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Brunnsparken in Ronneby

There is something special about Ronneby Brunnspark. Ever since the 18th century, people have piled into Ronneby. From the beginning, it was the source of health and the beautiful nature that attracted, now one of Sweden's most beautiful parks. They came here to drink health-giving mineral water, take strengthening walks and swim in steel baths. Hotels, beautiful wooden villas and parks grew and became a famous spa resort. Ronneby Brunn became a given place for recreation along with engaging activities - and so it is still Brunnsparken is both restored, renewed and a living part of Ronneby town.

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Gribshunden & the Treasures from Vång

The Kallvattenkuren is a museum in one of Ronneby's old bathhouses located in Brunnsparken. In the Kallvattenbrunnen, you can take part in the exhibition which tells about King Hans's ship The Gribshund that lost outside Ronneby in 1495 together with the Iron Age settlement in Västra Vång which was a place for power and ceremonies. Kallvattenkuren also tells us about Ronneby, the history of the area and the city until today.

Kallvattenkuren i Ronneby
Kallvattenkuren, with an exhibition about Ronneby, the Gribshunden and the Treasures from Vång.



Book overnight stay in beautiful


Today you can come to Blekinge's most visited park to refuel energy in many different ways. Choose to book accommodation at Ronneby Brunn Hotel, Ronneby Brunnspark Hostel and B&B or Villa Flora Viola located in the middle of Ronneby Brunnspark. At Ronneby Brunn Hotel, which is a large conference facility, you can also book workouts such as yoga, strength and bike work in water and then go to a pub show in the evening. Overall experience in the middle of the beautiful Brunnsparken.




In the middle of the award-winning Brunnsparken lies Brunnsbadet, an accessible adventure pool with a slide, water channels and wave machine. Here are generous with sunbeds, ice cream, restaurant and the opportunity to change. In the summer, Ronneby Brunn Hotel offers all-inclusive bath and children's club packages. The mascot Trolly entertains, finds on the bus and has lots of fun activities on the slope. There is more to do, as playing miniature golf, exploring the playground, going on an exploration round to the waterfall and visiting Naturum with exhibitions on Blekinge's nature. Do you like to play tennis and golf? Perfect, there are several gravel tennis courts in the park, and the golf club is 5 minutes away.



Almond cake & shopping

Bed and Breakfast and other shops have moved in some of the park's well villas. If you are looking for home cooking, there is Brunnsparken Restaurang & Café. And in another dream house, you will find Café Mandeltårtan with its intimate seating groups and tasty pastries. At the flea market in the airy Brunnhalls, happy people are crowded every Sunday - from April to October.


Nostalgia Festival

Are you looking for speed and fan? Then be sure to come when the Brunnsparken is filled with content. How about enjoying both two- and four-wheeler veteran vehicles, boats and much more when the crowd magnet Nostalgia gets started? Even then, you can find peace in the tranquil greenery, while being lively all around.

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