Pelles sjöbod i Blekinge

Stenshamn & Utlängan

Enjoy a day trip in the eastern archipelago of Blekinge

Take a break from everyday life and embark on an adventurous day trip to the scenic islands of Stenshamn and Utlängan. These picturesque gems in Blekinge's eastern archipelago allure with their pristine beaches, rich nature, and tranquil atmospheres.

In Stenshamn and Utlängan, you can stroll along the coast or relax on one of the idyllic beaches. Through hikes, you can explore Utlängan's rich agricultural history and birdlife along the marked trails.

Experience authentic archipelago living and create memories for life with your family and friends!

Bada och vandra i Stenshamn och Utlängan, en ljuvlig skärgårdsmiljö i Blekinge.
Gästhamnar och vandringsleder på Stenshamn och Utlängan

Pelle's Boathouse

Kiosk and Takeaway

At Pelle's Boathouse, you'll receive insightful tips to make the most of your time on the islands. Purchase the guide leaflet and take away detailed information about the islands' history, attractions, and activities. The knowledgeable team at the boathouse is a great resource when exploring Stenshamn and Utlängan.

Rent a bike and set out on your own adventure with stops for refreshing swims or seal watching along the way. End your day with a delicious coffee break or lunch featuring local delicacies and refreshments; it will truly enhance your archipelago experience.

Stenhamns och Utlängan, Blekinge
Uppfriskande glass, kaffe eller hyr en cykel. Få tips om utflyktsmål och smultronställen. Pelles sjöbod är ett nav i Stenshamn.


Sleep under the stars

For those who love adventure, there's the opportunity to camp in a tent in the open landscape.

Treat yourself to a night under the open sky and let yourself be carried away by the tranquility of nature. On Utlängan and Stenshamn, there's plenty of space for camping, where you can get close to the flat landscape and enjoy the silence. If needed, there are juniper bushes that can offer welcome protection from the wind. Learn more here - Utlängan & Stenshamn

Sov under stjärnorna på Stenshamn och Utlängan i Blekinge.
En natt under den öppna himlen är en gåva till själen. Låt naturen omsluta dig och bjuda in dig till en fridfull tillflyktsort.



Good to know

In the archipelago, there may be fire bans, so be sure to stay updated on current information from the County Administrative Board. Fresh water is available at the guest harbor in Stenshamn. If you choose to camp, the Right of Public Access allows it for a couple or three tents for a short period.


Explore Utlängan

Embark on an adventure along the trail in northwest Utlängan! With a distance of about 3.5 km through the terrain, this path invites you to a day filled with knowledge and nature experiences that will make your heart beat a little faster.

Experience the beauty and diversity of Utlängan's Natura 2000 area by taking the step and embarking on this exciting hike. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful scenery, spot seals along the coast, and be guided by the painted poles along the way. Learn more and plan your trip - Nature Map Blekinge.

Stenslängan and Utlängan are waiting for you - embark on an adventure today!

Besök Utlänga med öppna fält och vacker fyr.
Utlängans majestätiska fyr, som en symbol för styrka och navigering i det vidsträckta landskapet.


Fishing in Stenshamn

Fishing enthusiasts will find Utlängan an ideal spot, with its rich marine life and charming fishing villages. Charter a boat from Sandhamn Marine for an unforgettable fishing adventure.



Bird Kingdom on the Islands

Stenshamn and Utlängan are a dream for birdwatchers, home to eagles, hawks, and owls. The islands' diverse habitats offer perfect conditions for spotting rare bird species.

Blekinge's collection of bird sites stretches along the coast, where the sea meets the land. Discover the remote points and islands where songbirds and birds of prey gather during their seasonal migrations. Follow the coastline and let time enchant you with birds that have made Blekinge their home.

Discover the bird kingdom of Blekinge together with the Blekinge Ornithological Society.

Fågelskådning på Stenshamn och Utlängan i Blekinge
Öns mångfaldiga habitat erbjuder perfekta förhållanden för att spana efter sällsynta fågelarter.



Spana på sälar

För dig som är naturälskare kan du sälspana längs kusterna. Under vissa väderförhållanden kan du se knubbsälar eller till och med gråsälar, och uppleva den vilda naturen på nära håll.

Prova sälspaning från kajaken i Karlskronas skärgård, Blekinge
Sälspana från kajaken, gå i land på en ö och bara njut av skärgården.


Take the Boat to the Islands

Book your spot on Skärgårdstrafiken's boat from Fisktorget or Yttre Park for an unforgettable day on Stenslängan and Utlängan in Blekinge's eastern archipelago. For timetable and booking information - Travel information to Stenshamn.


Ta skärgårdsbåtarna till Stenshamn och Utlängan i Blekinge.
Ö-hoppa i Blekinge. Med Skärgårdstrafiken får du en upplevelsebaserad tur till öar att upptäcka.


Fisktorget to Stenshamn

Here's an overview map with distances from Karlskrona city center to Stenshamn and Utlängan in Blekinge's eastern archipelago. Get all travel information here - Blekingetrafiken.


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