Lekfullt i naturen bland träd och solstrimmor

About Olofström

Where is Olofström?

Olofström is located in north-west Blekinge, and here approximately 13,400 people live in the "Outdoor Recreation Municipality 2019", appointed by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. It is an exciting landscape with plenty of outdoor activities, accommodation and food. It makes it easy and convenient to find adventure and stay here. Here you can ride horse trails, hike, bike and paddle in the middle of the wilderness, which also includes over 200 lakes. Three flowing rivers meet in the urban area, creating life and movement. Here you can fish for salmon and sea trout, hike along the river and enjoy the lush greenery that embraces you.


Made in Sweden

Sweden's major export success VOLVO has for a long time designed and manufactured the brand's cars in Olofström. But, well before that, some industries took advantage of Olofström's raw materials; forest, stone and water. Today you can experience these through a museum that clearly describes the strong industrial history of the town and is a must-visit. Stenmuseum, Gränums Bränni, Ebbamåla Bruk are all extreme environments that can take pride in being able to showcase the original equipment in the original.



Culture & history

Olofström's historically strong cultural personalities; The author and Nobel laureate Harry Martinson, Sven Edvin Salje and the artist Carl Eldh have in their time depicted the nature of Olofström and the people who worked here. Together they have all contributed to Olofström's being known as the great writer's village. At Jämshög Museum there are collections, memorial and author rooms from their school days. It is a special feeling to experience it.

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Nature & wilderness

The nature with lakes and wilderness creates perfect nature experiences and outdoor activities. Blekinge's largest lake Halen is directly adjacent to Olofström's urban area with kayaking, canoeing, fishing kayaking and stand up paddling boards at Olofströms Kanotcentral. There are accommodations right next to Halen that make it easy to live a pleasant wilderness life with lots of adventure. Halens Leisure Area is a nature reserve with many beautiful trails you can follow. There is a map you can download. It makes it easier when planning how to plan your trip. On the map, you can also see Blekingeleden's stages 1-3 (of 12) passing through Olofström municipality.

Download the map here - Halens Lesiure Area




Exciting places

- with unique visitor destinations

1. Kyrkhult

In Kyrkhult you can visit the beautiful hometown museum and the old spa hotel, which is now a circus school. Stop in and eat a good deal of food, or coffee, at Röshult's Wood Oven Bakery, which offers wood oven baking with organic, demand-grown and locally produced ingredients. A must visit is Ebbamåla Mill which is an attraction beyond the ordinary. Industrial design and museum where everything is intact with forge and iron foundry. An exciting story about the industrial revolution with inventions, water turbines and strange machines.

Röshults Vedugnsbageri i Olofström, Blekinge
Röshults wood oven bakery.


2. Vilshult

Vilshult has a very own glass factory called Holje glass. Here you can go to enjoy ice cream, shop with you home and see how the craft goes. In Vilshult there is also a summer dance course and new accommodation for rent. On the way up to Vilshult are Harasjömåla Fiskecamp and Brokamåla Gård. They are two unique activities that offer nature experiences, accommodation in cottages, conference facilities, outdoor cooking and pentathlon in direct connection to the lakes.


3. Jämshög

Jämshög is built around the ringing Holjeån. It is a river where you can fish for trout and migratory salmon and sea trout from Lake Ivö. In the lake, there are also pike, eel, roach, bream and perch. There are plenty of places to grill, fish and paddle. At the Boafall nature reserve, there is one of Blekinge's most beautiful views where you can look out over the Halen. Also, be sure to look for the water source, where those who wandered along the Blekingeleden filled their water supply in the past.


4. Gränum

Gränum is a small town with beautiful farms and the historic Gränum Brewery. The brewery offers guided tours in a unique environment. It is one of two breweries in Sweden that has all the equipment left, ever since its inception in 1897. Here, spirits were burned until 1971 before it was closed down.


Olofströms kommun är en av fem kommuner i Blekinge län med cirka 13 400 invånare.

Inom kommunens gränser finns långt över 200 sjöar och i tätorten Olofström möts tre åar.

Län: Blekinge län

Kommun: Olofströms kommun

Distrikt: Jämshögs distrikt

Koordinater: 56°16′35″N 14°31′42″Ö

Area tätort: 675 hektar (2018)

Area kommun: 413,42 km² (2019)