Tärnö i Hällaryds skärgård, Blekinge

An Unbeatable Archipelago Idyll in Blekinge

Tärnö is a true treasure in the Blekinge archipelago, where nature meets a wealth of cultural history. Here are some tips to perfect your experience on this amazing island. From travel routes to accommodations, activities, and local charm, Tärnö offers a palette of experiences just waiting to be explored.

Tärnö i skymingen - Glampingtält och magnifika vyer över Karlshamns skärgård i Blekinge.
Destination Tärnö actively works to preserve the island's unique environment and cultural heritage, from its history as a fishing community to its contemporary charm. Here, sustainability is more than just a word; it's a lifestyle.


Stay Overnight on Tärnö

Give yourself a unique experience by staying overnight in one of Destination Tärnö's glamping tents with full board. Here, you get a combination of luxury along with the simple archipelago life.

There are also four cottages and two apartments to choose from, all with their own kitchen. These modern compact living cottages with a terrace and sea view offer comfort in the middle of the beautiful archipelago nature. Book your accommodation here - Destination Tärnö

Prova Glamping och Outdoor cooking på Tärnö i Blekinge


Stina's Ice Cream Café

Taste of Tärnö. No visit is complete without a stop at Stina's Ice Cream Café, open daily from Midsummer's Eve. Here, locally made ice cream is offered, tasting as fantastic as the island feels.

Destination Tärnö serverar hemmagjord glass.


Activities on Tärnö

For the adventurous, there's the opportunity to explore the fishing luck with Destination Tärnö's fishing package. Why not combine glamping with a fishing kayak for an extraordinary experience under the open sky. Hike in the world heritage along trails through the archipelago nature, right in the middle of a UNESCO biosphere area. Read more about Blekinge's biosphere areas here - Blekinge Archipelago

Aktiviteter på Tärnö, eller bara en lung stund på stranden.

Do you want to combine fishing with swimming? Rent a fishing kayak and explore marine life at your own pace. Stop at one of the island's many bathing spots and enjoy the sun.





Your Journey to Tärnö

Discover Tärnö through a picturesque journey over the water. Blekinge Traffic services the island from Matvik with M/F Anemon and from Karlshamn with M/F Vindskär, offering you a comfortable 30-minute trip to this island paradise. If you're anchoring with your boat, then it's Guest Harbor Tärnö Northeast that welcomes you with guest spots equipped with buoys.

 Skärgårdsbåt till Tärnö i Karlshamns skärgård, Blekinge.

Sail to Tärnö

The island is a gem in the Blekinge archipelago, perfect for sailors coming from Ronneby in the west. Its remote location offers crystal-clear waters, ideal for sailing adventures.

Discover the Archipelago Route Karlshamn-Ronneby. From Väggahamnen in Karlshamn to the horizon's Tärnö, a fascinating journey begins. The archipelago route offers many additional opportunities for the adventurous. Experience local dining and explore an exciting island in the Blekinge archipelago.

Read more about - The Sailor's Dock on Tärnö

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