grilla vid en sjö

Children's Olofström

The great play spot (Storleksplatsen) is a magical playground with magic paths, giant spider webs, swings and grassy areas. There are plenty of places for the whole family to have a snack and eat outdoors. Take the kids with you and follow the magic path along the river, maybe you will see some trolls. Look behind the tree trunks or up in the branch. It is said that the trolls usually hang there. Either way, your imagination is gaining momentum, it is exciting to go witch-hunting together.

Life is more fun when you get a little weird, release your imagination and play as much as you can.

Be a queen or king on your birthday! Book the party house, the colourful pavilion in the middle of Storlekplatsen. Here are tables, benches and a throne for today's queen or king. Everything is free but remember to book the Kalashuset before you decide the time of the Kalaset. Contact to book. You can find all the information here

- Storlekplatsen