Made in Olofström


Far below the ground in Olofström, you will find a narrow vein of the world's finest diabase. This black precious raw material has been mined and exported to America, Europe and around Sweden for over 100 years. If you don't want to fly to New York and visit the Empire State building, you can take the train to Lund and see the beautifully sculpted "Åkes Bench" outside Lund Cathedral. Or continue to Malmö, where "Utblick/Insikt" stands at Posthusplatsen. It is both a sculpture and a fountain in black diabase by Gothenburg artist Pål Svensson. Through the large, slightly elliptical hole in Utblick, you can see the Skeppsbron lighthouse and see the sea that is outside. Insight is a fountain where water flows over the blank polished diabase, where the city reflects. It took the company Zaar Stone AB, which specializes in stone materials, three years to complete the work which, among other things, won the Stone Prize 2016.

Utblick/insikt på Posthusplatsen i Malmö
Utblick/insikt på Posthusplatsen i Malmö


Holje Ice Cream

The family ultimately agreed that this would be the tastiest ice cream ever.

Did you know that in the middle of the forest along Lönsbodavägen you will find Holje Ice Cream Factory? Even though you are in the centre of Vilshult, the ice cream will move you down to southern Italy if you close your eyes. Here is the factory where the ice cream is made and the small ice cream cafe that has open limited days and times, depending on the season. Should the craving become too strong after Holje's ice cream and you can not go to Vilshult on an excursion, then you can find it in Öland and around Blekinge. Here one of Olofström's most unique treats is exported. 

News and opening hours can be found on their Facebook

World class Ice Cream.


Ebbamåla Bruk

Perhaps Europe's best-preserved industrial museum.

Welcome to Ebbamåla Bruk and experience the industrial revolution in Sweden at the first parquet. Along with the beautiful nature of the Mörrum River, technology, culture and history are combined with crafts and architecture, on a surface large enough for a small village. In 2019, this living industrial memory gained new owners, who breathed life into the industrial museum, workshops and the little cafe. Here, Volvo's car parts have been produced and delivered to the world, and several of Sweden's innovations have been manufactured over the years.

Opening hours vary by season so always check first, so it is open, or book your guidance through their website

ebbamåla Bruk

Ebbamåla industri



Tre D Mekaniska AB

Tre D Mekaniska AB is a modern mechanical workshop, working with laser cutting in 2D, 3D and tube laser technology. The materials being processed are mainly steel, stainless steel and aluminium, which are further refined with edge pressing, welding, machining and surface treatment. Three D-mechs deliver to design companies with fresh products and industries can get precise sheet metal details in small and large editions. Three-D Mechanicals can do in their state-of-the-art machine shop, 3D laser cutting, 2D laser cutting, tube laser cutting, machining, edge pressing, robot welding, bolt firing robot, pipe cutting, grading, brushing, drumming and mounting. Here's the most is possible!


Tre D