Cottage life in southerns Sweden, Blekinge

Cottage life in Blekinge

- enjoy the proximity of the sea or the quiet tranquillity of the forest

Whether you appreciate staying at the beach or enjoying the privacy of the forest, there are plenty of cabins to rent around Blekinge. The most significant advantage of living in a cottage is that you can cook yourself and cook just when you feel like it. Only an affordable way to get closer to nature while keeping all amenities within easy reach.

Dragsö camping och stugby i Karlskrona, Blekinge
Fishing shed cabins in a lovely sea-close environment. Dragsö Camping.
Unlike twenty years ago, today's cabins are usually in better condition than they used to be. The standard has gradually increased, and thus also the requirements for location, internet, shower and toilet. At the same time, the demand for unique housing alternatives is rising. Treehouses, secluded cottages out on an island and even underwater rooms appear a little everywhere in Sweden, not infrequently as a result of attractive - and unique - activities far beyond the main roads.
Dragsö camping och stugby i Karlskrona i Blekinge
Good cabins with good amenities go best at Dragsö camping.

In the wilderness

In Blekinge, the Eriksbergs Hotel & Nature Reserve has recently renovated an old 19th-century tower where guests are invited to day-to-day life with no running water (yes, there is water on the can), toilet (outdoor) and electricity and lighting. It is therefore essential to bunker up with both power banks (for charging mobile phones and cameras) and excellent binoculars as the cottage is secluded in the middle among vistas, doves, brown worms and quantities of wild boar. To name a few.
Boka stuga på Eriksberg, utan vatten och el
The beds are very comfortable with fluffy duvets and comfy pillows.
- This is an exciting way for us to be able to arrange unique experiences among the animals in a cabin with centuries-old traditions, says Åsa Olsson at Eriksberg.
Marie Andersson (the last resident woman at Kyrkesta) left the cottage as late as the seventies. Since then the cabin has had a sleepy life beside the safari trail, where guests during the summer (with their own car) can enjoy Swedish safari in the heart of the pale wilderness. Checking in at Kyrkesta is the same as going to time machine at least fifty years back in time. The beds are obviously much more comfortable than then, and the breakfast (if you now choose that supplement) is served in the restaurant upstairs at the main building where you can also take a shower.
Boka stuga på Eriksberg utan vatten och el
Book a cabin at Eriksberg without water and electricity. Kyrkesta at Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve takes guests way back in time.
- I never think I slept as well as last night, says Hilda (10) as we sum up the night at Kyrkesta while a crowd of wild animals make themselves known further into the forest. Anyone who has been on a safari in Africa can easily recall the happiness that wild animals have on the retina. Don't forget the camera, notebook and excellent binoculars for everything in the world.

Cottage by the sea & lake

While Eriksberg gives rise to fantastic encounters with wildlife, the bleaching archipelago offers unique opportunities to live near the wave pit. Rent a cabin through Airbnb or check in on and find attractive locations on both copper and inserts. Thanks to web portals, ordinary homeowners can rent out a room - or the whole cottage - for just as long as the family does not use the cottage's capacity.
Boka stuga vid hav och sjö i Blekinge i södra Sverige
The proximity to the sea - or a lake in the woods - makes the cottage experience greater.

Holiday village

A unique way to access the archipelago (for those of us who do not own our own cabin) without costing the shirt. Besides, more and more camping owners are starting to build cosy cottages (of a good standard) as a complement to the excellent camping sites

Tredenborgs camping och stugby i Sölvesborg
The cabins are beautifully situated in the birch grove just a stone's throw from the sea, Tredenborg.

- We notice that cottages with their own shower and toilet are the housing form that ends very first. Demand is very high, and I dream that in the future we will be able to offer lots of suitable quality cottages, says Jenny Grönlund, who runs Tredenborgs Camping in Sölvesborg, which this summer presents a whole new concept: namely glamping.

- It is undoubtedly not cottages, but nonetheless a fantastic accommodation where you can hear the birds' acknowledgements on the other side of the canvas, says Jenny Grönlund, who went to great lengths to offer excellent accommodation in Sölvesborg. This is only the beginning!

5 tips

- 5 unique cottages for rent in Blekinge:

  1.      Kyrkesta at Eriksberg. Tel 0454 56 56 00.
  2.      The cabin suites at Dragsö Camping, Karlskrona. Tel. 0455-153 54.
  3.      Architectural house in Holmsjö north of Karlskrona.
  4.      Beach cottage by the sea. Karlskrona. Ann-Charlotte Karlsson, tel. 073-417 47 78.
  5.      The milk room at Agdatorp, Nättraby. phone 072-719 60 80.
Bo i röd stuga i Blekinge
Fantastic surroundings on Tjärö where you can live in a cottage or farm in the pasture landscape.