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Hanö - a mythical island

Dragons, giants and deer. Every night the dragon took the two miles flight between Tjärö and Hanö. When the 16-meter-high lighthouse was lit for the first time, the dragon was dazzled and crashed right into the rock wall below the lighthouse. That is the story of how "drakmärket" was created under Hanö lighthouse. Perhaps you wonder how the spectacular stone reef Bönsäcken ended up at just Hanö? It is told about it in a well-known saying: A sociable giant woman who lived on the island decided to build a stone bridge over the strait to be able to enter Listerlandet. She collected lots of stones in her large apron but stumbled and all the rocks she picked fell out, ended up at the shore and formed Bönsäcken.

Like a fairy tale, Hanö grows out of the sea outside Sölvesborg. It is not so strange because the island is full of superstition and tall tales with dragons and giants as part of the main ingredients.


Idylliska Hanö utanför Sölvesborg i Blekinge. Foto av Niklas Kämpargård

Idyllic Hanö has several year-round accommodations.



An archipelago treasure

A small island with a great personality. But even if the stories are exciting, Hanö is actually even better in reality. It is an island that attracts explorations and depending on which point of the compass you choose to go in after the arrival you get an entirely different nature experience. Bönsäcken, on the northern side of the island, consists of millions of water-cut stones that continuously move and change shape after the sea's wind.

Hanö's distinctive silhouette has always been a familiar landmark for navigators from all over the world. On the island, just a short walk from bönsäcken is the English cemetery, a memory from the days of the Napoleonic War (1810-1812) when Hanö was an English naval base.

Today, the guest harbour is very popular with sailors. If you fancy something good, the island's restaurant is a stone's throw away. There you can enjoy food and drinks while you look over to the mainland and spot the ferry ploughing through the water between Nogersund and Hanö.

Bönsäcken på Hanö utanför Sölvesborg i Blekinge




Go for a swim

Being in love with Hanö is easy. That can all of the 40,000 visitors who visit the island annually hold with as well. No matter what the weather is, it is an exciting experience. It may be worth mentioning that Blekinge is one of the sunniest places in Sweden. Hanö has spectacular views and a picturesque harbour environment with three lovely beaches: The harbour, the Childrens beach and Vindhalla.

Bada på Hanö i Blekinge.




5 things about Hanö

1. Myth

Find the "drakmärket" when you are at Hanö. It is an enigmatic wave-shaped mark in the rock wall below Hanö lighthouse. According to several sayings, the mark arose when Hanö's fire-breathing dragon crashed into the rock the first time the lighthouse was lit. Hanö Lighthouse is one of the brightest lighthouses in the Baltic Sea with a light width of about 40 kilometres. Not only that, there are two significant submertions in the ground. It is said to be footprints from giants.

2. Historically

During the Napoleonic War, Hanö was an English naval base. Sadly, fifteen Britons lost their lives here during this time. They are now buried in the English cemetery on the island.

3. A saying

Did you know that it is said to have been an underground treasury where Hanö lighthouse stands today? It was called Åbedahallen and was guarded by the Åbeda man. He was an santa-like old man who protected the treasure in every way possible. For example, he could turn into a fire-spewing dragon if required. Anyway, it is equally exciting to visit Hanö today. The only thing that puts an end to your experience is your imagination.

4. Tropical forest

Hanö is praised for its peace-filled harmony and beauty, nature is both magnificent and distinctive. The southern part of Hanö consists of tropical hornbeam forest. Here you may come across some of the many native deer that were implanted in the 1950s. From the beginning, they were only five, but today it is uncertain how many they are.

5. A rich birdlife

Go to Hanö in May, then you will hear the mighty bird song of the nightingale. You can see the razorbill diving for fish in the sea or nesting on the rocks east of the beanbag. Woodpecker Gökyta thrives on Hanö for the vibrant presence of ants that are the species' favourite food. In the enchanting hornbeam forest you can, with a little luck, meet the rare red-breasted flycatcher "Ficedula parva." It can be challenging to detect but reveals its presence through a series of falling tones at a slow pace. 

Gästhamnen på Hanö

Guest harbour at Hanö.

Boat trip to Hanö

Nogersund - Hanö, here you will find the timetable -Blekingetrafiken

Between the hours of 09.30 - 13.00 you can buy your ticket at the booking office right next to the boat. Other times you can buy your ticket omboard. You can pay with cash or card.

The ferry to Hanö can take up to 100 passengers and is handicap-friendly.

The archipelago tours are run by Haglund Shipping Blekinge archipelago tours. Do you want to get in touch with M / F Vitasär? Call +46708149567

Båten till Hanö

M/F Vitaskär.

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