Ö-hoppa i Karlskrona skärgård, Blekinge
Ta båten till bästa stället, åk med Skärgårdstrafiken i Blekinge.

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Favorites for the adventurous family

No summer is complete without a boat trip! That's what many people think, and there's truly something special about an excursion on the water. It's like a slightly bigger adventure than traveling on land. Blekinge's archipelago transport opens up a whole world of delightful island experiences for those who want to feel the sea breeze in their hair. It's fantastic!

We're talking about public transportation here, and the fact that you can reach activities and beautiful places in a sustainable way is a significant advantage. Other great things are that the whole gang can fit on board, and Blekingetrafiken's affordable summer ticket offers you a lot of summer experiences for your money. There are over 2,500 islands in the sea outside of Blekinge, although you can't reach all of them with the archipelago transport, there are plenty to choose from. To make it a little easier for you to decide, we present 6 tips on islands to visit and things to discover in Blekinge for the summer of 2023.

Here 's your guide! Welcome aboard!



Archipelago Life in the East | The boat is called M/F Wittus, and you hop on it right in the middle of Karlskrona, at the Fisktorget, which is the starting point for many of the archipelago transport lines. The boat trip takes you on a full-day exploration of Karlskrona's archipelago, all the way out to the eastern archipelago and back, in approximately 3 hours. Of course, you can also choose to disembark at one of the dock stops and take another boat back. It's up to you and your company to decide!


If you prefer to continue towards Stenshamn, you can start with a meal or a coffee at Pelles Sjöbod before embarking on your exploration, perhaps on a bike you rented from Pelles? The ARK56 app will show you the way.

Stenshamn and Utlängan are beautiful places for hiking in genuine archipelago nature; visit the Utlängan lighthouse, swim from the Ångbåtsbryggan, and keep an eye out towards the sea, as seals are often seen here!


If you want to stay overnight, you can camp in nature or rent a cottage and take the boat back the next day. If you just want to enjoy the boat ride, stay on board and savor a half-day excursion with a refreshing breeze and a 365° sea view!

BOAT: M/F Wittus

TIMETABLE: Fisktorget - Stenshamn

OUR RECOMMENDED DOCKING STOPS: Fisktorget - Torhamn - Stenshamn

TRAVEL TIME: 1 hour and 35 minutes one way


A trip from sea to river | From May to mid-September, you can travel with the converted steamboat M/F Axel towards Nättraby. The Axel moves along slowly, and it's not a bad idea to make a first stop at Dragsö. So take a plunge, have lunch at Restaurant Havsviken and check out the café and ice cream parlour at Dragsö Camping. There's a lovely sandy beach if you want to swim some more; there are bike and kayak rentals and cabins.


Ready to move on? Hop on the next trip with the M/F Axel and glide under lush foliage up the idyllic Nättrabyån. The boat docks in the middle of the village, next to the 12th-century church. It's well worth a visit, as is the Nättraby Road Museum - the world's first open-air museum in the history of roads on land, rail, water and ice. You!


BOAT: M/F Axel

TIMETABLE: Fisktorget - Nättraby

OUR TIPS FOR BRIDGE STOPS: Fisktorget- Dragsö - Nättraby

TRAVEL TIME: 40 min one way


Ronneby - Karön
Spa charm and island life | Hop aboard M/F Astrid, which will take you along the Ronneby River from the pier near the transportation center. The river is surrounded by lush greenery, and Astrid glides along, making a stop at Ronneby Brunn on its way to the sea and the archipelago. Perhaps you'll disembark here to explore Brunnsparken and grab something delicious from Café Mandeltårtan, Ronnebys Deli, or one of the charming cafes in town?


When the boat makes a stop at Ekenäs on the mainland side, you can get off to dine at Villa Vassen, or you can wait until Astrid reaches Karön - the cozy, leafy, and beach-friendly island that was the place to be during the spa era. There's a new restaurateur at the beautiful and historic Schweizeriet restaurant, where hungry and thirsty guests have been coming since 1877. If you'd like to stay overnight on Karön, there is accommodation available to rent. If you choose to let M/F Astrid take you back to Ronneby and Brunnsparken before evening, you can, for example, stay at Ronneby Brunn, Villa Vesta, or B&B Flora Viola.

P.S. If you disembark at Ronneby Marina, you can take the archipelago boat to Tjärö for a completely different kind of adventure in a charming Bullerby-like setting.


BOAT: M/F Astrid

TIMETABLE: Ronneby - Ekenäs - Karön

OUR RECOMMENDED DOCKING STOPS: Ronneby City Center - Ekenäs Karöbryggan - Karön

TRAVEL TIME: 50 minutes one way


Matvik - Tärnö

A day of swimming in the Hällaryd Archipelago | Just 5-10 minutes from Matvik, the boat arrives at Östra Bokö and Fölsö, which offer lovely sandy beaches for those in search of a swim. Further out, you'll find Tärnö, the only shop in the archipelago, called Laxboden.


Pack your picnic and swimwear, and hop on M/F Anemon in charming Matvik for a full day of swimming in the Hällaryd Archipelago. Now that it's summer and high season, the boat stops at the smaller islands of Östra Bokö, Fölsö, and Joggesö on its way to Tärnö—a perfect island-hopping adventure! You can swim anywhere, of course, but Östra Bokö has a beautiful sandy beach. Here, you'll also find fresh water, a toilet, a barbecue area, and a camping site if you wish to stay overnight.

If you're visiting for the day, a 1.5-hour stop can be just right before catching the next boat to Tärnö. There's even more to discover and enjoy there, such as the heavenly view from the island's highest point near the lighthouse, hiking trails, and the swim-friendly piers in the guest harbor. There are fire pits and places to grill at various locations on the island.


If you're ready to head back, the last boat departs at 5 PM. If you wish to stay longer, you can glamp in comfortable tents, rent a cottage, or an apartment. Tärnö is one of the key destinations in ARK56, the network of coastal trails in Blekinge. Download the app, and you'll find all the information you need.

BOAT: M/F Anemon

TIMETABLE: Matvik - Tärnö

OUR RECOMMENDED DOCKING STOPS: Matvik - Östra Bokö - Joggesö - Tärnö

TRAVEL TIME: 35 minutes one way

Karlshamn - Eriksberg

Today's excursion - Safari park or nature reserve? | During the summer season, you can take the boat from Karlshamn to Eriksberg for a magnificent nature experience, even go on a safari! You'll need to change boats at Tärnö on the way there and at Matvik on the way back, but it's worth it. Have you heard of Eriksberg? It's an incredibly beautiful nature reserve on the border between Karlshamn and Ronneby, with plenty of trails to explore both on land and water - you can find more information in the ARK56 app. But it's also a unique safari park - the largest in the Nordic region - where you encounter wildlife on their own terms and can even stay overnight and enjoy first-class dining.


You can explore the nature reserve in Eriksberg on your own, but if you want to visit the safari park and have lunch, the trip must be pre-booked by phone (0454-56 43 30). You'll be picked up and dropped off at the gate, about 300 meters from the boat pier. It's not allowed to explore the safari park on foot.


BOAT: M/F Tuva, M/F Anemon

TIMETABLE: Karlshamn - Eriksberg

OUR RECOMMENDED DOCKING STOPS: Karlshamn - Tärnö - Eriksberg

TRAVEL TIME: 1 hour and 10 minutes



Legends, history, and unique nature | Gather your group and step aboard the boat at Nogersund harbor for a wonderful island experience in the west. Get ready for hiking tours, swimming, encounters with deer, and a truly enjoyable day or two. The nature on Hanö varies greatly—what do you want to discover first? The exotic beech forest, the rocky cliffs at Vindhalla, the stone reef Bönsäcken, or the meadows? There's a good chance you'll see fallow deer, as there are many on Hanö. It's a legendary island with tales of both the giant woman who dropped stones to form Bönsäcken and the dragon that was blinded by the lighthouse and crashed into the rock wall. There's also a lot of history to discover—the memories of the English naval base that existed on the island during the Napoleonic Wars and, of course, the life of fishermen that has been so central here. Learn more about it at the village museum.


Time for a swim? Dive into the water at the harbor and swim out to the raft, choose the child-friendly little beach, or slide off the cliffs at Vindhalla. When you crave something tasty, there's a waffle café and an ice cream kiosk. The island's restaurant, Fisky Business, will take care of your hunger and offers a great view of the boats in the guest harbor and the inlet. If you want to stay longer to truly experience the blissful island life, you can stay overnight in the lighthouse keeper's residence, at the hostel, or rent private accommodations. Hanö is a nature reserve and one of the hubs in ARK56, the network of coastal trails in Blekinge. Download the app to get an overview of hiking trails and services.

hanö natur

BOAT: M/F Vitaskär

TIMETABLE: Nogersund - Hanö


TRAVEL TIME: 25 minutes