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Gribshunden - The Sunken Legacy

Gribshunden, a flagship of Danish King Hans, engulfed by flames over 520 years ago near Ronneby. This marvel of maritime engineering, designed for global exploration akin to Columbus, lay hidden until its true identity was unveiled in 2013. Dive into the depths of history and uncover royal treasures lost to the sea, as Gribshunden's story comes alive at the exhibition. Experience the voyage, the tragedy, and the archaeological revelations that bring this ghost ship's tale to the present.


For a deeper exploration of Gribshunden's fascinating story and its significance in maritime history, consider visiting the dedicated exhibition - Kallvattenkuren in Ronneby



Gribshundens unique findings

The salvage operation of the Gribshunden shipwreck was a significant endeavor involving archaeologists, divers, and technicians worldwide, leading to the discovery of spectacular artifacts that provided deeper insights into the ship's history and significance. Among the finds were the ship's well-preserved mainmast, nearly 30 meters in length, and a collection of ceramic and glass items onboard, shedding light on life aboard the ship and confirming its role as a warship. These discoveries have deepened our understanding of the Gribshunden's history and are now featured in the fascinating exhibition at Kallvattenkuren in Ronneby.

Gribshundens unique findings




Gribshundens captivating figurehead

Among the notable discoveries from the Gribshunden shipwreck is a captivating figurehead depicting a monstrous creature swallowing a human, symbolizing the ship's formidable presence. This find, along with other archaeological artifacts unearthed in Västra Vång, Ronneby, underscores the area's historical significance as a major trading hub during the Iron Age. These findings not only illuminate the Gribshunden's story but also the broader maritime heritage of the region.

Gribshundens captivationg figurehead



Dive into the heart of maritime history at the Kallvattenkuren exhibition, where advanced technology brings the Gribshunden shipwreck to life. Experience the voyage, unravel the mysteries, and connect with Scandinavian heritage. Don't miss this journey—discover, learn, and be part of history.



Interesting to know

Gribshunden, likely built in Flanders or the Netherlands during the era of great explorations, offers insights into the shipbuilding techniques of the time, akin to those used by Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama. Considered by Jon Adams, a marine archaeology professor at the University of Southampton, as one of the most significant shipwrecks globally, it plays a crucial role in understanding the early development of Nordic fleets.




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