Kallvattenkurens utställning i Ronneby Brunnspark.
Lena Israelsson, besöksvärd på Kallvattenkuren i Ronneby. Blekinge.

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Discover the exciting finds at Kallvattenkuren

Stories from the past and memorable meals. In Ronneby you can experience a lot without leaving the beautiful and well-visited Brunnsparken – within the park's premises you can enjoy great food and “fika”, sleep well and get the exciting stories about Gribshunden, the treasures in Vång and Ronneby through the centuries, in the Kallvattenkuren.

Danish King Hans lost his ship Gribshunden (The Vulture dog) in Blekinge’s waters over 520 years ago, and the finds from the wreck are kept right here – in Kallvattenkuren in Ronneby Brunnspark. Here you will also learn about the treasures in Västra Vång and everything about Ronneby's history. The exhibition is very much appreciated and recently, the driving spirits behind getting a "real museum" in Ronneby, received positive news. So plan for a new visit to a brand new museum in 5-6 years or so.


Visitor Host  Lena on the experiences at Kallvattenkuren and why she loves her job:

I love being a host here in Kallvattenkuren. I’m so proud of Ronneby and all the great things we have here, hence to me it’s a privilege to display it, tell our story. The exhibition has visitors from large parts of the world and we often have school classes here. I think we are good at finding the right level for kids and young people, at referring to things in their reality. Among the younger children, it is popular to try digging like a real archaeologist. And on school breaks, we always come up with something extra, like a rune-hunt for example.

Lena Israelsson, besöksvärd på Kallvattenkuren i Ronneby.


The vast majority of our visitors come here to learn about the discovery of the ship Gribshunden, but they tend to really appreciate the other exhibitions as well – the treasures in Vång and the stories about Ronneby's history. The most common reaction is probably
"– Wow, it’s so exciting to listen to the guides and take part in the stories from the archaeologists and the divers!".

I have worked in various roles within Blekinge's hospitality industry for many years and had planned to be retired at this point. But it's just too much fun to tell people about the finds and our history, and to meet all the friendly people... I'll keep going for a while longer. Hope to see you here in Kallvattenkuren!

Lena Israelsson, besöksvärd på Kallvattenkuren i Ronneby.


Gribshunden. Bild från Blekinge Museum.


Getting to the Kallvattenkuren
Kurpromenaden 4, SE-372 36 Ronneby


More about Gribshunden

Watch the fantastic documentary about The ships that changed the world  with Gribshuden on svtplay.se, produced by Vetenskapens Värld. Available until 31 July 2023.

Follow the divers' and scientists' search for details about the 15th-century ships that once changed the world.



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