Eat & drink

Pepper-seasoned mackerel fillet, bream or salmon? It is not easy to choose between the freshly smoked delicacies. And then there is Sillamackan - a slice of stone-oven baked bread, butter-fried breaded herring fillets, maestro sauce, finely chopped yellow onion and parsley. So simple and so delicious! In Sölvesborg you will find food with influences from parts of the world, and regardless of focus, our restaurants have fine ingredients available, from sea, pasture and field. For example, potatoes, apples, tomatoes and cucumbers of the best quality are grown here, and our sweet strawberries are among the first to reach fruit counters all over the country.

Hungry or craving coffee? Perhaps a visit to one of the city's cafes or restaurants is appropriate. Or is it time for a visit to one of the farm shops before the evening's dinner, in Sölvesborg there is something good for all occasions.


Taste experiences with a golden edge

RESTAURANG BLÅREGN | Another gold nugget is Restaurang Blåregn in the middle of central Sölvesborg. When the sun sets over the square, it warms well under the trees in the blooming garden which is the restaurant's outdoor seating area, with a view of blooming apple trees, this is a perfect place to enjoy the warmth together with loved ones on a lovely summer evening.



Coffee with style

RITZ CONDITORI | The cafe which has been awarded with the classification very good by the White Guide and where the shelves are lined with all kinds of delicate pastries neatly lined up in beautiful colors. Choose from all the delicious treats and sit down at the patisserie's outdoor seating on the city's Stortorg. The smell of freshly baked sourdough bread spreads from the patisserie over the city's streets every day of the week. A big favorite is 4 kinds of cheeses that are baked on their own bread with fresh and delicious ingredients.


BRYGGHUSET CAFÉ & ART | A charming and rustic little summer cafe serving freshly baked waffles with ice cream, delicious cookies and homemade juice in a rustic atmosphere. If you have the roads to Krokås, then it is a must if you have the roads past!


GLASS- & SILLABÅTEN |The highlight of the summer is clearly when the Ice Cream Boat is launched and opens the doors with all kinds of flavors of the ice cream. The ice cream also tastes best right next to the sea on the outdoor terrace, or why not on board the boat.



Farm shops

GUMMAGÅRDEN | On the outskirts of Sölvesborg is an absolutely fantastic destination, namely Gummagården's farm shop in Norje. Here you will find freshly harvested vegetables, berries and fruits that have been grown on the own farm. The farm shop also sells fine furnishings, flowers, clothes and gift items, if you are looking for the perfect going-away gift, then you have found the right place!


MÖLLEKULLA LÄNSMANSGÅRD |A KRAV-certified cultivation and farm shop in Sölvesborg, yes you heard right! The firsts of the season fill the shelves together with colorful, KRAV-labeled articles and garden products.

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