Skärgårdspärlan Tjärö i Blekinge


Summer vacation at its best - on an island in the Blekinge archipelago!

The archipelago Tjärö is an authentic Swedish summer idyll. Here you come by ferry from Järnavik and Karlshamn. At Tjärö you can stay in hostels, in a cabin just next to the water or in a comfortable hotel room. A good breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner are served daily. On the guest dock, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and have a cup of homemade cake, ice cream or freshly baked waffle. On the island, there are many activities, but if you just want to take it long, there are many places to be at. Swim, sunbathe, paddle, sauna or learn more about Tjärö from the past. Welcome to explore this magical summer island outside Karlshamn!

Tjärö i Blekinge
Tjärö is sighted from the boat just before it folds into the calm bay and the guest harbour.



Tjärö boat

To Tjärö you come with the Tjärö boat from the harbour of Järnavik. It's just stepping on board. You can redeem the ticket at the reception when you want to go back to Järnavik, and only show up on the way home. The boat trip takes 15 minutes one way and grey with reasonably dense and regular traffic, here you find the timetable - Tjärö boat

Get onboard the Tjärö boat in Järnavik, the ticket you buy on the island and show up when you return.


You can also go to Tjärö from the centre of Karlshamn with a halfway stop in Matvik before arriving at Tjärö. The boat trip takes 45 minutes and leaves the archipelago terminal in Karlshamn's inner harbour. The names of the boats are M / F Tuva and M / F Vindskär. Here you will find the timetable - Karlshamns archipelago

Tampfästen när du kommit i i gästhamnen på Tjärö
Tjärö is beautiful in so many ways.



Stay at Tjärö

At Tjärö you can stay in a double or multi-bedded room. You can also book your own cabin right on the seafront or tent if you wish. The environment is from the 18th and 19th centuries with small red cottages and white knots. All the houses are idyllically located in a small village in the middle of the island. Book accommodation here - Accommodation on Tjärö

Vandrarhemmet på Tjärö i Blekinge
How would you like to stay at Tjärö? Read more and book here - Accommodation at Tjärö


Boende med fönster mot havet på Tjärö i Blekinge
Accommodation with windows facing the sea on Tjärö in BlekingeA sea that is always present wherever you are on Tjärö.


Mysigt boende på Tjärö
Charming accommodation, just as it should be on an archipelago island in Blekinge.


En grålle som transporterar bagaget
A tractor that carries luggage there is a grail with a trailer that can carry luggage if needed.



Eat at Tjärö

In the restaurant, you can enjoy everything from a full breakfast buffet to a good cup of coffee, freshly baked waffle, lunch on the pier or an exquisite three-course dinner with the self-composed drinks menu. The island is a perfect excursion destination where during the summer you can enjoy enjoyable music evenings next to the sparkling water.

Generös buffésallad till lunchtallriken på Tjärö
Generous salad buffet for the lunch plate at Tjärö.


Restaurangen och gästbryggan på Tjärö
The restaurant and the guest pier at Tjärö.


Restaurangen på Tjärö
Lunch at Tjärö.



Eight tips

to do at Tjärö
  1. Sit down on a sunny cliff and look out over Karlshamn's beautiful archipelago.
  2. Stroll freely or hike along the two trails that allow you to discover the entire island. One of the routes goes north through a more hilly terrain over the cliffs while the other takes you through the deciduous forest. The whole island is a nature reserve with exotic flora and abundant birdlife, so just take in the experience.
  3. Bring your fishing gear and try your fishing luck for roach or pike.
  4. Paddle in the leafy archipelago, there is both canoe and kayak for rent.
  5. Bring a picnic basket and go ashore on a cape or island to enjoy the good.
  6. Eat a freshly baked waffle or take a glass break on the dock before it's time to get ready for tonight's restaurant visit.
  7. Sometimes it was nice to continue the afternoon and evening with a sauna. At Tjärö there is a wood-fired sauna raft at a buoy a bit out in the water you can rent. Would you rather be on dry land? There is a sauna in addition to that.
  8. Did you know that there is a twelve-meter high cliff - the Death Cliff - to dive or jump off? Do you dare to take up the challenge? It may be worth mentioning that everything happens at your own risk, but many people have received an adrenaline rush here. Want an insider tip? Wear the socks before you jump, it will burn less under the soles of the foot when hit.
Korna betar fritt på Tjärö
The cows graze freely on Tjärö, it is one of the island's cosy factors.


Bada från klipporna på Tjärö
Bathing from the cliffs at Tjärö.


Grilla i skymningen, på en grillplats vid vattnet på Tjärö
Nice environments right by the sea at Tjärö.



The road to Tjärö

You park for free in Järnavik, south of Bräkne-Hoby. From there you take the Tjärö boat to the island in 15 minutes. You can also make a little more extended trip from Karlshamn with a jetty stop in Matvik.

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