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In Blekinge, there is a magical lake wealth with lush greenery and peaceful tranquillity. There is a long coastal strip of activities right next to the sea. The rich archipelago offers enchanting places, beautiful archipelago villages with good food and entertainment. Everything is framed in a network of trails with plenty of hubs where you can change your way of eating, eat well and stay overnight. Glide through the world heritage in Karlskrona and the unique archipelago where the forest stands all the way down the beach. Download the ARK56 app that offers suggestions on routes, rounds and rest areas, accommodation, restaurants and experiences. If you want to avoid planning, there are ready-made all-inclusive packages with food and lodging, kayaking and much more that allows you to relax and enjoy.

Archipelago adventure

A visit to Blekinge is not complete without having experienced the archipelago.

Blekinge offers a living archipelago that takes you from Utlängan and Stenshamn in the east to Hanö in the west. In between, a world of historic sites, picturesque islands, bathing places and fishing grounds await - choose for yourself. The most excellent, and sometimes only, way to get out is with the archipelago traffic. Some tours go year-round, and many commutes the waterway, but the best selection is during the summer. Find assignments and timetables here - Archipelago traffic

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