Tjärö i Blekinge


Tjärö is a perfect getaway for the whole family. The island is located in Karlshamn Archipelago with boats departing from both Karlshamn and Järnavik. The journey from Järnavik takes about 15 minutes.

Tjärö i Blekinge skärgård


8 things to do

1. Sit down on a warm rock and enjoy the view of Karlshamns beautiful archipelago.

2. Stroll freely or hike along the two trails that will let you discover the entire island. One of the stretches goes north through a more hilly terrain over the rocks while the other takes you through the deciduous forest. The whole island is a nature reserve with an exciting flora and rich birdlife, so just take in the experience.

3. Bring your fishing gear and try fishing luck after the roach or pike.

4. Paddle in the leafy archipelago, there is both canoe and kayak to rent.

5. Bring a picnic basket and go ashore on an island to enjoy the food and the view.

6. Eat a freshly baked waffle from the kiosk on the guest dock before it's time to get ready for the evening's restaurant visit.

7. In the evening you can book a sauna in the water. There is also a sauna on land.

8. Did you know there is a twelve-foot high cliff to dive or jump from? Do you dare? It may be worth mentioning that everything is at your own risk, but there are many who have had an adrenaline kick here. Want an insider tip? Put on the socks when you're going to jump, then it hurts less when you land in the water.

Tjärö i Blekinge skärgård

Scenic and wherever you are on the island there is free Wi-Fi


Stay at Tjärö

At Tjärö you can stay in double or multi-bed rooms. You can also book your own cabin right on the seafront. The environment is from the 1700s and 1800s with small red cottages and white knots. All the houses are idyllically located in a small village in the middle of the island. Book here - Tjärö Hotel & Hostel or by phone +46 (0)454 600 63

Bo på Tjärö i Blekinge



At Tjärö, the food is really in focus with simple pure flavors that are carefully cooked. Ecologist and nutritional from morning to evening, breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the guest harbor, you can enjoy freshly baked waffles with jams and cream or a nice glass of coffee. There is also a kiosk to shop from. The café serves prawn sandwiches, waffles, soft ice cream, pastries, and cakes.

Tjärö i Blekinge skärgård

Breakfast, lunch & à la carte.

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