Dödsklippan på Tjärö. Ett populärt badställe på Tjärö i Blekinge.
Skärgårdstrafiken i Blekinge är en härligt upplevelse i sig
Skärgårdslivet på en ö i Blekinge. Paddling, vandring och äventyr.
Ta skärgårdsbåtarna ut till öarna i Blekinge, Sverige.

Popular islands in Blekinge

Are you searching for a truly wonderful holiday gem with fun activities, total relaxation and delicious food? If so, Blekinge's islands are the perfect places to spend your spare days. The countryside is unspoilt, beautiful, lush and green, with an exciting range of activities. You can wander along trails through the nature reserves and go bird-watching if you want. Try kayaking or canoeing, or how about stand-up paddling on a board? Try a jump from the 12-metre-high cliff on Tjärö, if you dare? Or spend the night in a glamping tent on Tärnö.

Tjärö i Blekinge.
Blekinge's archipelago islands are characterised by their lush greenery ( photo from Tjärö). Book here -



A truly unique archipelago

Did you know that Blekinge and Sweden have got one of the largest archipelagos in the world? If you're seeking a real adventure with unforgettable views and sights, the best tip is to travel through Karlskrona's 1 650 islands, islets and skerries. You'll find everything from salt-splashed cliffs to lovely coves. It's both easy and affordable to travel with the regularly scheduled archipelago tours. Welcome to discover the Karlskrona archipelago - a perfect destination if you want to island-hop and look for adventure!

Get a great overview, plan and carry all the travel information on your smartphone; navigate with the help of the Archipelago Traffic in Blekinge.

Skärgårdstrafiken i Karlskrona, Blekinge.
The archipelago traffic in Blekinge provides regular routes and the opportunity to island hopping.


The Islands you mustn't miss

- when you vist Blekinge

You will find Tjärö between Ronneby and Karlshamn archipelago. An archipelago idyll with both hotels and hostels. You can enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant on the guest jetty. During the high season, the marina is full of boats of various sizes and price ranges, with plenty to see from your comfortable spot on the jetty. Tjärö is a perfect summer destination for those longing for the archipelago life. The island offers live entertainment at regular intervals and the Midsummer celebrations are so enjoyable!


Timetable and fares -  Tjärö ferry

Go to Aspö by the car ferry or by the archipelago traffic from Karlskrona. You can stay at Aspö Lotstorn, which offers both cottages and archipelago hotels with views for miles. The island has an area of just under 8 square kilometres with the small villages of Ryd, Bäck and Kroken. Loan bikes at Aspö Lotstorn and discover the beautiful island at your own pace.

Take the opportunity to visit the Coastal Artillery Museum on the western half of the island, and on the island's eastern coast is Drottningskär Castle with an on-site restaurant.


Find the timetable here - Aspö ferry

Tärnö is located in the outermost part of the sea and is the largest of the islands in the Hällaryd archipelago outside Karlshamn. From the island's highest point, Drakaberget, you can view more than half of Blekinge's coastline. The name of the cliff? It comes from hollows that people used to believe were marks from the dragon that was said to live there.

The island is a nature reserve and is served in summer by regular boat trips from Karlshamn and Matvik. The island offers great opportunities for hiking and swimming.


Book accommodation at - Destination Tärnö

Take a boat trip out to Karlshamn's Kastell, an island fortress from the 17th century when Danish feuds were fought. The island is an exciting destination and can be reached daily during the summer by a ferry trip from Karlshamn's archipelago terminal. Experience history within the walls. It is not difficult to imagine the battles that took place here. Use your imagination and explore this historical gem that is occasionally used for outdoor theatre.


Read more about - Kastellet

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure to the mythical island of Hanö. Over 30,000 people visit the island every year. This magical place has captivated visitors with its beautiful scenery, legendary lighthouse and the marks of a dragon rumoured to have landed here. The natural phenomenon of the Bean Bag, rocks formed by the sea and wind, is thrilling to experience. The beauty of Hanö will captivate you - so don't forget to bring your camera, the sights are many.


Join in a - A roundtrip on Hanö

You can explore Blekinge's largest island, Sturkö, by biking and by visiting its cafés. The island has beautiful coves and fine fishing waters as well as two nature reserves. On Västra Skällön you can find the Skällö Bridge and an impressive rune stone from the Late Viking Age. The other nature reserve, at Uttorp, is bigger and more popular, with marked hiking trails, shelters, drying sheds and barbecue areas. In late summer and autumn you can admire the beautiful purple hue of Ljungheden. And on a sunny day you can enjoy the stunning views from the island.


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Archipelago happiness

- with more destinations in the Karlskrona archipelago.


Get on board at Flaggskär at the Handelshamnen in Karlskrona and take the boat to Hasslö. Enjoy the salt-splashed cliffs and beautiful coves, by foot or by bike. If you would like more tips and advice on how to explore the Karlskrona archipelago - Trummenäs, Sturkö and Hasslö, please contact Karlskrona Tourist Office for guidance.



Parts of Hasslö are like Hawaii. Amazing scenery and magical sunsets. The annual and popular Hasslöfestival is also a hot tip! Genuine, authentic and thriving event that captures Blekinge in its essence.


Swedish fika at -Sjöboden


Torhamn is a real gem and is located east of Karlskrona. The birdwatching here is known both nationally and internationally. There are also ancient monuments and beautiful nature. What better way to experience this more than a day trip?



Along the road to Torhamn there are two nature reserves, easy to reach by both car and bus. You will experience beautiful oak trees.


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The port of Sandhamn was built as a fishing port in the late 1950s. The harbour is located in Sandhamsviken, in Torhamn, on the southernmost point of Blekinge's beautiful east coast. The harbour is well sheltered and the entrance is simple with three large quays, the innermost of which functions as a guest harbour. You can refuel here, and have access to fresh water and electricity. Along the mooring quay there is a café and a restaurant. There are also toilets, showers and a laundry. If you need boat accessories or a repair garage, there is also one.



If you want to go for a ride on a bike, it is available to be borrowed, free of charge. There is also wireless wifi. If you want to invest in a boat of your own, you can make a deal here. In addition, the garage services most brands of boats.


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