterious forest. Distances are short but the impressions are many. Explore the history of the region, from the wreck of the Gribshunden to the golden age of the spa and the today’s modern wellness centre. Every bend of the road is the gateway to a new adventure, where the experiences are yours to discover.

RonnebySlingor comprises seven different trails and nine village walks of various lengths and with a variety of features. Each trail is clearly marked, with interesting stops along the way where you can find out more
about the local history, nature and folklore.

Children’s trails! Hedda Hedgehog is keen to tell you all about the regional animals, countryside and history through a series of multiple choice questions. Hedda’s trails are marked out on several of the routes, and they are particularly well-suited to young children

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