Skärgårdsnära upplevelser tillsammans med bar och famil

Blekinge wonderful waters

An Unbeatable Swedish Summer Experience

Discover Blekinge's coastline, an impressive 300 km stretch of coastal paradise waiting to be explored. From mysterious forest lakes to calm sea beaches, adventures with archipelago boats, or retreat to a cozy cabin in the woods. Wherever you are in Blekinge, you are always close to our wonderful waters.


Bo i en röd stuga i Blekinge, Sverige
Stay in a red cottage by the sea. Find - Accommodation in Blekinge


Navigate through Blekinge's archipelago with ease. Whether you want to discover the charm of secluded islands or just enjoy the scenic views, the archipelago traffic connects you to the heart of Blekinge's beauty.



Karlskrona by Archipelago Boat

Embark on an easy-going island-hopping adventure with M/F Annaskär around Karlskrona. Start your adventure at Fisktorget and choose your own stops, from a quick dip at Dragsö to a walk in Vämöparken. Discover Karlskrona's gems at your own pace.

Ö-hoppa från Fisktorget i Karlskrona, ut till öarna i skärgården
Fisktorget i Karlskrona, ett nav för skärgårdstrafiken.

Hop on Hop off

An Easy-Going Adventure with the Archipelago Traffic

You can also explore Blekinge's archipelago with the freedom of your own car. From Senoren to Tjurkö, unveil the charm of the green islands, delight in local delicacies, and dive into the clear waters wherever you choose to pause. Experience the proximity to the sea in its full glory at Dragsö Camping, where the water is just a stone's throw away. Enjoy the summer's simple pleasures by the sea, cherished by both locals and visitors.

Ö-hoppa med Skärgårdstrafiken i Blekignes skärgård
The Archipelago Traffic gives you the opportunity to island-hop and seek new adventures.

Enjoy the summer by the sea and the simple pleasures by the water - Book Dragsö Camping

Beaches & Swimming

Whether you embrace the sea or prefer the calm lakes in the forest, Blekinge offers a diversity of swimming spots. From Sölvesborg's sandy beaches to Karlshamn's cold bath house, discover swimming spots for all tastes, year-round - Swimming Spots in Blekinge

Badplatser i Blekinge
Swimming Spots in Blekinge.




Kayak & SUP

Get close to nature with a kayak or SUP. Glide a few inches above the waterline for an unmatched perspective of Blekinge's shallow bays and vibrant marine life. Embrace the luxury of packing gourmet meals and enjoying the calm of the archipelago.

Paddla i Blekinges sjöar, åar och skärgård
Pddle in Blekinge wonderful waters.

Learn more here - Paddle in Blekinge



Snorkeling in Blekinge

Discover the magic of the underwater world on Blekinge's snorkeling trails. From the beginner-friendly Kollevik in Karlshamn to the enchanting underwater bingo at Dragsö Camping.

Prova snorklingslederna i Blekinge, Kollevik och Dragsö Camping
Try the snorkeling trails in Blekinge, Kollevik in Karlshamn and Dragsö Camping in Karlskrona.