Blekinge Wonderful Waters

Wonderful water

With a 300 km long coastline, it is difficult to understand why not everyone chooses to spend the summer in Blekinge. Here you will find everything from enchanting lakes in the forest to magical beaches by the sea. Hop onboard the archipelago boats and visit some of the archipelago's inspiring islands. Rent a cabin in the woods and enjoy the beauty of the hinterland. Blekinge - wonderful water.

Skärgårdstrafiken tar dig enkelt runt i Blekinge skärgård.
Archipelago traffic easily takes you around the Blekinge archipelago.


There are not many things that are so associated with summers such as beach, sea and swimming. Whether you like the sea or prefer a lake in the forest, Blekinge has everything you could want. And not a little either. The sandy beaches in Sölvesborg are well and honestly some of the best in the country and together with lovely rock baths in Karlshamn, Ronneby and Karlskrona and Olofström's lake waters, there are coves for all tastes. It turns out all year round, when Kallbadhuset in Karlshamn and the winter baths (with jetty and sauna) at Nytorpet in Karlshamn, Salsjön in Bräkne-Hoby and Alljungen in Karlskrona are run by fantastic associations that let the public enjoy the proximity of the water even during the winter. Feel free to get involved.

Brändaholm och Dragsö Camping
Do not miss picturesque Brändaholm.



Hop on Hop Off - Karlskrona

An easy way to enjoy the proximity of the sea is to take the M / F Annaskär around the centre of Karlskrona and hop off where you feel like it. The hop on hop offline starts at Fisktorget, but you can start and end the tour exactly where you want at one of the line's different destinations. Why not for a bath on Dragsö, idyllic enjoyment on Brändaholm, fish lunch on Saltö, submarine history at the Marine Museum or a walk-in Vämöparken? You buy a ticket in the information kiosk at Fisktorget (if the trip starts there) or onboard the boats. M / F Annaskär is an entirely open boat without toilet and serving. M / F Gåsefjärden has both a bathroom, protection and a more straightforward meal. Price: SEK 85 / adult and SEK 40 for children (full day). The tour Fisktorget - Björkholmen costs SEK 25 for adults and SEK 15 for children. Free for children under seven.

Ö-hoppa i Blekinge med start vid Fisktorget i Karlskrona
Summer feeling at Fisktorget in Karlskrona five meters from the sea.


Med båt kommer du riktigt nära Karlskronas alla guldlägen.
By boat, you get really close to all of Karlskrona's golden locations.



Take the car out into the archipelago

The Blekinge archipelago can be easily explored with your own car. Take the Möcklösund Bridge to Senoren from the mainland and continue out to Sturkö and Tjurkö and enjoy the archipelago's green islands. Do not miss the stonemason's round on Tjurkö, the body cakes on Sturkö and the arts and crafts collective Skärgårdskraft in the old manor house at Stenhuggeriet on Tjurkö. Of course, it is possible to swim wherever you park the car. But watch out for slippery rocks.

Further west, there are beautiful archipelago experiences on Almö and Hasslö where you can get by car. Do not miss the fantastic hiking trail Almöleden on Almö and Hasslö Hamnkafé which is run by Eva Afferdal and her husband, who also runs Hasslö Stugby right down by the sea. You who drive a motorhome can enjoy fantastic pitches on both Hasslö (Garpahamnen) and Sturkö (Sanda Hamn and Ekenabben). There is also camping on Sturkö, Tjurkö and Almö.

Blekinge underbara vatten
Tjurkö quarry.


Ta bilen ut i Blekinges skärgård
Simple RV pitches on Sturkö (Ekenabben).



The archipelago traffic

The archipelago traffic gives you great opportunities to get far out into the archipelago. Especially in the western archipelago, in Hällaryd's archipelago. Here the buildings are right down by the waterline, and you can enjoy the archipelago's picturesque islands from both land and sea. Note that the Baltic Sea is called the lake in Blekinge, at least in the western parts. Jump onboard the boat in Matvik and follow out to Tärnö, the largest island in the west with its own restaurant and an extensive summer settlement. On Tärnö you can change boats and continue further east towards Tjärö or go inland in the direction of Karlshamn. Christer Drangel steers the vessel that moves us behind protective islands and cuts all the way to Tärnö. Unlike the Karlshamn boat, it is calmer in the shallow waters closer to the mainland.

Christer Drangel tar oss ut i vackra Hällaryds skärgård från Matvik i Karlshamn.
Christer Drangel takes us out into the beautiful Hällaryd archipelago from Matvik in Karlshamn.


This is the ninth year that I run the archipelago traffic in the Hällaryd archipelago. I'm really retired, but can not help but stay in this environment, which I would say is among the most beautiful along the entire coastline. Blekinge is undeniably beautiful, says Christer.


Once on Tärnö, the boats go often enough so that you have time for a pleasant walk around the island. You can download the app Ark56 (linked coastal trails) in your phone or follow the markings on the island. There is a paddling loop on the western edge and another on the eastern and southern side. Do not miss a walk up the lighthouse where you may encounter deer. Even though we are quite far out in the archipelago, there are deer on the island. Finish with a meal at Tärnökrogen.

Tärnö, Blekinge
Pan-fried beef, fried onions and mashed potatoes at Tärnökrogen. Beautiful Tärnö.



Jogging lake and guest house Gullkråkan

Although the archipelago is teeming with life, there are relatively few accommodation options.
Pensionat Gullkråkan on Joggesö is an exception, a favourite haunt that is celebrated by both paddlers and boaters. Do not forget that you have to pre-book. Otherwise, the guest house is not open. The small package includes accommodation, sauna, dinner and breakfast, and you eat on the terrace overlooking the strait towards the uninhabited island of Brorsö. Do not miss Nilla's fantastic cupboards driftwood and black oak and the paintings with classic archipelago motifs.

Stuguthyrning på öarna i Blekinge
Guesthouse Gullkråkan on Joggesjö.


Skärgårdstrafiken till Tärnö i Blekinge
Archipelago traffic quickly takes you around the Blekinge archipelago.



At sea with just a paddle and a lovely sea kayak

Sea kayaking is as close to nature as you can get. Just a few centimetres above the waterline, you glide forward like a bird swimming in the water surface where shallow passages, far too shallow to pass by boat, provide indescribable nature experiences. Rent a kayak in Matvik, Järnavik or Karlskrona and discover the archipelago's fantastic water from the surface. The experience is best if you camp in the archipelago and fall asleep and wake up near the sea. Avoid freeze-dried dishes and instead, pack ingredients for luxurious dinners and enjoy the magic of the sea and the flavours. The advantage of kayaking is that you can take both wine and beer out into nature. With a kayak, you do not have to carry the heavy pack that floats by itself in the kayak's spacious hull. Do not forget that it is just as easy to kayak in a lake as in the archipelago's much windier water.

Blekinge underbara vatten
With a kayak, you get to really shallow water.


Blekinge underbara vatten
Kayaking in Blekinge. Wonderful water.


Bada från en ö i Blekinge
  Evening dip at the far end of the archipelago. Blekinge ❤️.



SUP - stand up paddleboard

Floating on a SUP is like sliding forward with big shoes on your feet. It can be difficult for the unaccustomed to keep the balance, especially when the sea is not clear and to make it easier you can sit on your knees (or on your buttocks) and paddle forward with a shorter paddle. Nowadays, there are both yoga classes and balance exercises on the SUP board, who has not seen Swedish-born Yogagirl, Rachel Bråthen, who soups with the dog in the turquoise blue water that surrounds Aruba? As soon as you find the balance, the sup board is an excellent way to enjoy calm bays or lake water. Do not forget to pack your belongings in a waterproof bag (there are nice drybags in the sports shop) that will prevent you from soaking up your camera, wallet and keys. On cold days, it is excellent to soup in a wetsuit. You can rent SUP at many campsites and from Verkö Kajak, Kajaksyd and Paddelkompaniet.



Snorkel - with mask and snorkel under the surface

Snorkelling is a great way to discover the magic of water beneath the surface. Discover Blekinge's snorkelling trails. In Karlshamn there is a simple trail in shallow water and a more difficult one (blue marked trail) in slightly deeper water. Sometimes it can be challenging to see in the murky seawater, especially if it is windy and you sometimes need to brush away barnacles and algae that grow on the information signs below the surface. There are brushes at each sign so you can easily brush away the barnacles that obscure the view. On Dragsö outside Karlskrona, there is a brand new snorkelling trail at the swimming area where you can play both bingos and go for a tipping round under the surface. It is possible to snorkel and discover the shallow water anywhere in Blekinge, in both the sea and the lakes.

Blekinge Underbara Vatten
Discover Blekinge below the surface.
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